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Dinner with mom

We ordered ngo hiang (S$8), sambal tapoica leaves (S$8) and salted egg prawns (S$18). I had two bowls of rice. After that we went to the shopping mall opposite our dining place. We went to my old office place where i used to work in 1992. Gosh 27 years ago! Just to reminisce.

Another Korean Drama - My Lovely Girl

In the midst of chasing this Korean Drama, My Lovely Girl. Even though the plot is always the same (rich handsome man falling in love with a poor girl), however I find their art direction successful in bringing out the chemistry between the actor and the actress. My Lovely Girl ( Hangul :  내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀 ; RR :  Naegen Neomu Sarangseureoun Geunyeo ) is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Jung Ji-hoon (Rain) , Krystal Jung , Kim Myung-soo , and Cha Ye-ryun . Having the K-pop industry as the backdrop, the drama tells the story of two pained individuals who find healing through music. It aired on SBS from September 17 to November 6, 2014 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes. [2] [3]     Synopsis Lee Hyun-wook ( Rain ) is the CEO of a talent agency that scouts and trains idols. Hyun-wook lives in great difficulty as he is unable to let go of his ex-girlfriend who died in an accident 3 years ago, which he witnessed first hand. His ex-girlfriend's


Just learned that Mac has discontinued their Veggie Crunch Burger (Vegetarian Burger), so now there is one lesser vegetarian option for me. As today is the Birthday of Guan Yin so I had vegetarian food again. My healthy vegetarian set meal at S$5.50. The dishes are pumpkin, strips of mushroom, tofu and carrot and organic green vegetables.

Taiwan Postcard from TM

Twilight Man went to Taiwan in February and I received a postcard from him. The scenery on the postcard is so nice and captivating, makes me feel like going Taiwan again. I only been to Taipei once and that was in 2013. Once again, thanks to TM for the lovely postcard, appreciate your effort and not forgetting your blogger friends while you travel.

Another healthy vegetarian set meal

As thursday was chor 15, so i had vegetarian food again. This time the dishes are vegetarian steak, braised yam with carrot and organic green vegetables. As usual it costs S$5.50. I enjoyed the braised yam with carrot very much and i quite like the vegetarian steak even though it was just made of flour. Left side is the vegetarian "steak", top is the organic green vegetables and right side the braised yam with carrot Interior of the vegetarian restaurant

My healthy vegetarian set meal

The dishes for my healthy vegetarian set meal this time are braised potato, long beans and organic green vegetables, yums! Costs S$5.50.

8 march - 11 march vietnam trip - loots post

I have come to the end of my vietnam trip travel post, the last post will be about the loots i bought in hanoi. Let the pictures do the talking. Vietnam coffee for my friend Fridge magnets Bag for myself Bag for myself T shirt for my bro in law T shirt for my bro in law 3d cards for my friends Clothings for my nephew T shirt for my nephew Scarf for my mom Scarf for my mom Table cloth for my sis's dining table Wallets for myself and my friends Painting for my house Painting for my sis's new house Cap for myself Bag for myself Bag for my mom T shirt for my nephew T shirt for my sis Clothings for my nephew Clothings for my nephew Postcards for myself and friends Green bean cake for my neighbour, friend and my uncle Necklace for myself Medicated ointment for my mom Pen holders for my friends Container for my friend Bowl for myself

8 March - 11 March Vietnam Trip - Hotel, traffic and weather post

I like the location of our hotel as it is very near to attractions such as the hoan kiem lake and hang duong night market. Our hotel room Our hotel (Level 12) Even though hanoi's traffic is horrible but i find that theirs is an organized mess. As long as you walk steadily, they will give way and you will be safe. Nonetheless i still miss SG's orderly traffic. Hanoi's traffic Hanoi's traffic Hanoi's traffic Hanoi's Traffic Hanoi's weather was very cooling when we reached there which i like as SG's weather is too warm. I didn't know that hanoi has got four seasons until i reached there, so jakun. Cooling weather

8 march - 11 march Vietnam Trip - Introducing Hoan Kiem lake and Hang Duong Night Market

The hotel we stayed is very near Hoan Kiem Lake. Legend claims in the mid-15th century Heaven sent Emperor Ly Thai To a magical sword, which he used to drive the Chinese from Vietnam. After the war a giant golden turtle grabbed the sword and disappeared into the depths of this lake to restore the sword to its divine owners, inspiring the name Ho Hoan Kiem (Lake of the Restored Sword). The area is best Fridays to Sundays when nearby traffic is banned 7pm to midnight and a public-square, funfair vibe takes over. On the third day of our trip, we went to Hang Duong Night Market for shopping. We bought many things here, will share about the loots in a later post. There are so many things to see and buy here at Hang Duong Night Market.