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KL hokkien fat noodles

Finally, my neighborhood Zi char stall sells this KL fat noodles which I always want to try. I ordered it for my lunch today @ S$5.00. The ingredients are pork, prawns, fish cakes and cabbages. I omit the prawns and fish cakes.

The sauce of this KL fat noodles is very flavourful and tasty. The pork meat are tender and soft. There are pork lards too. A lot of wok hei, yums!

Have you tried the KL fat noodles before?


Nux V said…
yea, this type of Hokkien mee is very common in KL. But some stalls couldn't cook it nicely (without the 'wok hei')...Good that yours is tasty with nice wok hei.
mun said…
Good to see you finally tried this. It looks delicious, soft noodles melting into the gravy. We eat this noodles quite often as it is my spouse's favourite noodles, one of his favourite noodles. May you eat it more often.
Nancy Chan said…
I love this fat noodle. Somehow, the ones that I have tasted in Ipoh is not as good as those in KL.
Twilight Man said…
The fat noodles in KL are very greasy and nice with lots of fried pork lard. I think I ate them once in Singapore and it was good.
Libby said…
Nux, mun, Nancy, TM: would like to try the authentic KL fat noodles in KL one of these days.

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