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My favourite local snacks

I can find all three of my favourite local snacks in chinatown. 1. Popiah Popiah is a type of fresh spring rolls commonly found in malaysia, singapore, medan and taiwan. Filled with shredded vegetables and more, popiah is a popular street food in malaysia. To prepare the popiah, a thin layer of sweet sauce and chilli paste is first spread onto the laid out skin. Bits of fried garlic are added for zest. A salad leaf placed on the skin serves as a base to hold the filling. A scoop of the meat and vegetables mixture is squeezed using ladles to get rid of as much liquid as possible, before being added onto the salad leaf. The mixture is then topped with thinly sliced garnishing such as bean sprouts, omelette, cucumber, shrimp, coriander and chinese sausages. The popiah is then folded neatly into roll and sliced into bite size pieces. This costs S$2.00. 2. Tofufah In malaysia and singapore, it is more commonly known by its names tou hua or tau huay in hokkien, or by the cantonese name (tau

I scream

I make ice cream disappear, what is your superpower, lol. Three flavours, yam, jackfruit and red bean. Which is your favourite? My favourite, yam, followed by jackfruit, last red bean. Have a happy weekend everyone! Eating ice cream makes me happy!

Braised duck rice

A new braised duck rice stall opens in my neighbourhood coffeeshop. Braised duck rice with tau foo, peanuts and half a stewed egg @ S$4.00. Look at this "glorious" duck rice, i simply love the look and taste of it.

Chor yat

I have been eating vegetarian every chor yat and 15th of the chinese lunar month for 5 years. Today is chor yat so i had vegetarian curry fish rice. There are ladies fingers, brinjal, tomatoes and mock fish inside the curry. The curry broth is creamy and tasty, yums! Costs S$4.50. Usually for vegetarian meals, the usual food i eat are vegetarian olive fried rice, vegetarian ytf or vegetarian curry fish rice. Other times i may have vegetarian hor fun or vegetarian mutton soup with rice.

Just sharing some quotes

Long time did not share quotes. Saw TM shared the quotes he gathered from facebook in his blog inspires me to share some meaningful quotes too. Here it goes, 1. Do something. If it works, do more of it, if it doesn't, do something else. 2. If you love life, then don't waste time, not even an hour, not even a minute, for time is the stuff that life is made of. 3. Be careful of how you talk to yourself, because you are listening. Have a happy mid week everyone! Cheers!

Ichiban sushi on sunday evening

I like the ichiban sushi outlet at changi city point so i went with friend jovy there on a sunday evening to have dinner. We ordered two set meals. Bill total came up to around S$53.00. Yummy Japanese food dinner with her. You can call it seafood dinner cos got squids, got prawns and got fish. The fish is very tender and fresh. There is the smoke duck salad too. Very tasty. This meal is very satisfying. By the way i will be signing up a new mobile plan with starhub as i use a lot of talktime in my telemarketing job. This plan is suitable for me.

Han's chicken chop again

I had this chicken chop on 19.09.2020. The vegetables tis time instead of broccoli, long beans or canned corns, it's baby carrots. The boiled baby carrots are soft and tasty, yums!  Compilation of flower decoration pics@ mbs. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Which design do you like the most? I like #1, #4 and #7. Have a wonderful sunday everyone!

Let's talk about biscuits

Let's talk about biscuits today. Seeing mun posting about biscuits makes me want to blog about my favourite biscuits. One of my fav is khong guan premium marie biscuits. I dip them into milk and eat it as i do not eat my biscuits dry like that. So tasty and yummy! The other fav of mine is julie's butter crackers. I soak them in milk and eat them. Do you have these two brands in your supermarket?