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Mid autumn & window shopping @ jewel

Went to changi airport t3 to hv my dinner. Same food so no pics. Then after that went to jewel via t2 to window shop. Saw that there are some mid autumn lantern decorations. Took some photos. Let the pictures do the talking.

Tai chong kok mooncakes

We were blessed with tai chong kok egg yolk mooncakes from my sis. My sis used to buy durian mooncakes and mooncakes from malaysia's lavender bakery. This year she bought the traditional mooncakes. Thanks sis!

Mid autumn decorations @ gardens by the bay

Since 2016, i have been visiting gardens by the bay for their mid autumn festival. This year without fail, i am here to take photos of the mid autumn decorations. The decorations are on a smaller scale due to covid 19. The first attraction, prosperity rats lanterns. Next, royal family walk. Travel back in time as you immerse yourself in this exquisite lantern depicting a king and queen with their entourage enjoying a stroll through a palace. First displayed at the seoul lantern festival 2019, this lantern set is crafted from hanji, a korean traditional paper made from the mulberry tree's bark. The last attraction which i went to is the apricot grove.

Mid autumn decorations @ chinatown

Went to chinatown point chicken pot to hv hotpot. I was attracted bcos i saw that they hv this lunch specials promotion, prices valid from 12pm to 6pm. Which soup base would you choose? Would you choose radish soup, spicy mala soup or tomato soup? I chose radish soup as i cannot take too spicy and i do not really like sour, moreover i like to eat radish. For the meat, would you choose pork or chicken thigh, i chose chicken thigh. Bill total costs S$14.00. The promotion set costs S$9.90 but they added in S$2.00 for the appetizer which they call snack plus service charge and gst. The radish soup is sweet, tasty and appetising. They have wolfberries inside the soup, very nutricious. Yums! Took photo of the mid autumn decoration. Some commented that chang e looks like she is preggy. Have you bought your mooncakes already?

Price increase

Wanted to go chinatown bookstore for their book exchange, ended up they no longer have the book exchange so in the end i bought one chinese book @ S$5.00. I am going to spend my free time reading this book. Then went to han's @ chinatown point for my dinner. Ordered their mushroom sauce chicken chop set @ S$13.80. Used to be S$12.80 in 2016. The set comes with chicken chop, fries, vegetables, soup of the day and a drink. The drink can either be coffee, tea, ice lemon tea or orange juice, as i cannot drink coffee or tea too late in the day (cannot sleep after that), so i choose orange juice. The vegetables used to be broccoli or green beans but this round is those bits of canned corns, green peas and carrots. I would prefer broccoli or green beans. Flower decoration @ mbs.

Birthday card for my sis

Other than friend jovy, my sis's birthday falls in september too. My sis's favourite colour is purple and she likes butterfly so i bought this birthday card for her.

Hokkien hae mee (prawn noodles)

According to wikipedia, hokkien mee is a southeast asian dish popular in indonesian, malaysian, singaporean and thai cuisines, that has its origin in the cuisine of china's fujian (hokkien) province. The singapore variant consists of egg noodles and rice noodles stir-fried with egg, slices of pork, prawns and squid, served and garnished with vegetables, small pieces of lard, sambal sauce and lime. Another variant is the hae mee or literal meaning, prawn noodles, in dry or soup version, which is what i had that day @ S$3.50. The soup is flavourful and appetising, yums! The penang variant (penangite hae mee) can be easily distinguished from the other variants by its characterisic spicy prawn broth. It primarily consists of rice vermicelli and thicker yellow noodles while the broth is made with prawn heads/shells and pork ribs. Sliced prawns are also added in the dish, along with pork slices, lard, hard boiled eggs, kang kung, bean sprouts, fried shallots, lard and sambal. Our version

Penang seafood restaurant

Dinner with mom. We ordered hotplate beancurd @ S$12, salted egg rib king @ S$14 and shark fins soup @ S$12. Mom wanted the shark fins soup so we ordered that. The salted egg sauce was very favourful and appetising, the rib king meat tender and soft, even my mom says it is good. Decorations @ the restaurant premise. Bill total S$48.00. Penang seafood restaurant 32/34 aljunied road Singapore 389817 Tel 68413002/96889778

Mee rebus

Long time did not have mee rebus. Today have mee rebus for breakfast at my neighbourhood hawker centre. It costs S$2.50, i add one begedil (50 cents) becomes S$3.00. Mee rebus is a malay noodle dish in a sweet potato-based gravy. The combination of sweetness and savory flavours are deliciously enhanced with a generous squeeze of lime juice. This noodle dish is commonly enjoyed across malaysia, indonesia and singapore.  According to wikipedia, perkedel, bergedel, pegedil or begedil is indonesian deep fried potato patties. Mee jawa is a noodle dish that comes and tastes close to mee rebus. I wonder what is their difference. Yums! Do you like to eat mee rebus or mee jawa?

Paintings @ ho kee pau restaurant

Ho kee pau is a dim sum place which also sells wanton noodles and nasi lemak. There was one day i dined in there and saw got paintings inside their premises so took the chance to take some photos. The food is the usual meat dumpling so no pic. Beautiful roses painting selling @ S$450. Floral story painting selling @ S$380 for set of 4. Autumn painting. Shophouse @ arab street painting. Which painting do you like?


Dinner outing with friend jovy @ thai licious thai restaurant. 20 sep is my friend's birthday. Today is my treat to her. We ordered omelette with minced meat (S$6), thai fishcakes (6 pcs) (S$7) and green curry chicken (S$13.50). For drinks we ordered lemongrass for myself and honey lemon for my friend. 2 plain rice cost S$1.20 each. The omelette was a tad too crispy and dry. The green curry was creamy and rich, not too spicy. But the chicken meat not so nice. Only the thai fish cakes were not disappointing. The fish cakes were soft and nice, not too hard. Bill total came up to about S$40.00. We will not patronise this restaurant again. We feel thai express standard is much better.