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Souper tang @ KSL

My mom likes the food @ souper tang so i brought her to eat at the branch @ KSL on my off day. This round we ordered the pan fried eggplants in XO sauce (RM22.90), home braised pork belly in rich dark special sauce (RM32.90), ning shen remedying soup (RM19.90) and sour plum tea (RM15.80). My mom gave thumbs up to the eggplants as they are very flavourful and tasty to her. The meal was so satisfying that i even ate two bowls of rice. Bill total was RM112.50 after service charge and service tax. Menu Menu Home braised pork belly Menu Menu Next round my mom says she wants to try the prawns with french beans or the prawns fried with eggs. After that we went to the KSL pasar malam which is held every monday for a walk. My mom bought some kuih talam @ RM3 per packet to bring home to eat. We set off at around 4pm for this day trip to JB and reached home around 10pm.

Deepavali festival village 2019

Painting Painting Decorative items Every year, the festival village will be selling about the same things, namely cookies, carpets, bangles, clothings, decorative items, paintings, bags, vegetables and statues etc. I reached there around 8 plus after my telemarketing job and look see look see until around 9 plus.

Third visit

My third visit to elemen vegetarian restaurant @ PLQ mall. This time i ordered the mushroom risotto with black truffle @ S$16.80. Nothing to shout about as a matter of fact. I also ordered double boiled lemongrass with peach gum @ S$6.80 for dessert. The dessert was good. As i don't feel full after my vegetarian meal (portion is very small) so i went to order a Why Nut donut from J.Co to satisfy my craving. Costs S$1.90. Yums. This is their slogan "nothing is sweeter than the togetherness we share."

Little India Deepavali light up 2019

Deepavali in Singapore 2019 falls on sunday, 27 october with monday 28 october being a public holiday. In celebration of the festival of lights, the Little India light up 2019 brings the glow of beautiful decorations to serangoon road and race course road. The deepavali Little India light up 2019 takes place from 7 september till 10 november 2019. Lights come on from 7pm till midnight each evening. Visitors will be greeted by two beautifully lit peacocks, a bird associated with grace and beauty. However the festival village will only start from 23 september until 26 october 2019. I will be back on another day. Now, let the pictures do the talking.

Temporary tattoo

Saw a pushcart @ PLQ mall selling temporary tattoo so thought of buying to try for fun since it is painless and will not leave a scar if you remove it compared to permanent tattoo. There are many designs to choose, some are rugged designs, some tribal designs, some floral and some with wordings. You will choose depending on which one you like and the one that suits your character. It also depends on where you want to place your tattoo, you need a smaller design if you want to place it on your fingers for example. These are the steps for applying: Step 1 remove the transparent sheet. Place the temporary tattoo face down on desired clean and dry skin. Step 2 wet a cloth or sponge. Step 3 Press the temporary tattoo until it is all wet with the damp cloth or sponge for 15 seconds. Step 4 peel off the backing paper of the tattoo from your skin. Step 5 rinse the tattoo for greater result. This is the design i choose.

5 Course vegetarian meal

This is my second visit to Elemen Vegetarian Restuarant. I tried their 5 course vegetarian meal for single person @ S$26.80. Even though it is 5 course but the portions are quite small so it is still okay for me. The first course is appetizer. Second course is starter. For starters, you can choose either salad or soup. As i am not really a salad person, i ordered the wild mushroom cream soup with truffle oil. Third course is the main. For mains, i chose wild mushroom and white truffle pizza as i had tried their pasta before. But after eating, i find that i still prefer their pasta. For desserts, i chose their chilled pumpkin puree with coconut ice cream. The dessert was very good and enjoyable. I like the coconut ice cream. Last course is the beverage. For beverages i chose lavender tea as they state in their menu that it is for relaxation and stress relief. Ya, recently i am kind of stressed. Bill total was S$31.50 after service charge and gst. Elemen Paya lebar

Where to go next?

The only city i been to in china is beijing, in 2004. Actually between beijing and shanghai, i prefer shanghai. This is because I find Shanghai more modern and Beijing has a lot of historical tourist attractions yet I am not really a history person. But at that time my tour companion prefers beijing so i compromised. Another friend of mine jovy also prefers shanghai and she says we can plan a tour there. I am quite okay with it (but we have not set a date yet) since asia countries i had covered taiwan (taipei), thailand (bangkok and krabi), korea (seoul), vietnam (hanoi) and hongkong. I did some research on the city of shanghai and these are some photos i found. Between beijing and shanghai, which city do you prefer?

Elemen vegetarian restaurant @ PLQ Mall (9 Sep, Monday)

On my meatless monday, i went to elemen vegetarian restaurant @ PLQ mall for my meal. As this is my first time here, i asked the waiter what they recommend. At first he recommended the five course meal for single person, as i do not want to have five course meal, i asked him to recommend the single dishes. He said the black truffle porcini pasta is the most popular single dish so i ordered that @ S$18.80. I also ordered their berry bliss tea @ S$4.80. The pasta sauce and gravy are very flavourful and tasty which i like but the portion is a little bit small, maybe because it is fine dining. The mushrooms were tender and juicy, yums! The waiter also said their Pizza are nice, I will be back! Signboard Menu Menu Menu I got a window seat Black Truffle Porcini Pasta @ S$18.80

Maccha House @ PLQ Mall (8 Sep, Sunday)

Went to the newly opened PLQ Mall for a walk and saw that there is a Japanese restaurant by the name of Maccha House which is something like Nana Green Tea. I had a look at their menu and saw that they serve Parfait and Matcha Latte too, so I went in to have a meal since Matcha Latte is my favourite. Exterior (Signboard) Maccha House @ PLQ Mall Interior with sofa seats I ordered their Deluxe Ten Don @ S$12.99 and Matcha Latte @ S$4.40. Bill total is S$20.50 with service charge and GST. Their Matcha Latte is very creamy and tasty, I like! As for their Ten Don, nothing to shout about as it is the usual fare with Tempura Prawns, Brinjal, Pumpkin and Mushroom. What is unusual is they have half a fried hard boiled egg in their Ten Don. Their interior is very cosy by using a lot of green colour in their decor. There are sofa seats and the normal seating.  Maybe next time I will be back just for their Parfait and Matcha Latte since their Main Courses do not look really attra

Vintage items @ T3 kopitiam

Vintage items on display @ changi airport T3 kopitiam, do they bring back any memory for you? Ice shaver Pic from Internet Tingkat Pic from Internet Gramophone Pic from Internet T3 Kopitiam