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Pasar Malam

Everyday between 8am up till around 1pm in the early afternoon, there will be a pasar malam in our neighborhood downstairs my house. At least ten stalls selling clothes, shorts, shoes, panties, bras, masks, porcelain, pottery, cutlery and handphone accessories at affordable prices.

Since now cannot go to JB KSL mall pasar malam, this neighborhood pasar malam is like a treasure to me. So many interesting things to see and buy.

Today just bought 3 wooden coasters @ S$1.00 each. They look so cute and kawaii right? I could not resist and ended buying them. Can place hot pots and pans on them so that they won't leave marks on your table.

I bought the fish, whale and cat design.


Twilight Man said…
I thought Pasar Malam means night market. So your area's Pasar Pagi is a popular market which I have visited several times while I was there. Most of the items sold were different and even cheaper than KL's pasar malams.

You bought cute coasters and the whale is my favourite.
suituapui said…
Between 8am up till around 1pm does not sound like "malam" (night). Nonetheless, it sure is convenient. Love the coasters!
PH said…
I like all the 3 wooden coasters that you bought. Those crockeries are so pretty. I won't leave without buying some. LOL!
mun said…
Hahahaha, I can see the confusion here. 8 am to 1 pm is pasar pagi but u mean it sells similar items as a pasar malam. I see you like to buy cute items. So you must have many cute items at home. Got enough place to store them?
Libby said…
Mun: Not an issue, as the items I bought are usually small items, not bulky items :)
Libby said…
TM, STP, PH, Mun: I learned a new term, pasar pagi today, I only know the term pasar malam before this, which only means night market.

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