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From Hong Kong

If you have been following his blog, you would have known that he went for a Workation trip with his wifey to HK recently, it is nonetheless Anay TM. I never expect to receive yet another postcard from him so this came as a pleasant surprise. Anay never forgets about his blogger friends whenever he travels. Nowadays, seldom receives cards from people le cos now usually people send whatsapp and FB greetings, so what I got in my mailbox are bills, bills and endless bills LOL, so once in a while, it is nice to receive hardcopy cards from friends. Your postcard and the scenery on the postcard makes me want to visit HK again, I have been to HK twice, once in 1995 and another time in 2002 when I travel to Korea on the same trip. If I go, it will be the third time I went there, don't know when will that be, hee hee. Thanks for the postcard Anay, really appreciate it. And hope you had enjoyed your workation trip to HK. Scenery on the postcard It makes me want to travel again

Yummy Food Expo at Singapore Expo (24 June 2018, Sunday)

I went Expo to visit the Yummy Food Expo with my Buddy Jose on Sunday. As we did not have dinner before that, we had our dinner at the Food Expo. I had Lor Mee @ S$4.50 while Jose had oysters Mian Xian. We also shared two bowls of Beancurd. I chose the three treasures Beancurd with three toppings @ S$3.90, with this you get one bowl of normal Beancurd free. We bought Muar Style Otak Otak (Prawn and Fish), Bird Nest (S$15 for two boxes), Insect Repellent (S$10) and some Frozen Food (Buy three @ S$10.00 and get one free). It is very fun observing how the different promoters try to attract business, one promoter shouted "Come leh, come leh, Lai leh Lai leh" while another one shouted "Honey honey honey, leh long, leh long, leh long". LOL. I love this place as it is very cooling with aircon. A fun and enjoyable outing with my Buddy. 1 for $3, 2 for $5, we bought 2 each Roar Mee (Lor Mee) My Lor Mee (yum yum) Different types of Beancurd They s

Decorations @ changi airport terminal 2

Kampung style hari raya decorations Hari raya deocration Hari raya decoration Hari raya decoration Hari raya decoration Souvenirs sold @ changi airport Posters explaining the malay heritage Hari raya decoration One gracious decorations Decoration Decoration Decoration Decoration

Going to try this

Saw these vegetarian meals menu at idealite that time. They have flavourful satay power bowl, nasi lemak power bowl and appetising asian power bowl, i am attracted by the satay power bowl, going to try it the next round i am eating vegetarian. They also have the energy bowls too, they look like desserts to me, don't they look colourful and tasty, going to try the greenish bowl, even the chinese names for them sound so dreamy and attractive, will post again after i try them. Vegetarian meals can be interesting too!

Energy saving art competition

Saw this energy saving art exhibition at the library, which drawing do you like the most? I like the one by gongshang primary school (#6) the most as it is very colourful, it uses very bold colours. The second one I like is #1 as it is very clean cut and the message is very clear. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 These are the energy saving tips from the drawings. (1) Ride a bicycle or take the public transport instead of using the car (2) Switch off lights before leaving (3) Use the fan instead of the air con (4) If you need to use the air con, switch the air con temperature to 25 degrees celsius (5) Wash only a full load (6) Use solar energy (7) Recycle (8) Conserve water (9) Use LED lights

A day out @ east coast

Today me and buddy jose went to east coast seaside. The last time we were here was in year 2013. We came here to look at the sea, enjoy sea breeze, chit chat, listen to music and read books. We even bought some snacks to eat, jose bought sardine puff, sotong balls while i bought nyonya kueh and sotong balls. There were drinks to go along too. We were at the seaside until 830pm, time spent with my buddy is always enjoyable.

Dumpling Festival (18 June, 2018)

Dumpling Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival or Duan Wu Jie (“double fifth”), is an important festival for Chinese communities around the world. Festive practices associated with Dumpling Festival include the sport of dragon boat racing, the consumption of dumplings, as well as the hanging of charms and pouches filled with herbs to ward off insects in the summer heat of the fifth lunar month. There is a dumpling fair @ Bugis when I went there last Sunday. Among all the traditional rice dumplings, the Hokkien version, also known as Bak Chang (肉į˛Ŋ), is the most lavish in terms of ingredients. Generally, the filling consists of dried chestnut, pork belly, shiitake mushroom, dried shrimp, and dried oysters. Along with the usual ingredients, egg yolk may be added. I like to eat the Hokkien Rice Dumpling the most. So do you make your own dumplings or you buy from outside? Which type of dumpling do you like the most? Nyonya? Cantonese? Or Hokkien? Poet and Minister

Food post

My dinner, claypot chicken rice with salted fish and vegetables, yums! The moment i post this i am having craving for it again, i think i want to have this for dinner again tomorrow, lol. Another dinner of mine, braised pork rice with braised egg.

New hobby

I am trying to pick up the hobby of drawing and i find that it takes a lot of patience. I took a few rounds to finish this drawing of mine. Just sharing, paiseh that it is only a simple drawing 😃 Do you know the name of this flower? My drawing The original

Just sharing

Just sharing some random pics, some scenery, some flowers. Scenery @ marina south pier Scenery @ marina south pier I do not have green thumb, this is my neighbour's orchid. Orchid Shop @ mbs

Hokkaido Salmon Burger

On Sunday before we went to the Ramadan Bazaar @ Geylang Serai, me and buddy Jose were thinking of where to go for our meals. Jose suggested Mac and I don't mind as I wanted to try the Hokkaido Salmon Burger. On 3rd May, SG's Mac launched the Hokkaido Salmon Burger in celebration of the 150 th anniversary of the day Hokkaido was named. So, good or not?  The salmon patty was wedged between two fluffy buns and comes together with crunchy cabbage and roasted sesame mayo. It also contains some onion slices, I simply love the onion slices unlike my another friend who would remove all onion slices. The salmon patty was soft, juicy, tasty and flavourful on the inside and crispy on the outside. Of course, it tastes different and tastier than the usual Fish Fillet Burger. Customers can purchase it ala carte at S$5.95. I would give a rating of 4/5 for the taste.

Ramadan Bazaar 2018 @ Geylang Serai

One @ S$3 Pancakes Flavours Meatballs in a bucket, we did not try this Grilled Otah by Ikan Money envelopes Money envelopes Money envelopes Carpets and cushions I love the lights Beautiful lights Lamps Churros Flavours Met Buddy Jose @ Paya Lebar MRT @ 4.30pm, before going to the bazaar, we went Mac to have our dinner, I tried the Hokkaido Salmon Burger which will be in another post of mine. Jose had the buttermilk crispy chicken burger. Our sets also come with drinks, mine is ice green tea whereas Jose's one is ice lemon tea. I did not take the fries as I do not really like fries. After that, we walked to the bazaar, it is people mountain people sea meaning very crowded. We saw the bottled drinks sold @ S$3 at first, they have blackcurrant, strawberry, guava, mango and lemonade flavours. No, we did not buy this drink. I bought the churros with gula melaka sauce @ S$5.50 to try and share with Jose. They even have Dur