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Medicine Buddha Chant

Reading TM's antibiotics post reminded me that I am like him when he was a child, those who followed my blog would know that in the past I would be down with cough every three months and my cough would take one to two months to cure. It was like hell to me. I have been taking endless antibiotics prescribed by my doctors until some lose its effect on me. My sis intro me this Medicine Buddha Chant this year and since then I have not been coughing for one year (touch wood touch wood lah). This Medicine Buddha Chant is amazing and I will like to share it here to those who often fall sick to chant this. This is a testimony from me.  

Butter cake

Seeing mun posting about the various cakes she had makes me have craving for cakes. One of my favourite butter cake, Sara Lee's all purpose butter pound cake. Yums! Also bought these Ritz's crackers when we were shopping for groceries. These crackers are a bit saltish and flavourful, i like, yums! Took some more decorations pics outside chinatown point. Just sharing. Today's weather (sat) was good, no rain. I don't like rain as it makes me feel gloomy. Have a wonderful sunday everyone!

Papparich outlet @ suntec city mall

I like dining at papparich because the ambience is cosy and comfortable. Eating at papparich reminds me of my visit to JB because there is a papparich outlet @ JB city square mall. I miss going to JB for makan and shopping plus miss taking the bus to JB and admiring the scenery along the way. I was @ papparich for dinner today. I ordered their curry chicken with potatoes @ S$10.90. Steam rice costs S$1.00. I also ordered their cendol with red bean @ S$4.90. Their cendol is the draw. Sweet, tasty, rich and creamy. Yums! Burps!

Christmas decorations marathon 2020

 First stop, bugis junction. Second stop, suntec city tower. Last stop, orchard road. Which decorations do you like the best? I like suntec city tower ones the most. So colorful and so cute. You can see that overall the decorations are on a smaller scale, nonetheless a smaller celebration is still a celebration.

Kemenyan incense cups

All of us are ghost magnets and have magnetic properties, said malaysian ghost researcher Augustine Towonsing. Many believe that the burning of kemeyan can cleanse a home and chase spirits away. The burning of kemenyan brings good luck too. The kemenyan is suitable to appease the beings from the "yin world", which is a common practice among the buddhists, taoists and hindus. I bought kemenyan incense cups to burn after reading twilight man's advice on the topic of bruises on my body. Not long after, my house's unit number came out in the 4D lottery draw! I want to thank tm for his comment and advice even though i did not strike the lottery lol! Most important bruises seem to disappear from my body, how amazing!

I just called to say I love You

Love all these oldies. Just sharing a song by Stevie Wonder. Have you heard of this song before? Have a happy weekend everyone! Cheers!

Line Dance - one way ticket by Eruption

Do you like to dance? I cannot dance very well, but I love watching people dancing. Have a happy mid week everyone!

Curry ccf can now be found in sg

Fans of malaysian food must be delighted to hear that ccf served in curry broth can now be found at a coffeeshop along geylang lorong 17. The curry ccf comes with pigskins and long beans. I went to try today. Costs S$3.00. Only for those who can take spicy food becos it was so spicy that i can't finish them, lol. This is how the curry ccf looks like, looks at how red hot spicy the broth was. The coffeeshop also sells ytf items and KL hokkien noodles. Will try the KL hokkien noodles next time. I will be back. Opening hours: 11am - 230pm, 5pm - 1145pm.

Beautiful Sunday!

I love this song, Beautiful Sunday, too! Feel happy just listening to this song. Have a Beautiful Sunday everyone! Cheers!

Oh Oh Yeah Yeah!!!

So long did not share songs in my blog. Oh Oh Yeah Yeah! Love you more than I can say. Such a cheery and upbeat song. I like this song. Let's sing and dance to this song. Have a happy mid week everyone! Cheers!

Ckt and ccf

A new ckt cum fried carrot cake stall just open in my neighbourhood coffeeshop. I ordered their ckt @ S$3.00 to try. What i like is their cockles are not too tiny until unnoticeable. I will patronise this stall again. On another day i had plain ccf for my breakfast at my neighbourhood hawker centre. 2 rolls of ccf @ S$1.60 in total. The ccf is smooth and silky and the sweet sauce very tasty and yummy!


Every chor yat and 15th of the chinese lunar month, these are the 3 things i would do diligently: 1. Eat vegetarian meals 2. Donate to charity, be it online or physically 3. Chant mantras Other than that i also buy flowers to offer to our gods. I burn incense and say prayers wishing for safety, good health and peace. One thing, everytime i chant, every night i go to sleep, the next day i wake up i will find bruises and blue black marks on my body even though i did not hit any hard objects. This happens quite often. I wonder if this may be a bad thing. TM, if you happen to read this post of mine, i would very much like to hear your comments and opinions on this as you may have knowledge in this area. Thanks so much in advance. Of course i welcome others to comment too.

An update

There were four new coronavirus cases confirmed as of Sunday noon (Nov 1), taking   Singapore's total to 58,019. They were all imported cases who had been placed on stay-home notices on arrival in Singapore. No cases in the community or from within dorms were announced on Sunday. More details will be announced on Sunday night. On Saturday,  12 new coronavirus cases  were reported here. MOH said  all 12 were imported cases who were placed on stay-home notices  upon arrival in Singapore. No new community cases were reported on Saturday. All but one of the new cases on Saturday were asymptomatic, and were picked up as a result of the ministry's proactive screening and surveillance. Two cases announced on Saturday were Singaporeans who had returned from Indonesia and the United States. One of the other cases was a permanent resident who had returned from Indonesia, while another was a dependant's pass holder from Greece. Of the remaining eight cases announced on Saturday, two w