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Ang Bao packets from fair price

Received these Ang bao packets when I went to buy groceries at NTUC fairprice supermarket. Front Back A note with wordings that say: Wishing you good health and luck in the year of the ox!  Thank you for supporting fair price.  Where you feast, shop and explore can have a big impact on Singapore businesses. #whereyoushopmatters. I like the purplish one the most. How about you?

My CNY activities

10 Feb (Wed) - Sis and her family came home one day earlier to have reunion dinner with us. 11 Feb, Chu Xi (Thursday) - Me and mom heated and ate whatever leftover from previous day dinner. This year still have River Ang Bao. I saw in Facebook news that it is moved to Gardens By the Bay this year, so should it be called Gardens Ang Bao (lol). Me and mom went there to try our luck. Lucky we can enter without ticket and online booking, walk in is allowed for the first 100 visitors. Just sharing some photos I took, enjoy! 12 Feb, Chor Yat (Fri) - My uncle invited our family to his house for steamboat dinner. We arrived at his house around 4.30pm. We ate and chit chatted from 4.30pm to 8.30pm. So fun eating, chatting, laughing and bonding with my family (7 of us) and my uncle's family (uncle and auntie, cousins not at home). Each household is only allowed to invite 8 visitors due to Covid. The steamboat dinner includes fresh prawns, pig livers, prawn wantons, fish balls, crab balls, so

Reunion dinner 2021

Our simple yet delicious reunion dinner. Dishes include curry chicken (my mom's signature dish lol), assorted vegetables, fried chicken wings, bkt soup (my mom added some canned mushrooms and abalone inside the bkt soup) and Tau kee (bean curd sheets) with braised eggs and pork belly.  My sister's family came home at around 7.30pm. We had dinner straightaway. We chit chat while eating. After dinner we sat in front of the TV, watched TV programme and chit chat from 9pm to 10pm. They went home at around 10.30pm. A happy moo moo year to all my blogger friends, huat ah!!! 

Update and Thai food @ Soi 47

Recently been quite busy with CNY preparation, need to go pray to Tai sui, buy CNY clothes, do spring cleaning and on top of that still need to WFH, that is why have not been blogging and bloghopping. Today got some free time and me time so I am back! Got miss me or not? Lol. Recently went to have Thai food again with friend Karen @ Soi 47 Thai Food (Temple Street, Chinatown). We ordered prawn cakes, green curry chicken, Tom yum seafood clear food and papaya salad.  The Tom yum soup was much better than what I had at Sanook Kitchen . It was sourish and tasty. Sanook Kitchen Tom yum soup was bland and cold.  No price as i have misplaced the receipt.  It was a satisfying meal and I even have two plates of rice. Yummy. I pray for myself, my love ones and everyone a better year in year 2021. Hope everybody stays well, stays safe, stays healthy with no worries and troubles, year 2020 has been a difficult year for some, even though for me it was still ok as I still hold a job, have a regular