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Gifts from online and offline friends

Another pleasant surprise from blogger friend. Guess who? She is nonetheless, phong hong! She had sent me a christmas card, a 2021 calender painted by artists without hands, two memo pads, one sticker pad and one small "cute" bag. Kudos to you PH, not forgetting to do charity while sending gifts. Thank you so much phong hong, really appreciate your effort out of your busy schedule. I feel so blessed to be receiving gifts from friends, online or offline, this christmas. From my offline friend Jovy. Dr young's complete color cushion. A cushion pact for flawlessly smooth skin texture. Calming water complex calms the irritate skin from uv rays while fermented extracts provide vitality and reveals a healthy and radiant looking facial complexion anytime, anywhere. How to use: apply moderate amount by pressing the enclosed air puff into the moistened sponge. Gently tap puff onto the face.

Of ice cream and cake

Bought magnolia raspberry ripple ice cream @ S$4.75 from ntuc supermarker so that i can make a comparison just like mun. I think i have tasted them just that i did not register the taste to be able to make a comparison. Will buy walls and nestle ice cream next round. The vanilla flavour tastes creamy and rich and the raspberry sauce sweet and tasty. Yums! Also bought Sara Lee chocolate swirl pound cake to try @ S$5.45. I have tasted their butter pound cake and i like it. The chocolate swirl cake was much sweeter. As i have a S$10.00 ntuc voucher so i only paid 20 cents for these 2 items.

Thai food @ sanook kitchen

Dinner date with friend jovy. We went to jewel sanook kitchen to have our favourite thai food. We ordered prawn cakes (S$11.90), green curry chicken (S$7.90), clear seafood tomyam soup (S$5.90) and oyster sauce kailan with mushrooms (S$5.90). The prawn cakes, kailan and green curry were great, only the tomyam soup was disappointing as it was bland with not much tomyam taste. Bill total came up to S$39.55. Received a surprise christmas gift from her. 5 more days to christmas!

Ninja chicken burger

Sometimes when i do not know what to eat, i will end up eating fastfood. On this day, i went to Mac in my neighbourhood and tried their Ninja chicken burger. It features a chicken patty sandwiched between a charcoal bun, with sweet Nanban sauce, cucumber slices and coleslaw with tartar sauce. Review? I find the sauce too sweet and overpowering as i am not used to sweet sauce in my burger. I would rather go for their buttermilk crispy chicken burger. Do you have this burger in your Mac? Christmas decoration @ marina bay sands. I like the snowman. 

Staycation @ Hotel 81 Chinatown

Went for a staycation because christmas is coming. We chose hotel 81 chinatown because the rates are cheap and the hotel is conveniently located near shopping malls. We were at the reception counter at around 8pm, no queue but we have to wait for about 20 mins before we can check in because the rooms are undergoing cleaning. So we went to have our dinner at han's inside chinatown point shopping mall. We manage to check in to our standard hotel room at around 9.15pm. There are coffeemaking facilities and a bottle of mineral water in the room. There is free wifi inside the room too. There is no window for standard room but there is a TV set. One night stay in standard rooms costs S$129.00. As now borders are closed, so one option is to go for a staycation on local soil. Both of us felt so refreshed after a good night sleep (we woke up at around 10.30am and checked out at 12.30pm) and a hot shower.  The bathroom Our bed Hotel lobby christmas decoration Hotel lobby christmas decoration

An update and new plates

Most recent photo of my cheeky nephew. He is going K2 next year. Is that musical instrument a ukulele? New plates we bought. Plastic one. Glass type.

I am so touched!

What a pleasant surprise from my KL bogger friend, actually not really a surprise as she had informed me via email that she will send me some "gifts" on wednesday between 4pm to 6pm. So i waited at home faithfully today, still I cannot help but feel happy and touched when I receive the gifts at my doorstep. Da-duh, 12 cupcakes from The Cake Shop signifying the 12 months of the year and 12 stands for the month of December where christmas falls on. The cupcakes arrived just in time for tea @ 4.35pm, the cakes are sweet and tasty, how do you know i got a sweet tooth? Lol. Thank you so much Mun, I am so so so touched, it has been a while since i receive gifts from online friends, you brought a smile to my face and makes my day! Merry xmas and happy new year 2021 to you! Hope this pandemic will be over and we can get back to our normal life very soon!

Vegetarian food @ papparich

Chanted 普门品,阿弥陀经 and 心经 (heart sutra), after that whole day eat vegetarian food. Went to try papparich's vegetarian food. They have briyani rice with vegetarian mutton curry @ S$10.90. They also have vegetarian nasi lemak @ S$7.90. I tried their nasi lemak with vegetarian mutton curry @ S$10.90. Also ordered their cendol with red bean @ S$4.90, their cendol is a must have. After that, went to gardens by the bay for a walk. It was a cooling and windy night with no rain. Some photos just for sharing. Have a good weekend everyone!

Let's Rock

Big in Japan (alphaville)  I want to break free (queen) The final countdown (europe) Geronimo's Cardillac (modern talking) It's my life (bon jovi) Sharing songs again. Have you heard of any of the songs here before? 

Changi airport T3 departure hall

Some dinosaur christmas decorations @ changi airport T3 departure hall. Let the pictures do the talking. Have a happy mid week everyone!

Medicine Buddha Chant

Reading TM's antibiotics post reminded me that I am like him when he was a child, those who followed my blog would know that in the past I would be down with cough every three months and my cough would take one to two months to cure. It was like hell to me. I have been taking endless antibiotics prescribed by my doctors until some lose its effect on me. My sis intro me this Medicine Buddha Chant this year and since then I have not been coughing for one year (touch wood touch wood lah). This Medicine Buddha Chant is amazing and I will like to share it here to those who often fall sick to chant this. This is a testimony from me.  

Butter cake

Seeing mun posting about the various cakes she had makes me have craving for cakes. One of my favourite butter cake, Sara Lee's all purpose butter pound cake. Yums! Also bought these Ritz's crackers when we were shopping for groceries. These crackers are a bit saltish and flavourful, i like, yums! Took some more decorations pics outside chinatown point. Just sharing. Today's weather (sat) was good, no rain. I don't like rain as it makes me feel gloomy. Have a wonderful sunday everyone!

Papparich outlet @ suntec city mall

I like dining at papparich because the ambience is cosy and comfortable. Eating at papparich reminds me of my visit to JB because there is a papparich outlet @ JB city square mall. I miss going to JB for makan and shopping plus miss taking the bus to JB and admiring the scenery along the way. I was @ papparich for dinner today. I ordered their curry chicken with potatoes @ S$10.90. Steam rice costs S$1.00. I also ordered their cendol with red bean @ S$4.90. Their cendol is the draw. Sweet, tasty, rich and creamy. Yums! Burps!