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Healthy vegetarian set meal 2

As today is guan yin enlightenment celebration, i had vegetarian food again. The menu for healthy vegetarian set meal is different everyday. Today's dishes for the set meal include 毛瓜粉丝hairy cucumber with vermicelli, braised beancurd sheets, green vegetables with a bowl of herbal soup with nuts. I like the braised beancurd sheets the most. This set costs S$6.70.

Lar Pa Sat

Lar Pa Sat 老巴刹 is a famous tourist F & B spot, today (Sat) me and mom went to have dinner there. We ordered Fried Carrot Cake @ S$3.50 and 15 sticks of mutton plus chicken satay. The fried carrot cake is tasty and the portion is big for that price. The satay tastes so so only. As National Day is coming soon, there are fireworks tonight (Sat) at Marina Bay Sands, we went to watch also, here is a short video clip on the fireworks, enjoy watching! And have a happy Sunday everyone! Fried Carrot Cake Mutton and Chicken Satay

First time encounter

This is the first time I encounter parents delay and didn't pay me for my tuition and teaching services. I whatsapp the mother many times asking about the payment, she ignored all my messages and only until two weeks ago, she replied that her company delayed her salary so she has to delay my payment. I waited for two weeks and till today, she still did not transfer and pay me. Their family looks quite well off as they have a maid and their house is nicely decorated, they do not look like the poor type. As I am earning a living through teaching, I cannot be teaching her son if she is not going to pay me, unless it is out of my own will to give free tuition to some family poor and in need. They do not look like those who cannot afford it. So far this is the first time I encounter this, usually I have very good relationships with my students and their parents. I also got to know from the tuition agent that she did not pay them their agent commission too. Actually, this is not new in t

Healthy vegetarian set meal

No idea what to eat today so thought of having vegetarian food which is not a bad choice. My healthy vegetarian set meal, without the soup is S$5.50, with the soup is additional S$1.20 @ S$6.70. The dishes iclude green vegetables, lotus roots with peanuts and braised tau gua. Not bad, quite appetizing. Main Soup

First time experience

My buddy Jose is back from her 5 days trip to Taiwan with her sister and brother in law. I quickly jio her to go Cat Cafe. First time experience going to a Cat Cafe, we chose The Cat Cafe at Bugis Village, Level 3 above Burger King. Entry fee is S$15 with one can drink. We chose A & W for the can drink. Before we went inside, we were told to apply the sanitizer liquid they provide, we were also told the rules such as we can pat the cats but we are not supposed to carry them. We reached there around 7pm and stayed until around 9.30pm. Some serious business going on here Interior Sleeping Waiting for food Waiting for food Interior Sleeping Sleeping Sitting on the sofa like a queen Sleeping Sleeping Sleeping Staring into blank space They call me Queen Cat Cafe phone number and website Elly the Cat They call me fat There we got to know the names of four cats, Elly, Tommy, Cookie and Silver. Elly is

Mac's Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger

Was hungry just now and thought of go Mac have the buttermilk crispy chicken burger but changed my mind and ordered the Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger which they launched recently. Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger as the name implies, is actually prawn paste chicken burger. It features a whole chicken thigh marinated in prawn paste and the burger also comes with cucumber slices and prawn paste mayo. One bite into the burger, at once, I can detect the prawn paste taste in the chicken thigh meat. I will say it has not disappoint me. Each Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burger costs S$6.05 ala carte. It is also quite fun observing how the different customers pronounce and order this burger. I find it very funny and amusing the way they pronounce the "ha ha" in front of the cashier, when I order, I did not say ha ha, I just say I want the Har Cheong Gai Burger that's all, because it is so embarrassing to pronounce the "ha ha" and people may laugh at me. Ha ha.

Free makan

Today I went to meet up with my sis to pass her the bird's nest and essence we bought for her. I enjoyed the bus ride on the way to our meeting place as it is cooling with aircon. I passed her the stuff and had a quick chat with her before leaving. After that, I went to claim my prize of vegetarian pumpkin mee hoon kway and pumpkin barley drink @ idealite bugis. I reached around 9pm, luckily I was not too late as they close at 10pm. The mee hoon kway was very smooth and not too thick, just nice, it goes very well with the chili sauce which has a tinge of sweetness which i like. The soup was tasty and satisfying too. The pumpkin barley drink has small pieces of pumpkin in it and it is rich which i also like. After that, I went to Toast Box to have my Kaya and Butter Toast as dessert @ S$2.20. Then, it was home sweet home. My favourite Kaya and Butter Toast Bird's Nest I passed to my sis Bird's Nest I passed to my sis

Durian season

Now is the durian season, have you gone for your durian feast or you are someone who doesn't like durian? I bought red prawn durians today, they sold me @ S$6.00 instead of S$8.00, i have a special liking for red prawn durians for its richness and sweetness. Which specie of durian do you like? MSW? D24? Some of you may remember that my late dad was a durian vendor, these durians, sweet as they taste, do not taste as good as those my dad specially reserved and selected for us, oh how I miss my dad!

I am the lucky winner

Took part in this Facebook contest and I was excited to receive their message that I am one of the lucky winners. I get to enjoy a free Pumpkin Mee Hoon Kway and Pumpkin Barley drink from Idealite Bugis. To take part in the contest, I have to (1) Like Idealite FB Page (2) Post the screenshot of GOAL in the comment box. (3) Share the post and set the post as Public Will post a review of the food after I claim the prize. Cheers! And have a good week ahead everyone!

Just sharing

Been quite a while since I share about my nephew, just sharing some photos of my nephew. Click on the photo for larger image. And have a happy weekend everyone!

Lobsters liberation 8 july 2018

As the main boat's generator is out of order so the staff uses the generator of another boat and as such two boats are moving at the same time. This lobster has eggs and we are releasing this lobster which means we are saving the lives of its babies too. The orange part are its eggs.

Finally tried

Finally tried the Vegetarian food at Idealite Bugis, I ordered their Flavourful Satay Power Bowl @ S$7.90 as planned with a salad and drink add on @ additional S$3.00. The satay was very flavourful, crispy on the outside and tender inside, with their special satay sauce. The rice is brown rice which comes together with some grains, baby tomato, broccoli and cauliflower. However, the broccoli and cauliflower are not well cooked and as a result they are a little hard to bite and eat. For drink, I chose Pumpkin Barley. I love the little decors of the restaurant. They also serve red curry and green curry. And Vegetarian Gong Bao Chicken rice. Their portion is rather small for a big eater like me. And it's kind of expensive. Previously they are closed on every Monday. They just changed their operating hours and now they are opened daily. Address: 153 Rochor Road, Singapore 188428 (next to the Bugis Village McDonald's)

Frozen food

When i went to food expo with my buddy i bought frozen food, i seldom eat frozen food but it is good to have when you feel hungry at home and can't find food to eat. I steam the combo set to eat and it was very tasty especially the beancurd sheets, i also steam the beancurd king which i like a lot too whereas my buddy jose fried them. The combo set includes beancurd sheets, fish balls and prawn balls. I steam the combo set