Phase 2 Heightened Alert from May 16 through June 13

Dining in at F & B establishments will not be allowed. This includes hawker centres and food courts, both indoors and outdoors.

The current size of group gatherings allowed will be reduced from five people to two people, following a spike in Covid 19 community cases, said co-chair of the multi-ministry task force Lawrence Wong on Friday, May 14.

This, and other new measures under what the Health Ministry labelled as "Phase 2 Heightened  Alert" will take effect from May 16 through June 13.

Speaking at a mult-ministry task force press conference on Friday, Mr Wong said: "This will apply across the board, so if you want to go out for anything, grocery shopping, exercise, maximum of two persons henceforth."

"In fact, we strongly encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible, go out only for essential reasons."

"We will do a review at the midway point, meaning two weeks after the measures have been implemented, and at that point, we will look at the prevailing public health situation and see if there's a need to adjust the measures further," said Mr Wong, who is also Education Minister.

Working from home will also be the default at workplaces, he added. "All employees who are able to work from home will have to do so. Work-from-home will be the default."

So it will be back to homecooked food, dabao and Grab food for me during this period.

Actually I was expecting this to happen, seeing the spike in community cases recently, so more or less I am prepared.

However, shopping malls will still be opened during this period.


mun said…
Good that you are prepared! Stay safe!
Twilight Man said…
It is strange that Thailand and Singapore have suddenly seen increased numbers daily. Our country has been fighting so hard with little success. This pandemic is really depressing. It's time to believe in karma and prayers to safe.
suituapui said…
Just like us here - the only difference is you have so few cases over there. Good that the government is acting fast and furious to stop the spread, not like here - lenggang lenggang already out of control!!!
Tekkaus said…
Gotta be safe than sorry.

Our government keeps on making bad calls and have terrible enforcements.
Libby said…
TM: I also believe in karma and prayers to stay safe.
Rose world said…
We also stop dining in early this week. No visiting and balik kampung for Hari Raya and Gawai holiday. Good to know Singaporean government is proactive and taking necessary precaution.
PH said…
Haiz...Singapore too... Please stay safe. We have to ride this out and it may take longer than expected.
Nancy Chan said…
Better be prepared before it goes out of control. Hope the cases will be brought down soon. Stay safe and healthy.

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