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Vegetarian Chap Fan (Economy Rice) @ Geylang

Since my favourite vegetarian haunt (Ci Hang) is closed on every Friday so I went to patronise another vegetarian stall (vegetarian economy rice) in its vicinity as this month's Chor Yat falls on a Friday. These are the dishes I chose, broccoli and cauliflower, potato and vegetarian ngo hiang. The broccoli and cauliflower are soft and tasty and the potato flavourful. The vegetarian ngo hiang is made of yam and the taste is acceptable to me. Costs S$5.00 with one soup. The soup they have are lotus root soup or 老黄瓜soup. I chose the latter.

Mid autumn decorations @ bugis

Let the pictures do the talking. I saw that some of the decorations which they can use for christmas, they also use for mid autumn. The chinese wordings say happy mid autumn festival Decoration These decorations can be used on christmas tree too Decoration Lanterns Lanterns Lanterns I saw these on christmas tree before Decoration Lanterns

Mid autumn decoration @ chinatown

Had wanted to try the sushi at the newly opened sushi chain, sushiro, but it has stopped accepting customers when i reached there so in the end i ended up at sushi tei. Find that sushi tei is over-rated and expensive, salmon mentai sushi costs S$6.30 (and not nice), lobster salad sushi costs S$5.50 and one chawanmushi costs S$4.30. Bill total a whopping S$44.60 for one person. I think this will be my second and last visit to sushi tei. Since the food are disappointing so no photos. After that took mrt to chinatown to take photos of the mid autumn decoration (Chang-e). Chang-e has a face lift recently. For the full coverage, click on this link for the full article. Pardon that the photos look kind of small, cos there is something wrong with my handphone camera settings, will find out what the problem is and adjust accordingly. Soon it will be mid autumn festival and our posts will be about mooncakes and mid autumn decorations, hee hee. New sushi chain @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

Luncheon meat

Tried the luncheon meat egg sandwich @ toast box as planned. It did not taste as good as what i expected as i could not detect the taste of the luncheon meat because they are submerged between the breads. The set costs S$6.90 with a drink.


My lunch, teriyaki salmon don @S$6.00. The salmon is very fresh, i like. But i did not eat the cabbages as i do not like raw cabbages. They have Yakiniku Curry Don @ S$5.00 or if you do not like Japanese curry, they have Yakiniku Don @ S$5.00. Do click on the photos for larger image. Bentoya Address: geylang east centre market and food centre, #01-72 Teriyaki salmon don Shop front

Starting to learn

My nephew starting to learn how to write, as he is left handed, it might be slightly harder to learn how to write properly, but i am sure he can overcome it. Add oil, nephew, you can do it!

Toast box

Between Toast Box and Yakun, i prefer Toast Box. Toast box's ice lemon tea is very tasty whereas yakun's one is too sourish. Saw that toast box has luncheon meat with egg sandwich, going to try it one of these days this week as i like luncheon meat. Will review about it after i try. They also have rolls like the ones in the poster below. Kaya coco roll sounds good to me. The set comes with the rolls and a medium sized coffee or tea @S$4.30 per set.

Green curry

After reading about thai food in mun's blog, i was tempted to go eat my favourite green curry. Green curry chicken with rice, costs S$10.00. I had it at one thai food stall. The green curry comes with brinjals, green beans, an egg and chicken meat. The green curry is very creamy and tasty. The rice comes with acar too.


A fast beat song to welcome the weekend! Have a good weekend everyone! Funkytown by Lipps Inc. What is your plan for this weekend? Can share? I would like to hear from you. I maybe going for Thai food after seeing Thai food post in Mun's blog, lol.

Two days in a row

Had my dinner @ long john silver two days in a row. That day wanted to try the salted egg chicken set but it was sold out. Today finally got to try, the set comes with acar too. The salted egg sauce is flavourful and tasty, but it seems like i prefer the chili crab sauce fish i had yesterday, maybe because i ate too much salted egg dishes up till today. Promo poster Salted egg chicken set

Long john silver

Saw this promo poster outside long john silver so thought of trying. They call it the asian flavour bowl @ S$5.50 per set with rice and a drink. They have salted egg chicken, spicy teriyaki chicken and chili crab sauce fish. Wanted to try the salted egg chicken set but it was out of stock, seems like salted egg anything is everyone's favourite. So i tried the chili crab sauce fish fillet rice set, i changed the drink to orange juice with an additional of 40 cents so total would be S$5.90. The chili crab sauce is slightly spicy and slightly salty but very tasty, i enjoyed it. The fish fillets were very tender. Overall it was a satisfying meal. Promo poster Chili crab sauce fish fillet rice

Mee Chiang Kueh

Bought Mee Chiang Kueh at Changi Airport T3 to bring home to eat on a meatless Monday. There are Peanut Mee Chiang Kueh, Red Bean Mee Chiang Kueh, Peanut & Sweet Corn Mee Chiang Kueh and Brown Coconut Mee Chiang Kueh. I bought Peanut flavour. Do you like to eat mee chiang kueh? Which flavour do you like? Peanut & Sweet Corn and Brown Coconut Mee Chiang Kueh Red Bean and Peanut Mee Chiang Kueh

Meatless monday

My healthy vegetarian set meal on a meatless monday with spicy potato strips, black & white ear fungus with beancurd sheets and organic green vegetables. Costs S$5.50. Cannot detect the taste of the potato as the strips are too thin. But i like the ear fungus with beancurd sheets. Very flavourful and tasty.

National day decorations

Went to meet fren jovy @ T3. We had our dinner at T3 food court. After that went to toast box @ jewel to have drinks and chit chat. I ordered ice lemon tea while jovy had hot tea. We left at around 10pm. 9 august is our nation's birthday. Happen that there are some national day decorations @ T3 departure hall so took some photos to share. Happy birthday singapore!

Let's Boogie

Feel like dancing whenever I heard this song, have you heard of this song before? The Hustle by Van Mccoy. Have a good week ahead everyone! Cheers!

Muffin and Banana Cake

When I do not know what to eat on my meatless days, I buy muffins and cakes to eat. My banana cake (no meat) on a meatless Monday, costs S$3.00. Yums! "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm."" (Proverbs 13:20, Bible Promises for You, NIV) Muffin (I like Banana and Blueberry Muffins) Banana Cake


My mom's birthday falls in August, her birthday is coming, I bought her a smartphone as a birthday gift, it's the Huawei Y6 Pro (2019), she said she just needs a phone which can take photos and videos to pass time, so I got her this. There are two colours available, Amber Brown or Midnight Black, I chose Amber Brown. For full phone specs, please visit this website . I hope she will be happy using this phone.

Just Sharing

I was from the Chinese Orchestra during my college days, I played the Er-hu, so I do listen to some Chinese Classical Music. Just sharing some of these New Age Chinese Music, my goosebumps all coming out listening to them, LOL!!! Have a good weekend, everyone! Cheers!