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Grilled fish with italian herb sauce, for sides i chose mashed potato and season vegetables, i like my choice of sides, this meal costs S$6.50, recently i am eating more fish.

I coloured it

Life can be boring and monotonous if we do not instill any creativity or change into it, that is why I thought of picking up art and painting. I coloured the painting I drew the other day using crayon colours, I love the texture and feel of crayons. Indeed art can be therapeutic. I also borrowed two books about painting for learning. My painting From one of the books I borrowed

Peng Kueh (Png Kueh)

I had Peng Kueh (or Png Kueh) for my supper tonight. I used to like to fry my Peng Kueh and eat it with chili, slurps. Peng Kueh is a pretty dumpling-like snack that comes in pink, peng kueh is a combination of glutinous rice, mushrooms, peanuts and dried shrimp. I like my peng kueh skin sticky and tender, with the filling being full of flavour. It also comes in white. Have you eaten Peng Kueh before and do you like it? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Healthy vegetarian set meal 3

My healthy vegetarian set meal with yam and carrot, green vegetables, strips of mushroom and toufu for the dishes, i like the yam and carrot, soft and nice, this costs S$5.50 without the soup. I observed that i am eating more vegetarian food on days other than the 1st and 15th of the chinese lunar month.

My Simple Porridge

This is what I had when I want something light and simple, porridge, costs S$3.50. I like to eat salted egg with my porridge as it is very appetizing, anyone with poor appetite can eat this. I guess each dish costs S$1.00 and the porridge costs S$0.50, which makes it S$3.50. Salted Egg Tau Gua Long Beans Porridge

Wonderful day out @ Changi Airport (26 Aug, 2018)

Met with my Buddy Jose @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 for dinner today (Sunday). After our dinner and chit chat, we went to buy some breads and have a walk around T3 and T2. We left at around 9.30pm then it was home sweet home. These are the photos I took, just sharing. Playground @ T3 Playground @ T3 Carnival @ T3 Departure Hall Carnival @ T3 Departure Hall Carnival @ T3 Departure Hall

20 August 2018 - I sang

For some of you who have been following my blog, you may be aware that other than teaching, I also have a part time telemarketing job. Today I got one lead for my agents in my telemarketing job. I also sang two songs at home using my Home KTV system. I love singing, singing really can help to destress. My Home KTV system is still the old type where we insert VCDs or DVDs to play the songs. There is now a new system where you pay a subscription fee and you get a huge Karaoke Library with many songs. It is known as Popsicle. To know more about Popsicle, go here .

Mini Steamboat

I wanted to eat something soupy as I am not feeling well so I went to have Mini Steamboat at my neighbourhood food centre. It costs S$6.00 and it comes with white rice. The ingredients include fish slices, green vegetables, cabbages, egg, hot dog, fish balls, meat balls, crab meat, beancurd sheets, enoki mushrooms 金针菇 and glass noodles 冬粉 (tanghoon). I chose clear soup for my mini steamboat. There are many types of meat to choose, they are fish, pork, chicken, beef, mutton or prawn. Soup base they have four types to choose, they are clear soup, spicy soup, tomyam soup or nutrition soup.

Hokkien Prawn Mee

The prawn mee i had I have craving for Hokkien prawn mee that day so I had it at my neighbourhood food centre, it costs S$4.00. According to Wikipedia, Hokkien mee is a dish in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine that has its origins in the cuisine of China's Fujian (Hokkien) province . In its most common form, the dish consists of egg noodles and rice noodles stir-fried with egg , slices of pork , prawns and squid , and served and garnished with vegetables, small pieces of lard , sambal sauce and lime (for adding the lime juice to the dish). Another name for Hokkien mee is Hokkien prawn mee or Hokkien Hae Mee. Image from Internet


Weather has been very hot recently and I had succumb under such weather conditions and fell sick. Had a terrible and bad cough, but I am on the road to recovery. I had Bo Luo Bao 波罗包 today, love it with its rich creamy butter, yums! Simple joy, simple happiness. Hope everyone is well and do drink lots of water, weather is not so good. Have a good weekend everyone.

Tour Guide for Half A Day (12 August, 2018)

My Malaysian youngster friend in his late twenties came to Singapore last week, I met up with him last Sunday to bring him "around" Singapore, as he drives so he came to fetch me at my place at around 6.30pm. We went to MBS Casino, I did not go in as Singaporeans need to pay a levy of S$100 to go in. He went in and came out within 15 minutes. This is what he changes. S$50. Nope, he did not have a windfall LOL. After that, we went to Gardens By the Bay for a walk, to take photos and to watch the Laser Show at 8.45pm. These are some of the photos we took. The photo my friend took with his Canon Camera was simply captivating and nice. Photo my friend took Photo I took Selfie After that, we came back to MBS shoppes and had a drink at Toast Box. We left at around 10.00pm as my friend needs to go fetch his cousin and drives back to JB. I can see that my friend enjoyed this half day "tour" as he took many photos and he also took a video of the Laser

Been here before - Kukup

Kukup, a very unique and a century old fishing village built entirely on stilts on the sea surrounded by water, is the southmost village found at the southwest tip of the Peninsular of West Malaysia, and suppose to be the southmost village found in the Continental of Asia. Located about 70 kilometres away from Johor Bahru, and 20 kilometres from Pontian, Kukup has only one road to access by land. It may be reached by sea boarding ferry. The entire village is linked by jetty also built on stilts on sea. This place is famous of its seafood. It's geographically and ideally shadowed by one of the world's largest mangrove swamp island - Kukup Island along which numerous fish-farms bob up and down on the surface of the Kukup Sea. Indeed, Kukup is a good place for relaxing and good place for family outing. I was here with a big group of friends. It was so much fun and we even watched fireworks after our BBQ dinner. The fireworks were really very beautiful and ca

This Tub of Ice Cream

After reading what Mun posted about Magnum Ice Cream here , I went to the supermaket to look for Magnum Ice Cream, didn't know about the price of this tub of Magnum Ice Cream until I went to the Cashier. This was what was written on the packaging - Vanilla flavoured ice cream and white chocolate shards, in a cracking white chocolate shell. This tub of ice cream costs S$12.90. Packaging Under the white chocolate is the vanilla ice cream Receipt

One day trip to JB (6 August, 2018)

Me and Buddy Jose met @ Bugis MRT at 11am this time to go to JB. There was no queue when we reached Queen Street Bus Terminal and we were able to board the bus immediately, proving that 11am is a good timing to meet. After we reached JB, we took a cab to Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre, cab fare was RM9.50 by metre. We saw a coffeeshop selling chicken rice, no we did not eat that, we will eat chicken rice the next time. As Jose wanted to eat wanton noodles so we went to eat at Ah Piaw Wanton Noodle House. As I was so thirsty, I had both Plum Lime Juice (RM4) and Lemon Soda (RM4). For the wanton noodles, I had Black Soy Sauce non spicy one while Jose had Original spicy one. We also bought Muah Otah here @ RM9 per packet. Ah Piaw Wanton Noodle House Lemon Soda Otah After that, we went to the shop nearby to buy offerings for Seventh month. Mine costed RM83 in total. Then we took a cab to KSL. Cab fare was RM9.50 by metre. Offerings for 7th month Shop selling offeri

5 August 2018

My sister's family came to our house today and my mom whipped up a few dishes so that they can have dinner at our house. These are dishes she cooked, sambal tapioca leaves (she said her sambal tapioca leaves are better than those sold in restaurants LOL), steam fish, runny egg and chicken soup with mushroom (which I did not take a pic). Not sure what type of fish my mom cooked, but there is a mole on the tail of the fish, anybody knows what type of fish is that? Mom's cooking and home cooked meals are the best!