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Just for fun

Which colour is nice?

Day trip to Aeon Bukit Indah JB (28 nov 2018, wed)

As Jose is on leave on Wed, so we planned to go Bukit Indah for our day trip to JB. This time round we took bus CW3 from Jurong East Bus Interchange. The journey from Singapore to Malaysia Customs and finally to Aeon Bukit Indah was a breeze as traffic was smooth sailing. We enjoyed the journey inside the aircon bus. When we reached Bukit Indah, we went to have our lunch immediately. Even though there are Souper Tang and Dragon-i at Bukit Indah, we decided to have Japanese food as we had dined in Souper Tang and Dragon-i before. We chose Kinsahiya Japanese Restaurant at Level one, one level above ground floor. We ordered two chawanmushi, two ten don, two scallops with special and spicy sauce, crystal ebi maki (sushi), genmaicha latte (one hot and one cold) and one kimchi seafood and chicken soup. We enjoyed eating and chatting over lunch. Bill total is RM194.60. After our lunch, we went shopping. I bought a black T-shirt for my sis, one dress for myself, two safety pants for my

Ambience or ambiance?

I had used the word ambience various times in my blog. Another blogger friend, TM, spells it as ambiance though. So being a curious person and busybody, I went online to find out which one is the correct grammar and found out that both can be used. This is what I found online. Ambience comes from a French word meaning “surrounding.” Ambience is the mood or atmosphere of a certain environment. Many factors contribute to ambience. For example, in a restaurant the choice of music, the color of the paint, the volume of conversation, and the smells of cooking food may lend to a pleasant or unpleasant ambience. But what about ambiance ? Is it a misspelling of ambience ? Ambiance is not a misspelling; it is an alternative spelling. You can use it in the same way as ambience . Ambiance and ambience are both correct spellings of the same word.

Streats hongkong cafe

Today after my teaching, i went streats for dinner, i chose salted egg yolk chicken bento set which is set A, i like it that the set comes with soup, a fried egg and a dessert, value for money. The soup is tomyam soup with some mushrooms and tofu inside, not too spicy, just nice for me. The dessert is sweet and tasty, i enjoyed it very much. The fried egg is not runny but it is still acceptable to me. Thumbs up to streats for their decor, ambience, food presentation and food taste. Bill total comes up to S$20.01 with gst and service charge as i also ordered a hot milo. They also have set B and set C too. Which set would you choose?

Deja brew cafe

This is the second time i went to deja brew cafe for dinner, as today is saturday so the cafe is quiet with just me and another customer because i believe the cafe caters mainly to office crowds. I came here to try their chili crab bread bowl @ S$8.00. When i ordered, the girl staff told me it was sold out, then i told the girl i came specially for it so the girl staff said she would make it "specially" for me, hee hee. For that kind of price, one cannot expect a lot of crab meat but the sauce was delicious. I didn't know there is live band in the cafe before i come. No wonder that is why the girl staff told me the drinks are more expensive @ S$12.00 because got performance. I ordered honey lemon and during my one hour there,  i dedicated a chinese song for the band to sing. Can see that business is not really good for this cafe as i think the main reason is the location, there is no shopping mall or cinema nearby, more like a dead town to me. I doubt they will surv

Healthy vegetarian set meal 11

I had vegetarian food on the 15th of the chinese lunar month, the dishes this time are vegetarian sardine fish, lotus roots with peanuts and organic green vegetables. Costs S$5.50.

Disco Time

I like this song "Dancing Queen" by Abba. Reminds me of my disco days when I was younger. Fast beat and cheerful, it lifts up my spirit listening to it. Am I ancient or what, I love listening to songs by Bee Gees, Abba and Carpenters, not my era actually, but who cares, as long as they are nice songs, songs these days are lousy, still prefer the classics. Cheers everyone and have a good weekend.

Grilled chicken leg again

I like the grilled chicken leg @ saizeriya so i am back to eat it again today after my teaching. I tried a different dessert today, the mango pudding with ice cream @ $3.90. I also ordered a mushroom soup @ $2.90 and rice @ $1.00. It is no wonder that there are always crowds at saizeriya as they do not charge service charge and their decor and ambience are reasonably nice.

I wanna dance with somebody

Love this song by Whitney Houston. This song reminds me of my secondary school days. Like this song because it is cheerful and fast beat. Come on, let's dance. Have a good mid week, everyone!

Christmas Decorations @ Orchard 2018 (18 November, Sunday)

Today I jio my buddy Jose to go Newton makan then after that go Orchard Road look at their Christmas decorations. At first we wanted to sit in the open air but the seats were all wet so we changed our mind, after that the stall uncle said we can still sit outside, he will wipe the seats for us, so nice of him. We ordered BBQ Stingray with sambal, oyster omelette and otak. We had two rounds of drink, first round Jose had lime juice, I had coconut drink, second round I had lime juice while Jose had coffee. We ordered four plates of rice for the two of us, the stall uncle exclaimed and asked us: "You all like to eat rice ah?", then Jose joked with him that we are rice bins 饭桶 LOL. It is so enjoyable to eat at Newton as I like their food and the ambience. After that, we went to Orchard Road to look at the Christmas decorations @ around 8.30pm. These are the photos we took. It was an enjoyable day going out with my Buddy.

This is Fan Choy

I ever commented in STP's blog post that between Lor Mai Kai and Fan Choy, I would choose Lor Mai Kai, STP replied that he has no idea what is Fan Choy, so thought of showing him as today I had Fan Choy as my supper. I bought it from NTUC Supermarket at S$1.50. Actually, Fan Choy is steamed rice with BBQ Char Siew with a hard boiled egg inside. It is delicious too and it is always associated together with Lor Mai Kai.

An update plus bonding with my uncle

As today I do not have any teaching or telemarketing, so I went to visit my uncle. My uncle is like a second dad to me. I reached his house around 7pm and chit chat with him until about 8.30pm then I left. Christmas is around the corner and I am visiting Orchard Road to look at their Christmas decorations soon. Beginning to have some kind of a holiday and christmas mood. My youngest sister has also gotten her key to her new house (BTO Flat) and she is doing the renovation right now. I will also be arranging painters to paint my house too. Will be painting my living room and my bedrooms. That is all for the update for now, have a good mid week everyone!


Basically i am not a snack person but recently i have been trying the different snacks. This time i tried the milk flavoured filling biscuits, there are many flavours such as chocolate and matcha green tea, as i have a sweet tooth so i chose milk flavour, yums! I find that eating snacks makes me happy, i maybe eating more snacks in future.

Cheerful Song

Been quite a while since I last share a song. Here is a cheerful song for the weekend, Brown Girl in The Ring, have you heard of this song before?

I love what i see

Went to idealite to have my vegetarian food for dinner after my teaching. I ordered japanese sesame power bowl @ S$7.92 and pumpkin barley drink @ S$3.90. When the food comes, i love what i see, it comes in a big bowl with many ingredients. The pieces of "meat" which i think were made from monkey head mushroom are tasty and crispy. It also comes with roasted sesame dressing which brings the food to another level. There is a small bowl of corn and white carrot soup too. This meal is satisfying, i like. Their broccoli and califlower were well cooked and soft this time, an improvement on their side, thumbs up.

My chap fan

Been quite a while i last ate chap fan, today i wanted to eat liver hor fun but the stall was closed so i had chap fan instead. My chap fan with 2 meat and 1 vege (egg). The dishes i chose are steam egg, tomato luncheon meat cubes with potato and soy sauce chicken. I also ordered one of my favourite soups, watercress soup. All these for S$5.70.

I am back again

Back @ saizeriya to try their other dishes. Today i tried their nacho bacon potato @S$3.90, oreo cheesecake @ S$3.90 and a grilled chicken leg @ S$7.90. I also ordered white rice to go with these dishes as i won't be full just eating these. The grilled chicken leg meat is crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside and there are some fats under the skin, just nice and heavenly. For the bacon potato, the potato tastes like wedges, nice!


On Tuesday, I went to meet up with my Buddy Jose at Chinatown, at first we wanted to go to Moon Cafe (a cafe cum bookstore) but it looks too "high-class", quiet and intimidating for us so we did not go in. We went to have vegetarian food nearby instead as Jose is observing vegetarian recently. This is what I had. Organic Masala Tempeh Tofu Protein Bowl @ S$8.00. As usual, I am attracted by the word "protein". It is very nutty with a lot of nuts and crackers, quite tasty and satisfying. I also like the broccoli in it, well cooked and soft, just nice. My Protein Bowl @ S$8.00 Jose ordered the Brewed Lotus Roots Monkey Head Mushroom Tonic Soup @ S$7.00 which I did not take a photo. Entrance of Ci Yan Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Health Food 8 Smith Street Singapore 058922