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New Year Eve Dinner @ Mad Jack

What better way to celebrate a special occasion than over food, hee hee. In any relationship or friendship, one must learn to compromise, not everytime the other party must give in to me or things I like, sometimes we must company our friends or family if they like something. Since my Buddy Jose likes Mad Jack, we went to Mad Jack @ Nex to have our dinner on New Year Eve. Jose had the pesto pasta with fried fish while I had pesto pasta with grilled chicken, with extra virgin oil and pesto sauce made from fresh herbs. Jose let me try her fried fish, nice! I also gave her a piece of the grilled chicken to try. We shared the Chicken Parmegiana. Chicken Parmegiana is crispy chicken schnitzel topped with neapolitan sauce and cheese. For drinks we ordered hot milo (S$2.90) and Peppermint Tea (S$2.90). This is their website: Happy new year 2019 everyone! May 2019 be a year without worries or problems for everyone. Bill Pesto pasta with grilled chic

Korean Drama - Jealousy Incarnate

I like Kdrama since days back in 2002, until today I am still watching Kdrama. This craze about Kdrama led me into visiting Korea in 2002 too. Recently I just finished watching all the 24 episodes of the Korean Drama, Jealousy Incarnate. The lead actor is Jo Jung Suk, I prefer him in his 2015 drama, Oh My Ghost. This is the synopsis from Wikipedia: Weather caster, Pyo Na-ri ( Gong Hyo-jin ), and news anchor , Lee Hwa-shin ( Jo Jung-suk ), are long-time colleagues at SBC broadcasting station. Na-ri has had a crush on Hwa-shin three years ago but things change when she meets the perfect man Go Jung-won ( Go Kyung-pyo ), a chaebol heir and close friend of Hwa-shin. Meanwhile, Sung-sook ( Lee Mi-sook ) and Ja-young ( Park Ji-young ), who are rivals in both love and career, get entangled with Kim Rak ( Lee Sung-jae ), a restaurant owner and landlord of the building where Na-ri lives.


One night i had craving for desserts so i had tau suan @ bedok central hawker centre @ S$1.20. Of the five desserts below, which one would you choose?

Soup with rice

I love to eat yam rice a lot so when there is a choice, i will choose yam rice over white rice. My dinner that day, i choose ABC soup @ S$3.50 with yam rice @ S$0.80. The carrots, white carrots and corn in the soup come in big pieces, very satisfying. There are three pork ribs in the soup. The yam rice is fragrant and tasty, i like. Also will like to share some photos, one is a nice window display @ MBS, another two are sky photos. Do click on the photos for larger image. TWG window display Sky photo Sky photo

Christmas decorations @ changi airport

The christmas decorations @ changi airport are not as nice as last year, nonetheless there are some decorations, here are two photos to share. As can be seen from the photo, the snowman are made of wood material instead of cotton, something different.

Ministry of Food @ Ang Mo Kio Hub (24 December 2018)

Me and Jose met at 3pm at AMK Hub for shopping and to celebrate Christmas. We had our late lunch @ MOF, a Japanese restaurant. I ordered grilled pork rice set, the grilled pork was juicy, tender and tasty, I like and I enjoyed it very much. I also had two bowls of Chawanmushi as Chawanmushi is my favourite LOL. Jose ordered cold noodles with grilled fish, she let me tried a piece of the grilled fish, nice too! We also ordered two side dishes, fried prawns and salmon mango sushi. I would say we had a very satisfying lunch, yums! Merry Christmas everyone!

My Christmas Tree

Used to put up Christmas tree everytime Christmas is around the corner in the past. However, during recent years, I have not been putting up as there is no more space in our house to accommodate the Christmas tree, I miss my Christmas tree. I bought it around 2004/2005 at the price of only S$50 for the tree, the ornaments are priced separately. The electrical lights cost less than S$20 if I am not wrong.

Happy winter solstice

Happy winter solstice everyone. My mom's tang yuan got red bean, black sesame or peanut fillings. I like the peanut fillings the most, yums! Which filling do you like?

Vegetarian food

Today is the 15th of the Chinese Lunar Month, so as usual I had vegetarian food. My vegetarian mushroom hor fun @ S$3.00. The soup base has a slight bitter herbal taste which is acceptable to me. The fried beancurd sheets are very tasty.

A cute christmas song from the Chipmunks!!

5 more days to Christmas and here is a Christmas Song to share. The chipmunks are sooooo cute! Here are the lyrics [LYRICS] Dave: Alright, you chipmunks. Ready to sing your song? Alvin: I'd say we are. Theodore: Yeah, Lets sing it now! Dave: Okay, Simon? Simon: Okay. Dave: Okay, Theodore? Theodore: Okay. Dave: Okay Alvin? Alvin? ALVIN! Alvin: Okay! Chipmunks: ♪Christmas, Christmas time is near. Time for toys and time for cheer. We've been good, but we can't last. Hurry Christmas, hurry fast.♪ ♪Want a plane that loops the loop.♪ Alvin: ♪Me, I want a hula hoop.♪ Chipmunks: ♪We can hardly stand the wait, please Christmas, don't be late!♪ (Instrumental) Dave: Okay, fellas, get ready. That was very good, Simon. Simon: Naturally! Dave: Very good, Theodore. Theodore: He he he he. Dave: Uh Alvin, You were a little flat. Watch it, Alvin...Alvin? ALVIN! Alvin: Okay! Chipmunks: ♪Want a plane that loops the loop. Alvin: ♪I still want a hula hoop.♪ Chi

Shopping outing with jose

We meet outside CK at chinatown. Jose was slightly late and she arrived at around 635pm. Straightaway we went for our dinner, i had century egg porridge with pork balls as i am recovering from my cough so i want something light. Jose had roast chicken rice which she said is nice. Selections of porridge Roast chicken Rice After that we went shopping at CK. I bought a pair of jeans @S$19.90 and a red blouse for CNY @S$27.90. Jose bought a pair of jeans and one pants. After that we went to Daiso where jose bought 5 photo frames and 2 key chains. I bought the long sleeve red colour blouse for CNY

An update from me (15)

My client wants to hire a Secondary Four Pure Chemistry and Additional Mathematics Tutor for her daughter and I managed to source one for her at the rate of S$40 per hour, twice a week, 1.5 hours each lesson, so total fee would be S$480 for 8 lessons, commission would be S$240 (50%). That's all for the update for now. Cheers and have a good weekend.

Finally tried

Passed by this newly opened vietnamese food stall a few times but did not have the chance to try. That day came but it was closed. Finally today i tried. I ordered their grilled pork chop rice, costs S$5.50. They call their rice broken rice, i wonder why is it so called, anybody knows?

Just sharing a song - When will I see you again?

A nice song by The Three Degrees to share. Have you heard of this song before? Have a good week ahead, everyone! Cheers!

8 December (Saturday)

My Buddy Jose likes the egg sandwich I made so I made some for her and passed to her at TPY central today. I am glad she likes them and someone appreciates the food I made. After that, we went on our separate ways as both of us were a bit tired. My dinner on that day. Shredded chicken Ipoh Hor Fun. I like the soup of the Ipoh Hor Fun, very comforting. It comes with some prawns and scallops too. The scallops were very tasty, I like. Costs S$9.00.

Christmas decorations @ suntec city mall

Never wasted my trip to suntec city mall, i simply love the christmas decorations there. Just sharing.

Christmas decorations @ toa payoh central

Today i met up with my sis @ tpy central for a drink and chit chat and also to pass her my nephew's clothes which i bought at bukit indah. I happened to see some christmas decorations there so i took some photos to share.

Fish liberation 2 dec 2018 sunday

After two months break, i am back to life liberation. Before boading the ferry, i took the chance to snap photos of the blue sky and beautiful clouds. Today's topic is about owe debts, pay debts. Your children are either your creditors or debtors.

Christmas decorations @ aeon bukit indah

While jose is shopping for baby dresses for her niece, i took the chance to snap some photos of the christmas decorations @ aeon. Unlike those at large scale shopping centres, the decoations at aeon were rather minimal but i do like the glittering christmas tree.