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Update on my nephew

Long time did not post pic of my nephew. He is 5 and K1 this year. That day he came bk with my sis and bro in law to have dinner with us. Don't know what happened, He suddenly says: "angry..." Then his mom teaches him: "cannot a bit a bit angry..." (lol) Pics of flowers @ mbs. Just sharing.

Zow zow instant duck noodles

My cousin intro this zow zow brand of duck flavour instant noodles to me and i fell in love with it since then. Inside there are 3 packets of seasoning, the seasoning powder, the chili powder and the seasoning oil. I did not add the chili powder as it would be too spicy for me. From the packaging, it is stated that this is a product of thailand. Have you tried instant duck noodles before? Any zow zow instant noodles in your supermart?

Sweet corn custard bun

Tried the gardenia brand sweet corn custard bun which mun mentioned in her blog, not much sweet corn custard filling inside so i did not enjoy it. I still prefer my kaya buns, sweet and tasty, full of kaya filling. Just sharing the playground pic @ changi airport terminal 3. Because of covid and safe distancing SOP, the playground is closed for the time being.

Curry times

Long time did not eat curry chicken so had craving for it. There is an outlet of curry times @ changi airport T3 which is managed by old chang kee. I ordered their signature curry chicken with rice. There are 4 pieces of chicken meat and 2 potatoes inside the curry. Very worth the price. For drink, i had their honey lemongrass drink. The signature curry chicken rice costs S$8.50, the honey lemongrass drink S$2.30 and one extra rice S$1.20. Bill total after service charge and gst is S$14.10. I like it that they use enamel bowl for their curry chicken. Very satisfying meal for me, i even have 2 plates of rice. Their curry chicken can go with rice, bread or roti prata. If for you, which one will you choose?

Ng ah sio bkt

Bkt again! Lol. I had tried founder, old street and song fa bkt chains, this is the first time i try ng ah sio bkt @ resorts world sentosa near the casino. I ordered their superior spare ribs soup, preserved vegetables and 2 rice. We have to use the ordering machine to order and pay for our food. There is a S$1.00 tray deposit which you need to pay that will be refunded after you returned the tray when you finished the meal. Everything self service which saves manpower but i do not really like as i prefer to be served. The soup is rich and peppery, i like. The meat is tender and fresh, another thumbs up. So now you roughly know which are the bkt chains in sg which you can try.

My humble house

Nothing much to post recently so just post about our humble house. Our master bedroom. Our kitchen. The white cupboard and cabinet is custom made. Our living room. There is a cosy corner in the living room where i blog and surf the net. There is a dining corner inside the living room. Christmas tree in the living room.

Long time no sea

Planned to go sentosa today with my uncle and his wife. Before proceeding to sentosa, we had our late lunch @ vivocity food republic. We had bkt. Got pork trotters, tau pok, beancurd, braised egg, vegetables with rice and bkt pork ribs soup. So filling and satisfying. I had two bowls of rice. Photos took @ sentosa. After a walk, we have some drinks @ a cafe to rest our feet. My uncle had coffee whereas his wife and me had orange juice. So therapeutic, sometimes it feels so good to just daze, chit chat and watch the scenery. Have a happy weekend everyone!

2 more years

 2 more years to age 50. Recently bought this white dress/skirt from Yishion @ around S$58.00. Now my clothings collection got jumpsuits, jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts. That is the plus point of being a lady, we hv a variety of clothings to wear, not like guys, only pants and shorts, so boring, lolx.

Bugis market

On my off day, decided to go to bugis market for a walk. Saw that now got many stalls selling fabric masks and disposable masks for both adults and children. 1. There are the bling bling fashion masks. Someone joked that they are suitable for those party goers. 2. There are the chelsea, liverpool and manchester united branded types. Suitable for soccer fanatics and fans. 3. Then there are the nike, adidas, gucchi branded types. Lol. Plus the floral prints types. So spoilt for choices. For the disposable ones, there are orange, purple, pink, green and yellow. A pack of 50 pcs selling at S$18.00. Mom cooks yam rice with pork belly today. Yam rice with potatoes too, i prefer with potatoes as yam are on the bitter side.


Today is guan yin festival so i went to have vegetarian dinner with fren jovy at elemen. I ordered their new dish lasagne for the main. Rich in flavours, the hearty oven baked lasagne is perfectly layered and textured with cheese, zucchini and spinach. Friend jovy ordered their roti prata. For drink i had their watermelon and coconut juice.

NDP singapore together pack

Sg national day is on the 9th of august. We were given Ndp sg together fun pack to be collected from the community centre. Inside got hand sanitizers, a thermometer, face masks, yeo's canned drink, flags, tattoo, a commemorative magnet etc. I find the thermometer very practical, that time want to buy from pharmacy but it was sold out! My friend's limited edition yeo's can. You will receive surprise from yeo's on national day if you keep the can. Happy national day singapore!


Recently keep craving for wanton noodles, so i had wanton noodles again today at my neighbourhood hawker centre. The noodles are QQ and springy, nice! As usual, they hv three wantons in their default soup, yums! Wanted to buy bolster and pillow from my neighbourhood shop but it was not opened on a sunday. I change my bolster and pillow almost every year for hygience purpose. Then after that, went to bugis junction. Saw @ BHG that even clothes got scandinavian design, lol. Societe. Designed for the modern day women. Inspired by scandinavian design, societe dresses you through a range of events from boardroom meetings to party with friends. It says.

Korean beancurd soup

Had bbq chicken with rice, default soup and a side dish of kimchi that day, saw that they have korean beancurd soup @ S$5.80. Thought of trying since tofu and kimchi are two of my favourites. Today finally tried for my dinner. There are 5 clams, one egg and a lot of tofu inside the soup. The soup is not spicy at all, good for me as i cannot take too spicy. They also hv kimchi ramyeon and kimchi soup set. Shall i try these the next round? After that had banana juice @ S$2.50 for my drink. What a satisfying and filling dinner. Have a good weekend everyone!