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Foodpanda delivery - Gu Thai house (26 July 2021)

Finally I got tired of takeaway food from my neighborhood, so I ordered foodpanda food delivery.

Even though it is more expensive to order from foodpanda but we are paying for the 2 Cs.

First, we get the convenience, just a few clicks and buttons away, you get delicious food delivered to your doorstep 

Second, we pay for the comfort of waiting for our delicious food in our home sweet home. This saves us time and effort to physically walk to dabao our food.

I ordered Thai red curry (instead of the usual Thai green curry which I will order) and one steamed rice for my dinner.

The rider arrived 5 minutes earlier than the set delivery time. The curry was still piping hot when it arrived at my house, thumbs up!

That was my dinner.

My lunch was homecooked minced meat balls porridge.


contact.ewew said…
I like to cook minced pork porridge too when I want a light meal. Thai red curry is nice too but I prefer Thai green curry (which I've ordered for my dinner tomorrow) since our local curries are all! ;)
Nux V said…
I had porridge too on yesterday. Kinda comfort food. I like both Thai red and green curries.
PH said…
I agree lah, I don't mind paying for the comfort and convenience. I have not yet eaten Thai red curry. So far have only tried their green curry.
Libby said…
EWEW: maybe you could blog about the green curry which you ordered.
Libby said…
Nux: but I got hungry easily when I eat porridge because I am a big eater lol.
Libby said…
PH: Thai red curry is tasty too, can never go wrong with curry.
Tekkaus said…
Another would be for safety reason. It's better to stay at home and try to minimize contact!
Libby said…
Tekkaus: today I ordered foodpanda again, post on it coming up soon.
Twilight Man said…
I have not eaten porridge for a long time! I find it not practical to tapao because I need to eat them piping hot and burn my lips. Baru shiok lah. LOL
Libby said…
TM: how about food delivery? Do you order from grab or foodpanda?

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