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Food post

Grilled fish sphagetti with cream sauce @ S$5.50. From my neighbourhood food stall. Vegetarian YTF @ $6.30 with rice. The vegetarian luncheon meat, vegetarian popiah and vegetarian dumplings are so tasty. Not forgetting to add some greens. I chose broccoli. From True Veggie. Hot chocolate with whipped cream @ S$6.60. From Starbucks.

CNY cards from friends

This one from blogger friend phong hong. So thoughtful of her. The painting on the card is from an original painted with the foot by mouth and foot painting artists. The colours are so vibrant and the flowers look so beautiful. I like it so much, thanks ph! This one from my personal friend nor, i known her since college days in 1989.

Meatless tuesday

On my meatless monday, my mom cooked, in order not to waste food, i ate what she cooked which is non vegetarian. I ate vegetarian on a tuesday as a replacement. This is what i ate. Vegetarian fragrant fish rice 香鱼饭 @ S$3.50. It would be good if the fragrant fish rice comes with some sauce or gravy, nonetheless they make it up with a bowl of soup so the taste is still acceptable to me.

My CNY activities

23 jan (one day before cny eve) - my sis and her family came home to have reunion dinner with us. 24 jan CNY eve - me and mom just reheat the leftovers and eat. After that proceeded to river hong bao 2020 to take photos. 25 jan chor yat - i had vegetarian hor fun and vegetarian fried rice for lunch and dinner. Nothing much, so we just stay at home watch telly. 26 jan chu er - went relatives house to bai nian. My uncle cooked for us. After that went to river hong bao again to watch fireworks. What we ate on chu er. The soup got cabbages, fish maw, pork belly, prawns and meat balls. The soup is sweet and tasty. Yummy! 27 jan chu san - went relatives house bai nian. After that went window shopping, but i bought two pens. CNY decoration @ changi airport Ang pow for my nephew. The chinese wordings say, little prince, hope you grow up happily and healthily.

River hong bao 2020

Every year without fail will come here. I like this year's river hongbao because the arrangement is neater and tidier. Let the pictures do the talking. Pig Dog Now the trend is grabfood, can call grabfood for reunion dinner Racial harmony, i thought i saw malays in this pic, can you spot the other races? Racial harmony Rooster Monkey Goat Horse Snake Rabbit Dragon Lion dance Lion dance Tiger Ox Calligraphy Calligraphy God of fortune God of fortune Entrance of river hongbao in the shape of mickey mouse Entrance of river hongbao in the shape of mickey mouse

Reunion dinner

Our simple yet delicious reunion dinner. Quail eggs with meat, curry chicken, minced meat balls, prawns, chicken and mushroom soup and assorted vegetables. Huat ar!!! Here is wishing my readers and blogger friends a peaceful, healthy and wealthy rat year. Let it be a year without worries and problems.

Red packets from the bank

The chinese wordings mean "ten thousand things as you wish". The chinese wordings mean " every generation got money to count". The chinese character of the word "rat" sounds like "count" in mandarin. The chinese wordings mean "flowers blossom and bring in the wealth". Ang pow packets from POSB bank, the squirrel is the mascot of the bank. Front - the chinese wordings mean may all your hopes be fulfilled. Back - This year, let's commit to saving our trees as we reduce paper wastage by recycling whenever we can, so that we can revel away as nature flourishes abundantly. Let's all do our part and take small steps for a more sustainable future. Front - the chinese wordings mean surplus year after year. Back - did you know that by year 2050, there could be more plastics than fishes in our oceans. Let's curb our usage of one time disposable plastics to ensure we can delight in an abudance of fish every y

My cny clothes

I am all ready for cny! Bought all the cny goodies and drinks, done up the cny decorations in my house and bought all my cny clothes. Seems like i am more excited than the kids. Lol. Bought this black colour dress with red flowers pattern @ bossini PLQ mall. As it is not totally black so it is ok to wear during cny. The original price is S$46.90, i didn't know there is a 20% discount until the sales assistant told me, so the discount came as a pleasant surprise. After discount it is S$37.52. They charge 10 cents for the plastic bag, after rounding, the total price is S$37.60. The black dress looks a bit like cheong sam when i wear it. Also bought this red colour blouse from BHG bugis @ S$39.00. I will match it with a pair of jeans.


Wanted to try the charcoal noodles with butter cream sauce @ elemen but regret to hear that they remove it from their menu before i have the chance to try it. So i ordered their braised bailing mushroom ee fu noodles @ S$18.60 to try. As i am member so total costs only S$3.60 as there is a S$15.00 welcome e- voucher. Ee fu noodles Member card benefits Interior Interior