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Limited capacity

Other than safe distancing, there is now the limited capacity measure. Only a certain number of shoppers are allowed entry into the shopping malls. They implement this at the library too. Time for tic tac toe inside the lift?? Oh mine, i don't know where i should stand, lolx!

Grilled fish cream sauce spaghetti

As i WFH (now learned new term), so nowadays i will eat food from my neighbourhood or if i am tired of my neighbourhood food, i will order food delivery. Grilled fish cream sauce spaghetti @ S$6.90 with a runny egg at my neighbourhood. So creamy and so satisfying, yums!

To cheer us up

Minister heng swee keat has announced the introduction of the 47 billion resilience budget yesterday afternoon to help individuals, families and businesses tide over and pull through this covid 19 outbreak. In his speech, PM LHL has said the situation is very grave right now. The future is uncertain and nobody knows what lies ahead. Everyone is affected and can feel the impact somehow or another. Businesses have gone down to zero and economy is affected since we are so dependent on aviation, tourism and globalized industry. Saw this on facebook, so thought of sharing,, lolx. Stay positive, stay safe everyone!

Vegetarian fried carrot cake

Wanted to try the vegetarian fried carrot cake @ true veggie that day but it was sold out. Last night finally got the chance to try. Small portion @ S$3.80, medium portion S$5.50, large portion S$9.00. The vegetarian fried carrot cake tastes somewhat plain and bland. I think their vegetarian roti prata should taste better because got curry. Next time i would like to try that.

Some jokes

Some jokes related to covid 19 to cheer everybody's mood up. My friend went to cold storage at parkway parade to buy toilet papers and they were out of stock!!! omg! Stay positive, stay strong, stay safe everyone! Latest news update, all bars and entertainment venues such as cinemas and KTV will be closed.

Braised tofu

Flavourful braised tofu @S$8.00 from chinatown zi char stall. Very tasty and appetising, i can eat two plates of rice with this. I like to window shop @ daiso because i like the vibes there. Chic wall clocks from daiso.

My neighbourhood pan mee

My neighbourhood pan mee at a coffeeshop. They use pumpkin noodles for the pan mee, very smooth and "silky". The prawns are firm and fleshy. Yet i still find their pan mee lacking the punch, maybe it's the soup. They have tom yum you mian ...and mee hoon kway too.

Lotus leaf rice

Late night supper. Other than the option of having lor mai gai, i can choose to buy lotus leaf rice from my neighbourhood supermarket. Costs S$1.50. Savoury and appetizing, there is one big fat chestnut inside the rice. Kong guan brand. Yums! Flower decoration @ marina bay sands. Latest news update. All short term visitors (tourists) are not allowed entry or transit in singapore.

My comfort food

Mom dabao tang yuan from a desserts shop home. My comfort food on a cooling night. I like those with peanut fillings. By the way, sg government will be implementing more safe distancing measures at restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres etc. Stay safe everyone!

Social distancing

Went to my neighbourhood library to chill. Saw that chairs are missing from the tables. At first i thought who so inconsiderate and naughty, removed the chairs from the tables. Then saw this notice. Ah, the library has implemented social distancing in order to contain the virus. I learned a new term today. Did you see any social distancing attempts in your area?

Purple sweet potato waffle cone

Saw mun posted about the purple sweet potato waffle cone her friend ate at sg mcd, i went to try it. The purple sweet potato ic taste is very mild and not overly sweet, good for those who do not like too sweet. The ic is also very smooth, rather enjoyable. Costs S$2.00.

KTV again

Sunday meet up with friend jovy for another ktv session @ tampines west cc. We booked two hours of ktv session from 6pm to 8pm. Total cost is S$22.00 so it is S$11.00 per person. We sang many chinese and cantonese songs. Two hours passed by very fast as we enjoyed the session very much. After that we went to nearby coffeeshop to have our dinner. I had chap fan with otah, potato and wu xiang. The chap fan was good and delicious. No pic as i was too hungry. Jovy just had dumplings as she had a heavy lunch. After dinner, we went mac to have a drink and chit chat. Jovy told me her office implemented work from home policy because of covid 19. Do not think that work from home, you can "eat snake" because their bosses will keep track of their whereabouts. If you are away from your desk, you have to click away status on the computer. The bosses will keep track how long you have been away. Phone calls are made online using the computer. Jovy will work one week from home and the ne

Thai food @ saap saap thai

Saw the menu at saap saap thai and i was attracted. As i am a rice person, so i ordered their thai grilled chicken rice @ S$7.90. The chicken meat was tender and juicy with chicken skin. The portion of the chicken is big enough for me. They give you some sauce too, tastes sweet and sour. It also comes with a side dish of glass noodles. A very satisfying meal for me. They have boat noodles, tom yum soup and desserts in their menu too. These are the menu. Forgot to take pics of the desserts menu, will take them the next time i eat here again.

My new toy

My HP desktop died on me last year after i used it for five years. It is beyond repair. So i went to buy a new tablet. I went to challenger and only huawei mediapad T3 is available @ S$188. I find huawei not so user friendly (found out after i bought my mom a huawei phone) plus i still prefer samsung brand, so no huawei for me. Saw that samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 2019 is having a promotion at courts and selling @ S$199. Original price is S$398. However the promotion is over. My sis whatsapp me and told me there is stock at another handphone retail shop and selling @ S$195 so i went there quickly and got my new toy. These are the specs of samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 2019. Network - GSM Launch - july 2019 Main camera - 8 MP Selfie camera - 2 MP Memory - 32 GB 2GB RAM Battery - non removable li-po 5100 mAh battery I had bought it for 3 months but only blog about it today.


In my neighbourhood, there is a bakery that sells waffles too. Plain waffle @ S$1.40 and those with fillings @ S$1.90. They have kaya, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, butter etc for the fillings. I only like to order the kaya one. Yums! So easy to satisfy my craving for waffle as the bakery is near my house. Which filling would you like for your waffle?

Foodpanda delivery - yuan xiang vegetarian

You are right, nux, more to come from foodpanda. I ordered from foodpanda two days in a row, yesterday night was thai food, today is vegetarian food. As today is guan yin festival so i ordered vegetarian prawns with lemon sauce (S$11.20) and white rice (S$1.00). Costs S$15.19 in total inclusive of delivery fee and gst. We can even track our oder online and send messages to the rider. The lemon sauce was more than enough (i did not finish it) but appetizing. The prawns, as expected, were on the dry side, as they are deep fried. I should order vegetarian tofu next time.

Foodpanda delivery - Gu Thai House

This is the second time i ordered food from foodpanda. The first time was in june 2016. I seldom order food delivery as i prefer to go out for my meals and have my food served warm on the spot. However today it is too late for me to go out and i want to have more choices and selections other than my neighbourhood food. I had enough of my neighbourhood food, plus at night most of the stalls would be closed. Ordering was a breeze using my mobile phone as i already have an account with foodpanda. I ordered thai food (garlic pork rice) from Gu Thai House as it has been quite some time since i last had thai food. Price is S$9.70 before delivery charge. Delivery fee is S$2.99 so total cost is S$12.69 inclusive of gst. They are very efficient, the rider arrived one minute earlier than the delivery time i set, so i can say they are right on the dot. The food was still warm when it was delivered and it tastes savory with the gravy, yums!

Coconut soft serve

Coconut soft serve from saap saap thai @ changi airport T3. The coconut taste is very delicious. Short scoop @ S$2.80, tall scoop @ S$4.80. Good to go for ice cream treat once in a while, yums! I miss the ice cream buffet @ swensens. Happy international women's day!

Hokkaido cheese tart

Hokkaido cheese tart has been around for quite some time, only get to try it today. Bought one to try @S$2.90. Don't be deceived by the plain looking pic, the cheese literally ooze out from the tart, so addictive and rich! It is not too cheesy, instead it is more the creamy and milky side. I will be back for it again.