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Feng shui items

After reading Twilight man's post about the power of crystals, I was inspired to blog about the auspicious items in my house (living room).

The gourd or hu lu, is a very popular feng shui abundance cure used in the traditional Feng shui applications. The hu lu is used not only to attract the energy of money but also as a Feng shui cure for health and good luck.

The Chinese word for gourd, hu lu, is a homophone of the words 'protection' and 'good fortune'. That may have been the reason why the the ancients considered gourds to be good luck charms, hanging them over doorframes or carrying them to ward off evil.

The other auspicious item, the red crystal ball is the ideal solution to repressing the effects of the malignant number 3 flying star. The number 3 hostile flying star (argumentative star) is the origin of many problems such as fights, verbal arguments, negative assertions, misunderstandings and lawsuits. These problems are also the root cause of many social issues, such as gossiping, backstabbing and the starting of nasty rumors. If this star is not eliminated, many relationships will be harmed from the excess stress and anxiety.

In rooms where fights and arguments occur, place the red crystal sphere, doing so is believed to create harmony, calm nerves, preventing any forms of violent outbreaks as well as tightening the bonds between everyone in the household.

My sister bought them during a Feng shui items auction.


PH said…
How interesting! At one time I used to buy such feng shui items due to my auntie's influence.
Nancy Chan said…
Some of the homes I have visited have crystals on their halls. Someone told me it is good for health reasons. Interesting info on feng sui.
Libby said…
PH: maybe you could blog about it.

Nancy: ya, for health, wealth, luck, happiness and harmony.
Twilight Man said…
You have the right items for the house. I have a Hulu-Gourd too but it's a real dried fruit with a cap that could be opened. When hung at the right corner, it could trap wealth on that spot. If one removes the cap and hang it, the evil ghosts could be sucked into it like a vacuum cleaner and cannot be released forever unless a sifu has to do it. Therefore, it is not advisable to remove the cap. I am sure you have seen the old HKG TVB movies where the ghost catcher used a hulu gourd to capture the hantu. Your crystal piece is definitely for wealth attraction.

I went inside many crystal and prayer shops all over the Singapore's Chinatown and People's Park few times. We brought Sg relatives there to find Feng Shui items for their homes. I must say that I was very impressed and excited to see all the many things sold there. We don't have such big shops here like in Sg!
Libby said…
TM:yes yes, i had heard before that the gourd hu lu could ward off evil and trap the hantu.
Libby said…
TM: another place where they sell Feng shui items is the Fu Lu Shou complex at Bugis.
Tekkaus said…
Perhaps I should blog about the feng shui items in my house too. LOL :D
Libby said…
Tekkaus: it would be interesting to see what kind of Feng shui items you have in your house.

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