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Something to ponder - Luggage

Do you prefer the hard shell luggage like this one? Or the soft type like this one? I prefer the soft type as I feel they are lighter while my friend Jose prefers the hard shell type. How about you?

Why People collect Currency?

A new $20 currency note was launched on Wednesday (5 June) by President Halimah Yacob to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial. The note, issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), depicts Singapore’s journey to nationhood and pays tribute to our forebears who laid the foundations for modern Singapore. Two million pieces of the commemorative note will be available for public exchange at face value at branches of nine major retail banks in Singapore from 10 June onwards. The banks are: DBS Bank/POSB, OCBC, UOB, Bank of China, Citibank Singapore, ICBC, Maybank, Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC. Each note comes with a specially-designed folder. To allow everyone to have an opportunity to exchange for the commemorative note, each individual is allowed to exchange up to 20 pieces of the note per transaction. The $20 commemorative note was designed by local artists Eng Siak Loy and Weng Ziyan. The front of the note features a portrait of Yusof Ishak, S

My dinner

My dinner @ S$5.60. Rib King Rice with runny egg and sambal chili. Yums!

Went to Genting

So.....anyone of you guess correctly where i would be. I went to Genting with my friend jovy, we went eating, shopping and singing ktv. We also went to the casino to look see look see. I even told my friend i want to bring a book into the casino to read, my friend laughed at me, as she said later people scold me as book in chinese sounds like lose.

Looks Good

Saw these "Takeaway Bento Sets" Promo Poster at Bedok Mall by Canton Paradise and was thinking one of these days I can try. But it is only for takeaway, no dine in. Available Mondays to Fridays, until 6pm only. These are the sets available: (1) Set A - S$10.80 Crisp Fried Sweet And Sour Pork Rice (2) Set B - S$10.80 Sweet and Sour Pork Chop Rice (3) Set C - S$12.80 Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish Fillet Rice (4) Set D - S$12.80 Stewed Beef Brisket with Carrot Rice (5) Set E - S$12.80 Stir Fried Slice Fish Fillet wtih Ginger and Spring Onion Rice (6) Set F - S$12.80 BBQ Meat Rice (2 Varieties), BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce and Steamed Kampong Chicken in Canton Style Click on the pic for larger image Click on the pic for larger image I am thinking of trying Set A and Set F if I happen to be around this area on Mondays to Fridays, before 6pm. Which set would you choose?

First time try

First time try mini ktv kiosk @ changi airport terminal 3, it can be so addictive. Good for those who want to learn singing, those who do not like to sing in front of a crowd and those who cannot find singing kaki. They accept ezlink card for payment too. I tried for 15 mins @S$6.99 and i managed to sing three chinese songs. So addictive i feel like buying another half an hour. They also have half hour and one hour packages. I will be back.

Guess where

Guess where i am heading to this june. The lucky winner who guess correctly the answer will receive a gift from me. Clue - it is one place in malaysia which i have been to before. Cheers! Have a good weekend everyone.


After reading about some blogger friends' allergy to brinjal, it reminds me of mine. I am allergic to abalone. I will have asthma, breathing problems and facial redness if i eat abalone. I discovered about this allergy many years ago before my trip to turkey. Recently i have developed a new allergy known as diabetic neuropathy. Have you heard of it before? Do share with me if you have heard of it before. I will get painful skin irritations and sensations as if bite by an insect or bug but actually i am not bitten by one. It is quite irritating actually. So I am cutting down on sweet drinks to cure myself of this allergy. I am also allergic to fabrics.

Three Things

While some maybe diligent in sports, diligent in cooking and baking, I am "diligent" in these three things. Every chor yat and 15th of the Chinese Lunar Month, I will do these three things: (1) Eat vegetarian (2) Chant, after chanting I will transfer the merits to all sentient beings and to my Dad, hoping that my Dad will have a better afterlife. Recently I have been trying to chant on a daily basis. (3) Make money donation online or offline (physically). The donation amount is not very big, I just try my best. I have been "diligently" doing these three things for five years, I hope to continue doing so. Have a happy mid-week everyone, cheers!

It's disco time again

Long time did not share a song, the last round I shared a song was in Jan this year. Love in the first degreee, by Bananarama, 80s retro songs. I love this song, it cheers me up, have you heard of this song before?

Random post

My bedroom at romantic. These flowers are not from my garden, i do not have green fingers, they are from a floral shop near my house.


They have discontinued my favourite grilled chicken leg @ saizeriya, so i ordered chicken stew @S$5.90 instead. Chicken stew is chicken meat with carrot, white radish and celery in gravy. Usually i do not eat celery when it is quite raw, but this time the celery is well cooked and soft with gravy so it is acceptable to me. And i could not find white radish in the dish as stated but i spotted potato wedges. I ordered steam rice @S$1.00 to go with it. I also ordered pumpkin soup @ S$3.20. For dessert i ordered tiramisu @ S$4.90, yums! Bill total is S$15.00 inclusive of 7% gst. Drinking water is foc and refillable.

Many wonderful things in life are free

This is a book I bought and just sharing some of the pointers and extracts from the book. (1) Go and watch fireworks with your love ones (2) Learn to collect something, be it postcards from overseas, fridge magnets from overseas, stamps which tell a story, bus tickets, movie tickets, they all bring back fond memories that you had. Our lives are no longer pale because of these fond memories (3) Party all night and attend a Countdown to feel the beat of the city (4) Seeing your name published in a magazine or in a newspaper gives you feel good quotient after you have contributed an article (5) Go all out to enjoy a buffet meal (6) When you dressed up and run into someone who matters to you on the streets, it gives you feel good quotient (7) When the phone rings and it is someone you are thinking of (8) Frame up a favourite photo of yours (9) Try selling your preloved stuff at a flea market stall and learn to be a boss for one day (10) Cook for your love ones (11) At


Verdict for the food items I bought at Singapore Food Expo. (1) Chili Crab Pau (Bao) @ S$5.50 for 8 pcs Somehow it tastes like Char Siew Pau but even more delicious as it is spicy, I would recommend you try it if you happen to see it and if you like savoury and flavourful pau. Pic I took (2) Beancurd Rolls @ S$5.00 per pack Beancurd rolls never fail me, I steam them and eat with chili, not bad too. Pic from Internet

Miam Miam (8 June, 2019)

Always passby Miam Miam at Bugis Junction but did not try. See that it is always crowded so I guess food must be good. Miam Miam is a French Japanese restuarant. Today finally went to try. I am eyeing their Pork Donburi, firstly because I love Japanese rice and secondly I love oink oink (meaning pork). Shogayaki Pork Donburi is fragrant japanese rice sauteed with special sauce, topped with pork fillet marinated with ginger and shoyu, seared and topped with wafu tofu, baby radish and crisp cucumber. Priced at S$16.20. Actually I like and enjoy the pieces of tofu that come with the rice. Very tasty. I wanted to try their desserts too, but I did not order first, but finished my rice first to see if my stomach still have space for the dessert. After finishing the rice, I went on to order their dessert. Pic from their website Pic I took Menu description of Shogayaki Pork Donburi For desserts, I am interested in their caramelised banana pancake so I ordered that. Priced a

First time try

First time try indian vegetarian food near capitol after going to the book fair. The sauces are all very flavourful and tasty, i finished eating all the sauces. Surprisingly the meal is quite filling even though it is vegetarian and just thosai, maybe because they have potato inside the thosai. Price is also very reasonable for a restaurant setting. I ordered meal number two.

Singapore Book Fair 2019

The Singapore Book Fair will be held from May 31st (Friday) to June 9th (Sunday) with the theme “Encounters@Reading City”, designed to allow busy city people to meet in the capital, Singapore, through literature. I was at the book fair from 7pm to 9pm, a whole two hours. Before i went to the book fair, i had watercress pork ribs soup (S$3.50) with yam rice (S$0.80). The watercress was very green and fresh, i like.

Ramadan Bazaar 2019 @ Geylang Serai

Finally went to Ramadan Bazaar 2019 @ Geylang Serai on a monday. Why I say finally, as I have been thinking whether to visit the Bazaar as weather has been very hot and warm recently and the Bazaar is outdoor with no air con. Finally today it rained heavily in the early afternoon so it became rather cooling after that, which is a good chance for me to visit the Bazaar. It was people mountain people sea meaning very crowded. There are lesser stalls this year to make more space for people to move around. As usual there are traditional food and hipster food at this Bazaar. These are the photos i took. Just sharing. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Holiday to all Muslim friends. Satay boat Milk tea and vietnam coffee Briyani Colourful children clothings Colourful accessories Colourful carpets Colourful ornaments Cookies Colourful signboard Henna @ S$5 only Women clothings Colourful carpets Colourful decor Long