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Mid autumn festival 2021 @ gardens by the bay

Every year without fail I will be @ GBTB to take photos of their mid autumn festival decorations. Here I am today for the mid autumn festival again. For the 2016 decorations i went with my mom. 2017 i went alone and second time with my buddy jose. 2018 i went alone. 2019 i went with my mom again. 2020 i went alone and with my mom. This year i went alone. Based on the theme of "blessings", this year's mid autumn festival hopes to bring tidings of good health and better days ahead to visitors through the lantern displays. In asian customs, people penned their wishes on the sky lanterns and released them into the skies in hope of good blessings. The highlight is a "sky lanterns" set with sky lanterns "floating" up a Super tree against a scenic mountaineous backdrop with animals and plants painting a picture of longevity and prosperity. The backdrop has a pair of rabbits releasing a sky lantern marked with the Chinese character "Fu" which means &

Charity works

Because of the pandemic, all the life liberation activities that i have been taking part had been cancelled and put to a stop. It is a pity. I also used to go for reborn recital at hospitals and residential houses besides the dead bodies in the hope that the deceased can reborn into pure land through our chanting and prayers. I am still thinking of ways to do more charity works other than doing these three things during chor yat and chap goh: (1) eat vegetarian meals (2) chant and transfer the merits to all sentient beings (3) donate money to Society of physically disabled. I take joy in doing charity works, it makes my life feel more meaningful. As advised by TM, we should try to chant during the yang hours and not during the yin hours and as a result all my blue black bruises that happened when i am sleeping no longer occur. However i have a lot of free time at night as i am a night owl, so i wonder is it alright if i want to chant at night on a daily basis?

Blessings of mooncakes from friend and sis

Peach garden Chinese restaurant mooncake from friend. The red colour one on the right is the assorted nuts flavour. Tastes savory but my weak teeth has a hard time chewing the nuts lol. Tai Chong kok mooncakes from sis. Can you spot the oval shape mooncakes? Those are the ones with yolks. Happy mid autumn festival all my blogger friends!

Second trip to the National Gallery this year (with new exhibitions)

This is my second trip to the art gallery, just sharing some photos of the exhibits and the interior. I am enjoying every minute of my me time inside the air conditioned art gallery. I was there from 5pm to 615pm. Have a good weekends, all my blogger friends. What will you be doing during this weekends?

Foodpanda delivery - Sakae sushi Tai Seng (3 September 2021)

I guess Japanese food are best eaten on the spot. Both my Tori katsu don from A Lan and the ten don from Sakae Sushi appeared to be disappointing as both dons taste dry by the time they arrived at my house. I guess the sauce has dried up and all soaked into the rice. It would be good if they could prepare the gravy and put them separately in containers. Today's (Friday) signature ten don from Sakae Sushi is a set that comes with a bowl of miso soup and a bowl of chawanmushi. Though it was value for money @ S$15.50 but the food was disappointing. Regret to say I did not finish my food (the rice) today as it was too dry. There are tempura brinjal, tempura cuttlefish and tempura prawns inside the ten don. I will not order this item again.

Foodpanda delivery - Swensens Singpost Center (2 September 2021)

Ordered foodpanda curry chicken baked rice from Swensens @ total cost of S$18.50. This is the first time I ordered foodpanda food delivery from Swensens. The rice is a bit soggy due to too much curry gravy in it. Nonetheless I finished all my food. They also gave some complimentary crackers like those for nasi briyani, I like the crackers. However I will not order this item again. The rider was only 5 mins late, still acceptable.

Foodpanda delivery - A lan Japanese cuisine (1 September 2021)

Ordered foodpanda food delivery 3 days in a row for my 3 days' dinner, starting from Wednesday up till Friday. Day 1 (wed) ordered Tori katsu don and chawanmushi from A lan Japanese cuisine. Day 2 (Thursday) ordered curry chicken baked rice from swensens at Singpost. Post on it coming soon. Day 3 (Friday) ordered ten don from sakae sushi at Tai seng. Post on it coming soon. Received my Tori katsu don and chawanmushi (total costs S$15.30) slightly late on wed. The rider was mumbling something in his mouth when he arrives at my doorstep. Don't know what he is grumbling about (must be something to do with the rain because it was raining quite heavily). Nonetheless I gave him a tip of S$2.00. Breakdown as follows: Chawanmushi costs S$2.80 Tori katsu don costs S$9.20 Foodpanda delivery fee costs S$3.29 Order total inclusive of gst is S$15.29 This is my second order of Tori katsu don from A Lan, the first round was better as this time round overall the rice tastes on the dry side but

Expensive snack

Snacks are known to be costly, a pack of chips sometimes can easily costs S$4 or S$5. I bought this pack of Tong Garden crispy seaweed slices with grains sandwiched in between the slices @ S$2.90 from sheng siong supermarket. The seaweed slices taste both sweet and savory. Yums! I ate them over 2 consecutive days. Do you have Tong Garden brand's snacks in your supermarket?

Poppies mini eclairs patissiers

Bought these eclairs with vanilla cream and topped with Belgium chocolate from sheng siong supermarket @ S$4.95. There are 12 pieces in one box, I finished all the 12 pieces in one seating, monster lah me lol! Taste like cream puffs with the vanilla cream. Flowers decoration @ MBS. Just sharing.

An initiative by temasek foundation

Temasek foundation is giving every Singapore home 50 medical masks and 25 N95 masks from 26 August to 26 September 2021. The month long collection exercise is the fifth by Temasek foundation and will be the first time medical grade disposable masks are being distributed. The foundation said this is in view of more infectious covid 19 variants that have emerged. Both medical and N95 masks have 95 per cent particle filtration efficiency or better which means they can filter out at least 95 per cent of particles between 0.1 and 0.3 microns in size. The covid 19 virus is about 0.1 microns in size. You can collect your free masks from the following locations: 1. Capital Land shopping malls 2. Sheng siong supermarkets 3. Fair price supermarkets 4. Giant supermarkets 5. Prime supermarkets 6. Cold storage supermarkets We have collected ours on 27 August Friday. Stay masked, stay prepared, stay safe!

Treat from friend and mid autumn decorations @ Chinatown point

Treat from friend. We ordered prawn rolls (S$8), oyster omelette (S$8) and braised beancurds (S$8) with white rice (S$0.50 each). It was a satisfying meal, I even had two plates of rice. No pic of the braised beancurds. It was a rainy day but it did not dampen our mood to have a meal together. After that went to Chinatown point to have a walk. Took photos of the mid autumn decorations there. The lanterns are so colourful and the bunnies so cute!