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开始喜欢吴淡如 I like Wu Danru's books

Borrowed 2 books by author Wu Danru, a Taiwanese female author who is different from Amy Cheung a Hongkong writer. Wu Danru likes to focus her writings on her experiences and encounters when she goes traveling, unlike Amy Cheung who mainly writes stories and views about romance from a woman's perspective.


This is one extract from her book (Meet A Life with An Elegant Tone) which I quite like.

Loneliness, is very suitable for a writer and author. Me, as a writer, is never afraid of loneliness and being alone, even in the furthest and coldest foreign country, I just need to open my writing pad, turn on my laptop, I will immediately return to my hometown of imagination. The streets and corners there are built up and formed using my vivid imagination, the speed well within my own control. The world which I build up and imagine is so rich that I have enough time and space to communicate and talk to myself anytime.

Writing each word is enjoyment. Drinking a cup of coffee is enjoyment. Reading a book is enjoyment. Even doing nothing is enjoyment. Life itself is enjoyment. Even the nothingness in life is enjoyment.

以下一段, 取自(遇见生活中的小情调)是我挺喜欢的。

孤单,正巧适合一个写作者。我从来不怕独处。即使在最遥远冰冷的异国, 开开稿纸,打开电脑,我立刻回到自己的原乡。那里的巷弄随我思绪修筑,奔驰的时速亦任我控制自如。我开创的世界如此丰富,有足够时间和空间随时可以和自己对谈。


Any blogger friend here who reads Chinese as well? You need to read the original Chinese text to appreciate her "juicy" words. LOLOL. When reading a book, I love to savour each word, make notes and write things down when they touch a chord


Twilight Man said…
I wish that I could read Mandarin. There thousands and thousands of good books available only in Mandarin. Sad for me.
suituapui said…
I don't read Chinese but I love Singapore's Catherine Lim. She wrote in English, met her once at a seminar at RELC.
mun said…
To TM, it is never too late to learn, your wife will also tell you that it is never too late to learn so u can learn Chinese starting today during fmco and in 2 weeks by the time fmco is supposed to end, you would have learnt quite a bit.
mun said…
Good day Libby, I read a bit only but with google translate help I can read more words. Good that you enjoy reading
Rose world said…
Wish I learn Chinese so I could read all those novels. I agree on reading the original version, not translated one. Sometimes I read those webnovel, mostly Chinese novel been translated to English. Some really poorly translated.
Nux V said…
Too bad, i can't read Chinese too...Yea, there a lot of good books in Chinese and some have very poetic words which are hard to understand by regular modern Chinese. I wish I could learn those, but well, need to master the basic first...LOL!
PH said…
I love to read but once I started working I did not have the time. But I have slowly started reading again. slowly. LOL! I realize that there are many, many good book written in Mandarin and I am missing out because I did not learn my mother tongue.

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