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Health Screening

Went for my blood test on Thursday. It had been 6 years since I last had my health check up in 2015 here.

My health screening package costs S$40.50 after government subsidy and includes screening for diabetes, high cholesterol, anaemia, kidney function, liver function, calcium and uric acid and any urine abnormalities.

Good news and peace of mind that my health checkup results are good, no high cholesterol, no diabetes, kidney and liver function are good. However, I have mild anaemia.

My total cholesterol level is 4.5 (desirable level is less than 5.2)

My blood glucose level is 4.9. Desirable level is between 3.9 and 6.0.

So now, I can go celebrate and eat more desserts, lolol


mun said…
Good that you have your peace of mind after getting the results of your blood test. Did the doctor advise you on what to eat so that you won't be anaemic?
Libby said…
Mun: pig livers which are high in iron.
Twilight Man said…
I need to go for blood tests too. I think it has been long overdue for me. I always believe in fate after seeing what happened to my mum who went for blood tests every year.

Congratulations to you! Pig livers are my favourite too. I think I have anaemic issues.
PH said…
It is good to check our health status and based on your test results you are in good health. There are supplements that you can take to normalize your iron level like Sangobion.
mun said…
Hi Libby, thank you for reply. Pork livers I like to eat. Sg can dine in now. Happy dining in! Stay safe! 🙏
Nux V said…
good to hear last health screen was also in 2015 (results were OK). I guess it's time for my next health screen too...
Tekkaus said…
Good readings indeed. Great results and that means you can indulge as much as you can. :D
Good health is one of the biggest gifts we can get. 真棒!
Nancy Chan said…
Congratulations on the good health test result. My health test is long overdue. At present I am not keen to visit the clinic for the test because we are still in the red zone area. Will hold on the test until our area no longer in the red zone.

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