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Sky shots

"Rest is not idleness and watching the clouds floating across the sky is by no means a waste of time."

Change of plan

Instead of going Kuala Lumpur (KL), me and my Buddy Jose have decided to go Vietnam instead (Hanoi and Halong Bay). These are the three hotels under our consideration: (1) The Ann Hotel (2) The Light Hotel (3) May De Ville Old Quarter Hotel Which hotel will you choose, if for you?

A sentimental song - Goodbye girl

I heard of this song in a Japanese Drama many many years ago. I like this song. Have you heard of this song before? Just sharing a sentimental song for the weekend. Have a good weekend everyone!

CNY random pictures

Golden piggy banks selling at pasar malam, some costs S$60.00. Just see, no buy. Ang bao packets from the various banks. Normally banks, supermarkets and shopping centres will give out ang bao packets. On the right (two packets) in pink and red are from OCBC Bank. They have flowers print and butterflies print. The wordings are Fu 福 (blessing) and Chun 春 (spring). On the far left is, the squirrel cartoon one, is from POSB Bank. The wordings are 招财进宝 meaning bring in the wealth and fortune. On top with flowers print is from Citibank. The wordings are 花开富贵 meaning flowers blossom and brings in the wealth. I like the pink ones from OCBC Bank the most.

CNY decorations part two

CNY decorations @ my house part two Let the pictures do the talking, ang ang huat ah! Oink oink!

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant

As Jan 20 (Sunday) is the 15th of Chinese Lunar Month, we had vegetarian food again. I met up with Jose at Chinatown around 6pm. We went to Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant where prices are on the higher side. We ordered Marmite Pork Ribs (S$12), Salad Fish (S$10) and Crispy Lotus Roots (S$10). For drink, we ordered hot Rose Tea (S$6). They do not have white rice, only brown rice, which I think they should improve on this as not everyone likes to eat brown rice. We made a wrong move this time as all the dishes we ordered are on the "dry" side without much gravy. Next time we should order some claypot mushrooms or tofu dishes which have more gravy. Marmite Pork Ribs Crispy Lotus Roots With the mayo Brown Rice (S$1.20) Interior Exterior (with the signboard)

CNY decorations

CNY decorations @ my house part one CNY decorations @ MBS

Do you agree?

My Buddhist friend told me Don't be too attached to anyone in this world as the relationship is only temporary. Do you agree? It is hard for me to do so as I am flesh and blood and I have feelings, which is why I suffered a lot that time when my dad passed away. P/S Am very interested to know what are TM's views on this.

Yam rice without yam

My mom's yam rice without yam but with dried shrimps, mushrooms, cabbages and pork belly, the fats of the pork belly just melt in your mouth, slurps.

Nana's green tea

After knowing that nana will be extending their pork katsu don menu beyond december 2018 through facebook, i am here for it again today. For drink, i ordered their hot matcha latte @ S$6.50. Their pork katsu don costs S$15.80. A very satisfying meal.

My student's Final Exam Results

I am teaching my student Stephanie Chinese and these are her Final Examination Results for P4 last year. Compo 6.5/15 Oral 20/30 Listening Compre 9/10 Paper Two 32/45 Grand Total 67.5/100 She has improved from fail (before I tutor her) to 67.5/100, an improvement. She is weak in her Chinese Composition, I hope to focus more on this area for her this year.

Needs energy

Another book which I have finished reading is this Chinese self improvement book. I love reading, reading helps me to pass time, increase my knowledge and improve my life. However, this round I took longer to finish reading the book as age is catching up and I feel tired easily LOL and reading a book takes up a lot of energy. This book is about how to be a woman who talks sensibly and every sentence she says will be pleasant to people's ears. One of the topics is about how to reject people and yet not hurt people's feelings by learning how to say no. Another topic is about how to build rapport with people by saying simple things like hello and asking have you eaten your dinner.

Healthy vegetarian set meal (laba festival)

As today is the Anniversary of Shkyamuni Buddha's Enlightenment (阿弥陀佛成道日) so i had vegetarian food. The dishes include braised yam with bittergourd (芋头焖苦瓜), vegetables roll (翡翠卷) and organic green vegetables (有机青菜).

It's disco time again

Just sharing a song which I like. Brother Louie by Modern Talking. Have you heard of this song before? Let's boogie down, let's dance.

CNY random pictures

CNY decoration @ Chinatown CNY decoration @ Chinatown CNY card for my personal friend CNY card for my personal friend CNY cards

First life liberation activity of year 2019

Today is this year's first life liberation activity. I only started life liberation last year (2018) after my friend's recommendation. I hope to continue doing life liberation this year.

Eggplant with bacon

I am back @ saizeriya to have their grilled chicken leg @ S$7.90. As usual, it did not disappoint me, yums! I ordered white rice to go with it @ S$1.00. I tried a different dish today, their sauteed egg plant with bacon @ S$3.90. However it was on the saltish side because of the tomato sauce, i won't order this dish again next time. This round i did not order any dessert. Bill total is S$12.90 with no service charge or gst.