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Sky shots and butter cookies

Evening sky shots taken today @ 7.24pm.

The sky presents a lovely pink.

Comparing Khong Guan brand and MY San brand butter cookies, personally I prefer Khong Guan as I feel they are more buttery and richer. Do you have Khong Guan brand in your supermarket?


Twilight Man said…
I will open my eyes wider on my next supermarket shopping. I only noticed Khong Guan biscuits sold in plastic wrappers here.
mun said…
I guess I never notice both brands in supermarkets here. Colourful sky view. Is that the view from your place?
Nancy Chan said…
Beautiful sky. The butter cookies used to be my sons and my favourite but that was many years ago.
Nux V said…
I don't notice any of these brands though i have seen Khong Guan in shops/supermarket before (many years ago)
PH said…
We have Khong Guan here but I have not seen the butter cookies. Maybe I did not notice. What a lovely pink sky. I have yet to see pink sky!
Rose world said…
Yes, we do have this brand. Cannot remember I tasted it before or not. Now hardly buy buttet cookies, kids dont take them anymore.
Libby said…
Mun: yes photo taken from my place
Libby said…
Rose: you same as nancy, seldom buy and eat butter cookies nowadays.

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