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An update from me

Today will not be sharing food pics. Just an update from me. My bedroom aircon, that day water started to drip from it. So we arranged for the aircon technician to come and fix it. Lucky that aircon servicing is an essential service. A clogged condensate drain line is the most common cause of water leaking from your  aircon into your home. If the drain line gets clogged with dust, dirt, sludge or mold, water will back up into your home. In that case, you will need to unclog it. The aircon technician is my nephew's nanny's brother so he charged us cheaper rate. He says the aircon is dirty that is why water dripped. It needs washing and servicing. Washing per air con is S$30 so for two aircons is S$60, i gave him S$10 tip so total is S$70, so cheap. He spent roughly about one hour to wash two aircons. Another update is, after making bolognese sauce spaghetti and bkt, next i will be making watercress soup in june. Stay tuned! :)

Mee Pok Dry

Saw stp posted about mee pok, remembered that recently i bought myojo brand mee pok dry to try. Inside the pack of this mee pok dry instant noodles is a block of flat egg noodles, a packet of seasoning powder and seasoning oil. I like this mee pok dry as i find it savory and tasty. The noodles itself are not too thick, just nice. I had finished the 5 packets recently so no photo of the actual noodles, but there is a photo of the packaging to share with my blogger friends.

New normal

Today is sunday. Recently find that got lesser things to blog and post as due to lockdown, a lot of places outside are closed so cannot go here and there to take photos to share with my blogger friends like last time. Mostly can only share abt food. Our blogs also got new normal lol. Just sharing the limited photos i took today. Jewel Beauty in the pot Lim chee guan bak kwa Fake flower in a supermarket Fake flower in a supermarket Fake flower in a supermarket


Among the groceries i bought that day is shampoo. Bought 3 different types of shampoo one shot and spent over S$50.00. The 3 brands are Tsubaki shampoo, Lux luminique oasis calm shampoo and Diane grasse rose shampoo. I had finished reading my book and watching my korean drama. Tentatively won't be finding new book to read or new drama to watch, so that i can have more time to bloghop and post. Haven't been able to visit blogs and comment early enuff recently, due to at times busy and other times lazy, apologies to my blogger friends.

Went to the park

Went to the park for a stroll and simple exercise during weekend when i am off work. It is ok not to wear mask when you are jogging or exercising. The sea and the beautiful scenery uplifted my spirits. Feel so shiok after a brisk walk. As i no need to work on tuesday, i went jewel finest fairprice to buy some groceries. Also bought a small purse @ S$6.90 to put my coins. I miss my tours, going JB and dining out. Sg circuit breaker will end on 1st june. Thereafter, sg will enter three phases, being safe reopening, safe transition and safe nation.

Wok hey fried rice

First time try wok hey fried rice. I tried the egg fried rice with grilled chicken @ S$5.80. I like it so much that i takeaway the same on the next day again. The eggs fragrance is just nice. And the fried rice is smooth and not coarse like those fried rice from zi char stall. This is due to they use premium japanese rice. They have seasoned prawns and braised beef ones too. They also have shanghai fried rice, ramen and udon.

I need my retail therapy

I need my retail therapy to release stress! Just an excuse lah, i just could not resist shopping. As all the shopping malls are closed, i could not shop outside. So i turned to online shopping. Bought a swiss polo sling bag from zalora. I chose cash on delivery as i do not have a credit card. I like that they have the COD option. Waiting patiently for my order to be delivered to me. Stay tuned!

First time make bkt

This is my first attempt making bkt, seems pretty easy. Mom says not bad for a first attempt. I find taste not bad too (shyless me, lol). My sis and uncle say next time can add bean curd sticks and mushrooms. I used seah's singapore bkt spices. For the pork ribs, i used prime ribs. Preparation: 1. 1 satchet of spices 2. 1 kg of pork ribs (boil for 5 mins and rinse the boiled pork ribs with tap water to remove scum) 3. 8 pieces of garlic (skin intact) 4. 6 bowls of water (1500ml/50 oz) Method 1. Boil 1500ml of water 2. Place sachet and pre-prepared pork ribs in boiling water. 3. Simmer for 30 mins on low heat 4. Add garlic and continue to simmer for another 15 mins. Serve hot. Note: requires no additional seasoning. Bon appetite!

Simple celebration

We had a simple celebration at home on mother's day. Sis ordered grabfood delivery (salted egg prawns and hor fun). Salted eggs prawns is mom's favourite. No pic as we tucked in immediately when the food arrived around 5pm. I gave mom a small ang pow. Mom also steamed 2 pomfrets. The fish was fresh, tender and very good! Mom looked happy on that day as she was dancing with joy. Here's wishing you good health and happiness, mom! By the way, seeing rose and tm's personal chef made bkt, i will be cooking bkt soon too. Finger crossed that it will turn out to be a success. Stay tuned!

ECB and CB

How i settle my meals during the CB and ECB period. 1. Homecooked food by mom. Sometimes it is simple fare like noodles, other times it is slightly more "luxury" with one meat dish and one "signature" soup like watercress soup, lotus roots soup or ABC soup. 2. Food delivery. When i am busy or too lazy to go out to dabao (takeaway) food, i will order food delivery. So convenient even though it might cost slightly more. 3. Dabao (takeaway) food. 4. Sometimes i am my mom's "dustbin", lol, as she is a small eater, sometimes she cannot finishes her dabao food, so i will eat the balance. I will be full just eating tis and that. Lucky that i am not so picky. How i spend my time during this CB and ECB period. 1. WFH, weekends i do not have to work so i hv more time to blog and do some bloghopping. 2. Attend online zoom chanting sessions, usually during weekends when i am off work. Usually it lasted for 3 hours. 3. Doing houseworks take up quite

ECB enhanced circuit breaker (8 may 2020)

This is what i had for lunch today. Meat patty claypot rice @S$5.80, price is S$5.50 but takeaway has to add 30 cents more. I asked them to omit the lap cheong as i do not like lap cheong but it comes with salted fish which i like. The meat patty is soft and easy to eat, nice! They also have black pepper beef claypot rice, soy sauce pork ribs claypot rice, ginger onion slice fish claypot rice, preserved meat claypot rice, etc. So claypot rice does not have to be only chicken meat, can have other varieties too. Which one will you try? Dinner was just simple white porridge with canned pork cubes and eggs fried with onions (no pic). Mom had white porridge the whole day. Craving for white chocolate satisfied. Saw this waitrose brand belgium white chocolate @ cold storage supermarket so i bought one @ S$4.95 to try. I was attracted to the packaging and the two words, "smooth" and "creamy", it was indeed rich and creamy, slurps. There were 10 squares in one bar of

Bak chang fix

Seeing everone eating bak chang (mun, stp, nancy), i must go get my bak chang fix and buy one, no two bak changs to eat. I went to ho kee pau and bought two meat dumplings @ S$4.30 each (so expensive!). It used to be around S$2+. The ingredients are chestnut, mushrooms, lean meat and meat with fats. Don't remember that there is salted egg yolk inside. Ho kee pau is the only shop selling bak chang near my house within walking distance. I ate 1.5 of the 2 bak changs on monday 4th may while mom ate 0.5 as she is a small eater. I ate two breads on sunday 3rd may, one crabsticks bread and one char siew bread (no pic).

Circuit breaker (2 may 2020)

Mom cooks yam rice and watercress soup with pork belly and minced meat balls. Usually she cooks watercress soup with pork ribs but this time it is something different, yummy too! This was our lunch and dinner. Usually she does the cooking and i will do the washing after that. Since i cannot cook well, i must do my part by helping in the houseworks. Saw this in the supermarket. I have my own brand of canned food. Lol. Mom is a very active and social person, so i can feel and understand that she is kind of depressed that she cannot go out during this period. One activity that she likes so much is singing ktv. So i try to turn on some drama programmes for her to watch to pass time. I also suggest that she could call up all her friends to chit chat. Cooking took up some of her time, so i hope that is ok.

Grabfood birthday treat

Sis wanted to treat me grabfood dinner on my birthday (30 april thursday), as i am eating vegetarian and i already ordered food delivery, so she arranged grabfood delivery on the next day (1 may friday) instead. Coincidentally she ordered teriyaki salmon rice with miso soup, chawanmushi and 2 slices of fruit from A lan which i eaten their food before. The last time i ordered salmon mentai don. My annoying sis is afterall not annoying lolx. Thanks for the treat sis! By the way, read in the news that malaysia government going to ease some of the mco restrictions on monday. Dining will be allowed in restaurants but only one or two or max three persons can dine together, while practising physical distancing. The PM says the government must find ways to balance between healing the nation's economy and addressing covid 19.