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Today is my birthday

Happy birthday to me, received greetings from friends and family through facebook and whatsapp, they made me happy even though it is just a simple greeting. Contentment is happiness. As today is also the 15th of the chinese lunar month, i had vegetarian spaghetti @ S$6.50. Four more years i will be 50 lol, it is important to grow older but wiser hee hee. Nonetheless, today is a happy day though i never go celebrate.

Ten don again

I like the ten don @ changi airport T2 japan gourmet hall so i went there again. The ten don consists of two big prawns, two pieces of chicken breast meat, squid, long beans, crab stick, pumpkin, corn and mushroom. All the ingredients are very fresh and tasty. Ten Don Interior of Japan Gourmet Hall

Vintage items @ national gallery singapore

Look at these enamel cups and plates, so gorgeous right? I think PH will like them, hee hee.

A visit to national gallery singapore

My buddy was on leave today, so i went to national gallery with her. I also bought some postcards there. I love to visit art gallery and art exhibition. The art gallery was formerly the supreme court. Liu Kang - Life by the River Painting - Life by the River Children's painting Children's painting Children's Gallery Children's painting Interior Court Chandelier light The Push for Merger Towards Merger Painting - War and Peace Painting Painting - Black Bird, Sun, Man Explanation Explanation Painting - Marketplace during the Occupation Explanation Painting Sculpture Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior

My simple breakfast

My simple breakfast, simple yet delicious, yum yum. Soon Kueh (2 pcs S$1.00) Noodles (S$1.00) Soon Kueh is a dumpling-like kueh which is filled with a fragrant mixture of shredded bamboo shoots, turnip and dried shrimps wrapped in a smooth rice tapioca flour skin.

Mashed Potato with Fried Onions and Croutons

First time try this, instant mashed potato. Bought this from NTUC Supermarket @ S$2.05. Not bad, quite tasty, just that you need to stir it well, else the powder at the bottom will not dissolve well. Not bad as a snack.

Review of Banana Boat Ultra Protect Faces Sunscreen Lotion

I bought this brand of Sunscreen Lotion when I went JB as I am looking for a SPF50 sunblock for my face. After I bought the product, I studied the ingredients and I saw it contains Oxybenzone. According to Wikipedia, Oxybenzone is used in plastics as an ultraviolet light absorber and stabilizer. It is used, along with other benzophenones , in sunscreens, hair sprays, and cosmetics because they help prevent potential damage from sunlight exposure. As a sunscreen, it provides broad-spectrum ultraviolet coverage, including UVB and short-wave UVA rays. As a photoprotective agent, it has an absorption profile spanning from 270 to 350 nm with absorption peaks at 288 and 350 nm. It is one of the most widely used organic UVA filters in sunscreens today. It is also found in nail polish, fragrances, hairspray, and cosmetics as a photostabilizer. Despite its photoprotective qualities, much controversy surrounds oxybenzone because of its possible hormonal and photoallergenic effec


Popiah is one of my favourite snacks, do you like to eat popiah?

Review of the book Life Recipes From My Mother

In my review, I will jot down things I read and learned from the book. I will keep my writing simple as my English not so powderful, hee hee. Things I learned from the book: (1) Learn to keep things simple, don't complicate matters. (2) Learn to keep secrets. (3) It is important to smile and be polite always. It goes a long way. (4) Be careful in your speech, you may forget what you said, but people will not forget. Basically this book is more like a self improvement book with a story telling style. The author talked about lessons she learned from her mother and quoted real life examples and stories.

Questions and Answers about Life Liberation

The following article is extracted from the Internet and is not my own writing. 01: Why do Buddhists practise life liberation ? Buddhists practise life liberation to give the priceless gifts of fearlessness (from being killed), freedom (from captivity) and the Dharma (by connecting them to the Triple Gem through offering repentance, refuge and a better future birth, especially in Amitabha Buddha's Pureland). The Avatamsaka Sutra says, "If the negative karma (of killing in this and previous lives) is to take form, even limitless space cannot contain it." Because we have accumulated immeasurable negative karma through killing directly and indirectly in the past, life liberation (for creatures great or small, of insects or animals of the land, sea or sky) is the most efficient way of repaying our karmic debts of killing, especially in this Dharma-diminishing age. Life liberation has immeasurable merits because it saves the lives of animals, generating immeasu

Three books

These are the three books I am reading now, all Chinese books. First Book - Life Recipes From My Mother What the first book is about: An inspirational, instructional memoir about a time when thoughtful manners were part of everyday living, even for the young. The book recalls long-ignored family traditions and social customs that the author's mother (one of China's earliest feminists) taught her over many decades. These timeless life recipes are divided into three sections: Recipes for the Soul; Recipes for Successful Relationships; and Recipes for Agreeable Living. Readers also receive insight into a unique point in history: the family's experience of the Japanese invasion of China before the 1949 civil war, and their exodus to a brand new life in Hong Kong. Second Book - Talking about Life by Hsing Yun Master Third Book - Merits of Animal Release What the third book is about: The last part of the book covers some Q and A about Life Liberation wh

My vegetarian bkt

Feel like having vegetarian today and also i am nearby the vegetarian restaurant. At first i wanted to have vegetarian mutton soup but it was not available so i ordered vegetarian bkt instead. The bkt soup contains herbs and has a bitter taste. The ingedients are mock meat and tau pok. After i finished the bkt, i still have some rice left and also i don't feel full so i ordered vegetarian salted chicken to go with the balance rice.

Finally vietnamese (9 april, 2018)

Always read about vietnamese food in mun's blog, only until today then got chance to try. First time try vietnamese food at pho street @ bedok mall. I don't think i like it as the wraps for the summer rolls (spring rolls) are sticky and too chewy for me, also the soup of the chicken vietnamese noodles is not flavourful enough, i only like the three colours dessert which tastes like cendol. Well, never try never know, at least i tried.

Tian Tian Exhibition @ SCC Centre

Went to Deja Brew Cafe @ SCC Centre last Friday to have my dinner, after my dinner, saw that there is a Tian Tian Exhibition at the Gallery on Level 2, so went to look see look see and take photos. These are the photos, which Tian Tian do you like the most? I like #1 the most because it is so shiny and colourful. The titles of the Tian Tian are self created by me, can you think of any suitable title for those not named? Poster #1 #2 #3 - Metallic Tian Tian #4 - Ong Lye (Pineapple) Tian Tian #5 - Pom Pom Girl Tian Tian #6 - Blue Sky Tian Tian #7 - Polka Dots Tian Tian #8 #9 - Five Cents Coins Tian Tian #10 - Malay Tian Tian #11 - Never Say Never Tian Tian #12 - Chinese Tian Tian #13 - Colourful Thunder Tian Tian #14 - Dinosaur Tian Tian #15 #16 #17 - X Ray Tian Tian #18 - Indian Tian Tian #19 - Black Gold Tian Tian #20 #21 #22 - Eat Away Your Brain Tian Tian