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Am going to buy one more woven rattan round bags, this time from online seller. These are the two designs which I finalize and I will choose one from them. Which one is nicer? Top one with star design or the bottom one (red colour) with circle design. I need your advice. Thanks in advance.

They say

They say Jewel Changi Airport is nicer at night, so here I am again, at night. Just sharing some of the photos I took. There is a long queue at Shake Shack.  


Blooms in my neighbourhood, not sure what these lovely yellow flowers are called. I am happy that I can see such lovely scenery, right near my house, in my neighbourhood. It is priceless.

My yummy yong tau foo

My yummy yong tau foo, the ingredients are ladies finger, hotdog, brinjal, meat ball, fish maw, pork belly, prawn dumpling and egg. Costs S$5.40. Usually what ingredients would you choose for your ytf? And they have either noodles or rice to go with it. Would you order rice or noodles?

Jewel Changi Airport

Went to Jewel Changi Airport for a walk Discover a wondrous world @ Jewel Changi Airport where nature meets retail. Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel) is a mixed-use development at Changi Airport in Singapore , scheduled to open in April 2019. It will include gardens and attractions, a hotel, aviation facilities and 300 retail and dining facilities. The complex covers a total gross floor area of 135,700 m 2 , spanning 10 storeys – five storeys above-ground and five basement storeys. Attractions will include the Rain Vortex, the world’s largest indoor waterfall; the Forest Valley, an indoor garden spanning five storeys; and Canopy Park at the topmost level, featuring gardens and leisure facilities. This is their website:

All I want is a promise

In the midst of reading this romance fiction by Amy Cheung, I would think it should take around three weeks for me to finish reading this. Amy Cheung is a popular novelist from Hong Kong who writes fiction about romance. Her book always shares what is love and romance through a woman's perspective. The words just flow through me smoothy whenever I read Amy Cheung's books. I love reading her books.

Ichiban sushi @ changi city point

Had wanted to go jewel changi airport to explore but was informed that it will only be officially opened on 17 april, today entry is only for ticket holders. In the end we ended up at ichiban sushi @ changi city point for our dinner. Our queue number was 52, very soon it is our turn. We ordered salmon sashimi, lobster sushi, cheese sushi, chawanmushi, salmon belly sushi and fried tofu in teriyaki sauce. Bill total is S$61.32. Me and friend jovy had a good chat during our dinner about her religion, christianity and my religion, buddhism. Signboard and entrance Salmon sashimi Chawanmushi Fried tofu with teriyaki sauce Salmon Maru Salmon belly mentai yaki Lobster salad & kani roll

Update of my nephew

My nephew is turning four years old this June. These are two videos of him learning how to pronounce the English words. Look at the way he pronounce balloons LOL. Look at his cheeky face!

About the History of Vietnam

After I went to Vietnam for tour, I went to borrow this book from the library to learn more about the history of the country. These are some extracts from the book: Though Vietnam is in Asia, some of its culture is French. France ruled Vietnam from 1865 to 1945. During this time, Vietnam was called French Indochina. It underwent many changes that brought in French culture. The French set up their government in Hanoi. They built offices, government buildings, and an opera house. Many of the buildings look as though they came from Paris, France. They are made of brick and have iron gates and grand staircases. Vietnamese writing also changed under the French. For centuries, it had used Chinese characters. The French made Quoc-ngu the official writing system in 1910. Instead of characters, Quoc-ngu uses Roman letters, just like French and English. Today this is the official writing sytem in Vietnam. The French and other missionaries from Europe brought Christianity to Vietnam. Th


After seeing PH posted about cat here , thought of posting about cats too since I have some cats pics in my phone. There is this new cat in my neighbourhood. This cat very farnee one, it likes to sleep right in the middle of the open area, with many funny poses. See! It is sleeping like a dead cat, with its legs wide open, shame shame. Another cat in my neighbourhood, I call it the fat cat.

Korean bbq buffet dinner @ Daessiksin

Went to have korean bbq buffet dinner with my friend jovy @bedok point (note this time is jovy not jose lol). Total price is S$60.90 for two pax. I love pork so i consumed a lot of pork during this dinner. I had two rounds of rice as i love to eat rice with my meat. My friend Jovy is a Christian so she takes beef as well. We reached there around 530pm and ended our dinner at 7.00pm, just nice, 90 mins of meal time. Ok, let the pictures do the talking. Entrance and signboard Price list Prawns

True veggie

As friday april 5 is chot yat so i have vegetarian food. My usual haunt for vegetarian food, ci hang, is closed every friday so tried another place, true veggie. They serves wanton noodles, yong tau foo, fried rice, mutton curry rice etc. Menu Menu Menu Today i tried their healthy vegetables tofu bee hoon @ S$3.80. The ingredients include tofu puffs, green vegetables, mushrooms, cabbages, white tofu and vegetarian fish cake. The broth is flavourful and tasty, i enjoyed it. I saw that they have steamed fish in their menu, wonder how does vegetarian steam fish look like? Next round i want to try their fried rice or mutton curry rice. True Veggie Address: 47 Lorong 27 Geylang

More worth it

A set of Sausage Mcmuffin Meal with a drink and a Hash Brown costs S$4.90 if I upgrade the default drink to a Hot Milo. A set of Big Breakfast Meal with a drink and a Hash Brown costs S$7.50 if I upgrade the drink to a Hot Milo. The Big Breakfast Meal includes a Sausage Mcmuffin, an egg omelette, a drink and a Hash Brown. This means that an additional egg omelette costs an additional S$2.60 (S$7.50 minus S$4.90), so I think I might as well omit the egg omelette and order the Sausage Mcmuffin Meal, as I feel paying S$2.60 for an egg omelette is not worth it.

Another brand

This is another brand of yoghurt which i like, meiji brand. This brand is even more hoi wai and appetizing with its sweet and sour taste. Costs S$1.00.

Taro Mochi

Saw NTUC supermarket selling these mochi @ S$2.70 so bought one box to try. There are green tea, red bean, sesame and taro flavours. I chose taro. There are 6 mochi inside a box, I ate 4 at one go. As I have a sweet tooth so I enjoyed it. Yums! Do you like to eat mochi?

What would you do?

Normally when we go overseas, my buddy would spend every drop, every dollar and cent of her foreign currency before we return to our own country. But for me, i believe in keeping some balance of the foreign currency and not spend all, just in case if anything happens, i still have some money. How about you? Would you spend all the foreign currency even though you still have some local currency (S$) or you would keep some balance like me?