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Christmas decorations @ suntec city mall

Every year i would be at suntec city mall to take photos of their christmas decorations. I am here today without fail. I prefer suntec city mall's decorations compared to city square mall because they are more glittering.

Christmas decorations @ city square mall

It's christmas decor time again. Bare bears christmas decorations @ city square mall. Introducing Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear. Can you feel the holiday mood now?

Hokkien rice dumpling

Saw stp posted about chang, made me have craving for bak chang. So i bought one hokkien rice dumpling @ S$1.80 at my neighbourhood. It tastes quite nice but there is no mushroom inside the dumpling. Only meat and chestnut. Can you spot the chestnut?

Souper tang and kuih talam

On my off day i went Jb KSL with my mom. We set off at around 4pm. We had our dinner @ our favourite haunt souper tang KSL. We ordered our favourite pan fried eggplants in XO sauce @ RM22.90, spare rib soup with scallops and fish maw @ RM28.90 (one person portion), imperial seafood thick soup @ RM25.90 (one person portion) and prawns fried with egg @ RM32.90. My mom enjoyed both soups very much. I find the prawns fried with egg so so only. Bill total was RM141.35. After our dinner, we went to the pasar malam to jalan jalan. We bought three packets of our favourite kuih talam @ RM3 per packet. So tasty and so affordable. Kuih talam is a traditional dessert still popular in malaysia until today. The two signature colours of kuih talam is made by green pandan and coconut cream. Have you eaten kuih talam before? Mom also bought a red colour sweater @ RM25 from KSL mall. It was a nice outing eating and shopping with mom. We reached SG around 10pm.


My healthy vegetarian set meal with mashed potato, brinjals and braised mustards @ S$5.50 from ci hang. I like to eat mustard even though it has a slight bitter taste. Do you like to eat mustard?

Not my day

Why i say not my day because i wanted to try the mentaiko shrimp and broccoli pasta @ saizeriya, but the server took down the wrong order and gave me aglio olio shrimp and broccoli pasta. No wonder i find the pasta so spicy. I even asked myself is mentaiko supposed to taste spicy? Lol. As i was not observant enough, i only spotted the server's mistake when i saw the bill. No wonder the total bill is cheaper @ S$12.60. This reminded me of stp's experience with the boy who served the pan mee instead of the hokkien mee.

Meatless monday

Last week my meatless monday coincides with the 15th of chinese lunar month. My healthy vegetarian set meal with brinjals, braised winter melons and organic vegetables from Ci Hang. The winter melons are soft and tasty. Do you like winter melons? Close up of brinjals Whole set Close up of winter melons

Ban mian

My cheapo dinner as nux puts it lol. Costs only S$3.50. The chili sauce is not too spicy and has a tinge of sweetness which is just nice for me. I like the minced meat balls too.

Saizeriya @ PLQ mall

Saizeriya opened a branch at the new PLQ mall so i don't have to go all the way to bedok point to enjoy their food. Saw mun posted about creamy pasta in her blog, it makes me feel like having it so i ordered their salmon cream pasta @ S$7.90 for my dinner. The salmon is smoke salmon and it is tasty. I had tried their crispy chicken pieces before and they are tasty so i ordered again @ S$3.90 as i will not be full just eating the pasta. Next round i will like to try their mentaiko shrimps and broccoli pasta.


Saw these chinese wordings pouch selling at chinatown @ 4 for S$10. I bought two @ S$5. The wordings on the first pouch says, talking money hurts feelings, talking feelings spends money. Lol. The chinese wordings on the second pouch mean "my hard earned money". Lol.

Christmas decorations @ bugis junction

Went to bugis junction to shop and have my dinner, saw that the christmas decorations are up already. Line friends decorations. Not very christmasy but cute.

Nando's @ bugis junction

Influenced by phong hong, i went to try nando's @ bugis junction. I had their peri peri chicken, what they are famous for. I ordered their off the bone chicken thigh with two regular sides @S$15.90. For the sauce, i chose lemon and herb, the sticker says that "i am not so brave". Lol. For the sides as i am a big eater, i must have rice. I ordered med rice and chargrilled vegetables just like PH lol. I also ordered a bottomless drink @ S$3.90. Bill total is S$21.20. Which two sides would you choose if for you? I took a peek into what my neighbouring table ordered and i saw that they also ordered rice and chargrilled vegetables. Next time i come to eat here again, i want to try their saucy chicken rice bowl. Overall it was a satisfying meal.

Burger king

I would say burger king is more premium as compared to mac. I like to eat BK's burgers as their buns are softer, fresher and more fluffy. Whenever i eat at BK, i like to order their mushroom swiss burger. Today without fail i ordered their mushroom swiss grilled chicken burger set @ S$8.40. I changed the fries to onion rings at additional 40 cents. For drink i ordered minute maid orange juice at additional 40 cents. So total for this set is S$9.20. I simply love BK onion rings, yums! The grilled chicken meat and the mushrooms were tender and juicy. I don't mind coming to BK even though i have to pay more.

Fast to cook, easy to eat

Bought this CP brand shrimp wonton from NTUC supermarket @ S$6.50 on a hungry night. There are 12 pieces in a box. As i could not finish 12 in one serving so i plan to eat them over 3 days, 4 pieces at a time. They come with or without the sesame sauce. I choose the one with the sauce, at the same price. You just need to cook the wontons in boiling water for 4 minutes and voila! They are ready to eat. The supermarket cashier commented that CP brand is good and he likes it too.

Cow Cow kitchen

Saw this stall selling milk pie @ S$3.80 at jewel food hall so bought one to satisfy my craving. It was creamy and milky inside. Very nice i like but i would say it is an expensive snack. As it got quite messy when i ate it so i did not manage to take a photo of the cross section.

Pow sing

As i was feeling under the weather so i took the day off but still i got to eat right. So i went to pow sing @ jewel changi airport to try their hainanese chicken rice. When the chicken meat (S$9.00) came i was a little disapppointed cos the portion was so small but nonetheless the meat was tender and juicy. However i still find their food is still not there yet, got room for improvement. I also ordered their trio eggs spinach in superior stock @ S$12.00 to try. The spinach was so long and thin that i almost choke on it, lol. Must be careful eating this. Bill total was S$31.80.