Mainland Production - One Boat One World

It has been over a year since I watched any online drama.

The last drama I watched was Crash landing on You (Korean) and that was in April 2020.

Currently hooked on Mainland Drama, One Boat One world.


Zhang Han as Ding Kai

Wang Li Kun as Tian Yue


Life on board a cruise ship with a community of over 6,000 tourists and staff members.
Chief Officer Ding Kai meets tour guide, Tian Yue, who together will face a voyage filled with challenges in work and love alike.


Of course, one main draw is Zhang Han for his good looks. Furthermore, the concept of a cruise-based drama is something very interesting to me.


mun said…
Good that you enjoy watching this drama for can relax and just let time go by. I am feeling quite fearful with the high cases here.
suituapui said…
My missus watches Korean dramas.
Rose world said…
I love Zhang Han. His cool, calm poise. Lol.

I will check this drama out. Now stuck with a Chinese drama, Hello Mr Gu.
Nux V said…
i have stopped watching mainland drama/series coz most of it are very long-winded with over 40 episodes...can't find so much time to follow the entire series...LOL!
Tekkaus said…
I have not been watching any Korean dramas as there is none that is really outstanding. :D

Thanks for recommending this though.
Reanaclaire said…
Oh, I thought there would be some suspense on the ship... hahahaa... Korean dramas I am not addicted as yet...
PH said…
It's good to enjoy these serial dramas for relaxation. It can get addictive where you just want to keep watching episode after episode even when you are sleepy. LOL!
Nancy Chan said…
Romance on a cruise ship. For the time being, I can't find the time to watch drama on TV.
Twilight Man said…
I was watching a lot of movies and documentaries over the Netflix. I realised they were very educational to help me in real life.

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