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CNY decorations @ capitol theatre

Has not been going shopping malls to take pics of their CNY decorations, maybe because lazy.  But today after having my curry chicken rice @ curry times, I went to city hall capitol theatre for a walk and to take pics of their CNY decorations.

CNY random pictures 2021

 CNY decorations @ my house. The Chinese wordings on this poster mean eat well.  The Chinese wordings mean sleep well. Indeed it is a blessing to eat well sleep well.  Ang pow packets which I bought. The Chinese wordings mean everything goes smoothly as you wish.

Do grasshoppers bite?

Should we be worried about grasshoppers? Imagine yourself taking a nice walk through your garden, admiring the lawn you worked so hard to keep green and trimmed. You stumble upon a grasshopper. You consider letting it jump on you, when you give it a second thought: are grasshoppers dangerous? Do grasshoppers bite? That’s exactly what this article is about, but first let’s talk a little about grasshoppers themselves. ABOUT GRASSHOPPERS Grasshoppers are a part of the insect order Orthoptera, along with crickets and cockroaches. Although often dubbed herbivores (i.e. they eat plants), some grasshoppers can actually eat fungi such as mushrooms, and even dead animals! However, most do prefer eating plants, and especially clovers and cotton. Grasshoppers are found all over the world, except the Antarctic as it is too cold for them to survive there. They prefer warmer climates and are usually not seen in winter. As the name suggests, these insects tend to live in grassy areas such as fields a

Finally tried the rosti

Was at PLQ mall, initially want to eat sushi see very long queue so changed my mind, went to try the rosti at the rosti place with shorter queue.  I ordered the Matterhorn Rosti with one meatloaf and one fried egg @ S$15.90. For drink i ordered warm water @ S$0.50. Not bad, taste like eating hash brown, it is quite filling actually.

Just sharing some more quotes

Here it goes, 1. If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present. 2. Listen to eveyone and learn from everyone bcos nobody knows everything but everyone knows something. 3. Most of the problems in life are bcos of 2 reasons 1. We act without thinking or 2. We keep thinking without acting. 4. If eveyone is happy with you, then surely you have made many compromises in your life. If you are happy with everyone, surely you have ignored many faults of others. 5. Life is never easy. We have to make it easy sometimes by ignoring something and sometimes by accepting something.

Can your pet ward off evil spirits?

Has your dog ever barked at something that wasnt there? Has your cat ever hissed while staring at an empty space? There’s some bad news if the answer is yes: your home could be haunted by evil spirits. But do not fear! The good news is your pet is busy warding them off. According to a new survey of more than 2,000 pet owners in the UK, conducted by animal charity Blue Cross, more than 30% of people believe their pets protect them from ghosts and spirits. Many pet owners reported that their dogs or cats alert them to a supernatural presence by barking, growling or staring at nothing, or by backing away from something that cannot be seen. Some respondents said their pet also displays flared neck fur when a spirit is nearby. Among dog owners, around 25% said they have seen their four-legged friend bark or stare at nothing at least three times during the past month. Around 25% of cat owners said they saw their feline hissing or growling at an empty space twice over the past 4 weeks, while

Loots from staycation

During my 3d2n staycation with friend jovy, we went makan makan, shopping and if we are tired we will go back to our hotel room to rest, take a nap or watch tv, chit chat, listen to songs etc. These are the loots i bought during our staycation. Cat cushion covers from daiso (S$2.00 each) , these cushion covers remind me of phong hong, Decorative wooden block from a christian bookshop, cannot remember the price as i had thrown away the receipt but it is less than S$10.00 which i remember. Decorative wooden block, a book and a magnet from a christian bookshop, the book and the magnet are meant to be sent as gifts to my christian friends.

3 days 2 nights staycation with friend jovy

Another staycation from 1st jan 2021 (fri) to 3rd jan 2021 (sun), this time with friend jovy, to have a break and to celebrate the brand new year. No pics of the hotel as it is the same hotel. Costs S$138 for 3D2N. We checked into our hotel @ 6pm, left our luggage in the hotel room and after that proceeded to newton food centre to have our dinner. We took northeast line to little india station then change to downtown line to newton station. We ordered sambal stingray (S$12), white rice (S$1), 10 satays (5 pork 5 chicken), oyster omelette (S$6), 4 chicken wings and two glasses of sugarcane drink (S$4). I paid for the sambal stingy and rice while jovy paid for the rest.  After that we went to bugis where i bought a pair of shoes (S$9.90) while jovy bought a small bottle of conditioner (S$1.20). Thereafter we went back to our hotel. Before that jovy bought tiger sugar drink so she could drink in the hotel room. Back at our hotel room, i chanted, watched youtoube and listened to songs whil

Vegetarian ytf and kaya layered cake

Had vegetarian ytf that day when it was 15th of the chinese lunar month. Vegetarian ytf with broccoli, seaweed rolls and vegetarian sausages. My friend said looks healthy. Bought kaya layered cake from my neighourhood bakery. That day bought but forgot to take photos. Costs S$3.00.