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Just sharing

Just sharing some sky shots i took near my house.

Postcard from Twilight Man

Another postcard from Anay TM. I had received many postcards from TM when he goes traveling, I would say this London Postcard is one of the nicest, as it has a pleasing blue background colour and the London Bridge looks so nice and grand. Thanks TM for the postcard once again and good to hear that you had a fun time in London.

Super Moon and Vegetarian Food on Chap Goh Meh

My friend used her Nikon Coolpix P600 camera to take these photos of the Super Moon on 19 Feb, Chap Goh Meh. Just sharing. Look at the moon, it is so big, bright and round. I love moon watching and sky watching. The Chinese Calendar predicted that it would rain today on Chap Goh Meh but in the end it did not rain even though I saw some dark clouds in the sky. As today is Chap Goh Meh, so I had vegetarian food. The dishes are hairy cucumber with vermicelli, braised Tofu and organic green vegetables. I enjoyed eating the hairy cucumber with vermicelli and the braised tofu very much as they are very tasty. This healthy vegetarian set meal costs S$5.50. They have vegetarian sharks' fins today too @ S$4.00 but I did not order. The vegetarian Sharks' Fins are only available during CNY period.

Something to ponder - Correction fluid vs correction tape

Correction tape is an alternative to correction fluid used to correct mistakes during typing, or, in some forms, handwriting. One side of the tape, which is placed against the area to cover, is coated in a white, opaque masking material. Pressure applied to the other side of the tape transfers this material to the paper. Unlike correction fluid, the covered area can be written on it immediately after applying. As it is solid, correction tape is not subject to misuse as an inhalant , unlike most correction fluids. I prefer correction fluid as coverage is more, even though I have to wait for it to dry before I can write on it. Correction tape is more suitable for in line text and we can write on it immediately. So which do you prefer, correction fluid or correction tape?

Chicken with fried rice

Chicken with fried rice again but this time i had it @ streats after my teaching and they call it macau chicken chop fried rice. The chicken chop was succulent with its tasty mushroom sauce. The fried rice is a bit sourish but acceptable to me. I think it was kimchi fried rice but they did not indicate in the menu. For drinks i just ordered warm water. Price is S$13.30 after service charge and gst. I like streats's decor, ambience, food presentation and food taste, thumbs up for their efforts. I will be back.

My grilled chicken fried rice

My grilled chicken fried rice. Oh mine, look at the runny egg. The grilled chicken was tender and juicy, done just the right way. This costs S$5.90. It was a satisfying meal for me, i enjoyed it very much.

Something to ponder - do you prefer digital watch or analog wrist watch?

There are two basic kinds of watches. Analog watches display the time through a dial with an hour hand, minute hand, and sometimes a second hand, on a dial usually divided into 12 hours, often marked by numbers or roman numerals. A digital watch on the other hand displays the time by hour and minutes or even seconds on an LCD or LED screen in terns of numbers or digits. Quartz digital watches represent the time through a display of numbers representing hours, minutes or seconds. Unlike mechanical analogue watches, digital watches have no moving parts. Many are waterproof and can stand a considerable amount of vigorous activity. They can also have many features such as stop watches, calendar and GPS functions, pedometers, heart rate monitors and so on. In fact they have developed into what is now called the smart watch.  The above information is derived from the Internet here . Do you prefer digital watch or analog wrist watch? For me, as I am more c

Our Bai Tian Gong on CNY Day 9 初九拜天宫

Our Bai Tian Gong over the years. Feel so peaceful after praying. 2014 2014 2016 2017 2018 2019 2019 2019 2019 2019 2015 2019

Buffet Town International Buffet

On CNY Chor 6 (Sunday), me and Jose went to Buffet Town to have buffet. CNY pricing was S$129.00 for two pax. Oysters, chili crabs, sushi, prawns, lobsters and salmon were overflowing. I restrained myself from eating raw salmon. We had a relaxing 3 hours session from 6.30pm to 9.30pm eating and chatting. Buffet Town also has an indoor playground for kids. I had Teppanyaki, sushi, roasted chicken and chili crabs with Mantou and I also tried their Curry Chicken rice and Hainanese Chicken rice, I was so full after that and it can last me until the very next day. I also helped myself with the free flow of drinks (I had Coke and Lime Juice). As I liberate clams, Grouper Fish and lobsters so I also don't eat them, so many types of food I cannot eat! Oh yes, Jose blessed me with a tin of Pineapple Tarts for CNY, so nice of her! Buffet Town is located at: Raffles City, #B1-44E, 252 North Bridge Road Tel: (+65) 6837 3793  


This year CNY, my sis, my brother in law and my nephew came one day before the CNY Eve to have reunion dinner with us. We had curry chicken (my mom's specialty), Ngo Hiong (my mom's specialty again), canned abalone, black fungus with vegetables, quail eggs with pork and lotus roots soup for this year's reunion dinner. After dinner, we chit chat and played cards (Ban Luck) to pass time. On CNY eve, me and my mom just reheated the leftovers of the Curry Chicken and vegetables. We had a mini Yee Sang too. On CNY Chor 1, my sis's family came to our house to Bai Nian and I gave ang bao to my nephew. In the evening, we went to River Ang Bao 2019. My sis was not too keen in visiting River Ang Bao as she said every year the decorations are almost the same. CNY Chor 2 was quiet and we did not go anywhere, just do some window shopping. On CNY Chor 3, we went to relatives' house to bai nian. We also went to Guan Yin Temple to pray for a good year for ourselves and

River ang bao 2019

We went to River Ang Bao on CNY day one. This year's decorations not as nice as past years but still i manage to take some photos. Let the pictures do the talking. Samsui women with the character jia meaning home at the back One working, one resting Our garden our home (the new generation using smartphones) Phoenix

Mini Yee Sang

Our mini Yee Sang during CNY Eve. According to Wikipedia, yusheng , yee sang or Prosperity Toss , also known as lo hei (Cantonese for 撈起 or 捞起) is a Cantonese-style raw fish salad . It usually consists of strips of raw fish (sometimes salmon ), mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients.

Mom's specialty

Sometimes mom will home made ngo hiang during chinese new year. A lot of work to make ngo hiang. Do you like ngo hiang? I would like to wish my blogger friends and readers a year without worries and problems in the Year of Pig, heng ah ong ah huat ah!!! CNY snacks and cookies, nian gao, mandarin oranges and plant Ngo Hiang

Back again

I like the pork belly teriyaki special set meal @ MOF so I had dinner here again. The set meal costs S$20.80. I ordered an extra bowl of chawanmushi @ S$2.80, for drink i just asked for plain water. The choices for the special set include salmon belly, unagi, halibat, saba, beef, chicken, salmon and pork belly, i chose pork belly. Which set would you choose? My pork belly special set meal Extra bowl of chawanmushi Picture of the salmon mango sushi which Mun did not get to see the last time