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Chor yat and song lyrics

As today is chor yat so i had vegetarian food. My healthy vegetarian meal with flavourful brinjals, yam with white cabbages and jade rolls. Costs S$5.50. By the way, just want to share a meaningful song lyric i just heard. Forget about all the bad times. Remember all the good times. Hold your head up high! Hope you had a wonderful monday.

One dollar deal

Once again, i had made use of mcd app to redeem their one dollar deal. With this one dollar deal, you get to buy a fish fillet burger @ S$1.00 with any purchase. So i ordered a junior sprite @S$1.20 and get my fillet burger @ S$1.00. Total is S$2.20 instead of the usual price of S$2.80 for just one fillet burger. Good deal.

Meatless monday

Again i am here at elemen vegetarian restaurant. Business was brisk at their lunch hour, the waiters were having a busy time. I had their five course vegetarian meal. The first dish as usual is their elemen appetizer. Right side is guava, middle one is sweet potato tofu and left side is orange as the waiter explained to me. For starter, this time i had their 5 elements soup. The soup tastes a bit bitter, i would not be ordering this the next round. This is how it looks like. For main, i ordered my favourite black truffle pasta. As usual it did not disappoint me. For dessert, i wamted to have their pumpkin puree with coconut ice cream but it was not available. So alternatively i ordered the tiramisu. The tiramisu was good and looks presentable too. Last but not least, the beverage. I had the ice coconut mint with butterfly pea flower. The drink has a tinge of sweetness which i find very enjoyable. It comes with a piece of coconut flesh too. Don't you think the drink

White lover white chocolate

My sis and her hubby just came back from their ten days trip to japan (tokyo, osaka, kyoto). She bought this 12 pieces famous white lover white chocolate as a souvenir for me. It is actually some kind of biscuit with white chocolate. The biscuit is not too dry and not too hard. It is sweet and tasty, i like it very much as i have a sweet tooth. Thanks sis!

Goddess of mercy celibacy

As 17th october is goddess of mercy celibacy festival, so i had vegetarian food. My healthy vegetarian set meal with tasty brinjals, organic vegetables and flavourful tofu. Costs S$5.50. A satisfying meal. Yums! In the evening, as 12am is not over yet so i just had tau sa pau and hot milo for dinner.

One for one deals

I downloaded mcd app and saw that they have the one for one deals for 6 pieces chicken nuggets from 16 oct to 18 oct so i went to redeem it. Price is S$4.60 for 6 pieces of nugget, with the one for one deals, i pay only S$4.60 for 12 pieces of nugget. Looking forward to more deals in mcd app.

Bonding with uncle and his family

On my off day i went to look for my uncle for chit chat. When i reached there, his wife was having dinner, curry chicken and salted fish pork homecooked by my uncle. As i already had my every monday meatless meal, so i did not join in. My cousin was on his way out to work. I chatted with my uncle about overseas trips we made. We also chatted about indonesia tsunami, taiwan earthquakes and recent tokyo typhoon and which countries to avoid travelling. We also shared about recent updates of our family members and relatives. It was a good time chatting with him from 7pm to 830pm. Just sharing a photo i took on 19th march with my uncle when i passed the souvenirs to him after i returned from my vietnam trip in march. My sis commented that it looks like a prize presentation photo lol.


Went to ichiban sushi to have my dinner again. Saw that they have mini soba @ S$2.40, so thought of ordering it to try among my main dish. Verdict is i cannot accept the taste of it after trying and i do not like it, maybe the only "cold" food i can accept is salmon sashimi. But at least i tried and tested. So do you like soba aka cold noodles?

Second visit to Lady M

This is my second visit to Lady M. Today i am here to try the signature mille crepe @ S$9.50 per slice. Didn't know that Lady M is the pioneer in making mille crepes until mun told me about it. This is how Lady M introduces herself in her website: Lady M new york is the pioneer of the well loved mille crepes. The signature mille crepes features no less than twenty paper thin handmade crepes layered with ethereal light pastry cream, gently caramelized on top until golden. Combining french pastry techniques with japanese etiquette of precisions, Lady M new york prides itself on creating the freshest and finest cakes and confectionary delights. This is her website, Opening hours 10am - 10pm Store location #02-253 jewel changi airport Contact number (65) 62430425 After trying i think i prefer their salted caramel mille crepe.

A taste of kyushu

One night i was hungry and being tired of eating burgers i had instant noodles for my supper. First time try the kyushu white flavour. Nissin brand. Kyushu is an island in japan. The soup is white in colour and quite creamy, not bad for those who like flavourful food. I also saw that they have japanese cheese curry flavour, wonder how it tastes like.

Photo exhibition

Went to my neighbourhood library and saw that there is a photo exhibition. The participants are secondary school students from geylang methodist school. They are so talented at such a young age. Just sharing.

Ichiban sushi

I put on my tattoo and went to meet my friend jovy. Tattoo We went to ichiban sushi to have our dinner. We ordered one set of tempura chasoba @ S$13.90 and one set of chicken cutlet don with chawanmushi, salmon sashimi, fruits and seafood in house special sauce @S$21.90 to share. Jovy had the cold noodles as i do not know how to appreciate cold noodles. Cold noodles While i am happy with my chawanmushi and salmon sashimi, hee hee hee. Side view Side view Top view Top view Bill total was S$42.10. After our meal we proceeded to jewel changi airport to window shop. There i spotted Lady M which serves mile crepes and we shared one mille crepe there which has been shared in the previous post. We chatted at Lady M from 830pm to 930pm before we headed home. A satisfying meal and outing with my friend jovy.

Lady M mille crepes

My friend jovy chose and recommended the salted caramel mille crepe, sweet and tasty i like. They have the signature mille crepe, green tea mille crepe, rose mille crepe and marron mille crepe too, all at the price of S$9.50 per slice. "A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult." (Proverbs 12:16)


Mac white chocolate strawberry pie @ S$1.50. I was imagining white chocolate will ooze out from the pie but no, it didn't, it was kind of dry though. Signature white bee hoon @ S$5.00 from my neighbourhood zi char stall. I asked for more gravy, very tasty, satisfying and flavourful.