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Buttermilk crispy chicken burger

I ever mentioned that i want to try the buttermilk crispy chicken burger, i tried it that day, the crispy chicken patty is tasty and I like the crispiness of the chicken. The sauce tastes something like salted egg sauce which i like. The chicken patty is topped with crunchy purple cabbages and pineapple rings. The pineapple rings taste a little sour which is just right for me. I would say this is a better experience than the BBQ pulled chicken burger, so i would recommend it. The meal will cost S$8.95 and the burger is also available a la carte at S$6.95.

CNY decorations @ my house

I bought the doggie decorations while my mom bought the cushions.

Mom's cooking (25 Jan 2017)

Corn and carrot chicken soup made by mom, sweet and tasty, price - priceless, hee hee. My dinner tonight with steam minced meat egg too.

CNY decorations @ chinatown and bugis junction

Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Bugis Junction Bugis Junction Bugis Junction Thai Triangle Cushion My buddy Jose wanted to buy the Thai Triangle Cushion to use at home for reading, but it was sold out at Joo Chiat Complex, so we went to Chinatown after that to buy my jeans. Before that, we had our dinner at Papparich in One KM Mall. I had Hainanese Chicken rice while Jose had veg curry mutton rice. For drinks, we ordered their Champion Three Layers Tea. We took Bus Number 2 from Joo Chiat to Chinatown. There me and Jose bought some Jeans and I got a chance to take photos of the CNY decorations at Chinatown. For the Bugis Junction decorations, they cleverly change the Christmas Ballerina decoration to CNY decoration by including the red flowers on the ballerina's skirt, previously the ballerina's skirt is a Christmas Tree.

Fish liberation activity 放生鱼活动

For the first time, i went to this fish liberation activity at marina south pier. It costs S$12 for the boat fare. I reached there around 1.45pm and there were two blue tables for registration, payment and donation. At around 2.30pm, we boarded the ferry which brought us to the middle of the sea. Mantra were distributed for us to chant before we release the fish. When we reached the spot for the liberation, all of us take turns in groups of three to liberate the fish. The fish we liberate are grouper 石班鱼. They said grouper are hard to catch so don't be afraid that the fish will kena caught again once released. Sticker Marina South Pier Marina South Pier Mantra Mantra Mantra Grouper waiting to be liberated The liberation The liberation The liberation Three fishes are placed inside a red basket, all we have to do is to roll and drop the fishes into sea. Very easy. Refreshments (fried carrot cake and mineral water) were distribu

Vegetarian food at changi airport

As today is cho yat初一,so i had vegetarian food at changi airport T3 kopitiam after my teaching. I had chap fan and i chose mock fish, mixed vegetables and curry vegetables for the dishes. Costs S$5.10. Vintage typewriter @ changi airport T3 kopitiam.

Vegetarian food hunt (16 jan 2018)

As my buddy is eating vegetarian for her late mother's 49 days, we went to fortune centre to hunt for vegetarian food. After survey and research on a few stalls, we finally settled for vegandeli at unit #01-28b. Both me and jose ordered kung pao chicken rice, the chicken meat was made of lion's mane mushroom (猴头菇), very tasty and delicious with the sauce. Price is S$7.90 with a side dish, for side dish i chose mixed vegetables.


Went to marina bay sands for a walk and to eat toast box pandan swiss roll. One small pandan swiss roll costs S$2.60 but sweet and tasty, i like it very much. Pandan Swiss Roll @ S$2.60 No, I did not buy anything from Bath and Body Works even though I spotted a Shea and Vitamin E Body Lotion which smells very pleasant, I still have my Shea Butter and Sesame Oil Body Lotion from Body Shop at home. Bath and Body Works Bath and Body Works This year is Dog's Year so the window displays feature doggies. Window Display Window Display

Limited Time

Was hungry and was thinking of what to eat. Mac comes to my mind. I am not a fast food person and it had been a long time since I last had fast food, but I have no choice as all the stalls near my house are already closed. When I went to Mac, I saw their poster featuring the BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger so I thought of giving it a try. The BBQ Pulled Chicken burger will be added to Mac Signature Collection burgers for a limited period, alongside the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken burger which is a permanent item. The pulled chicken is served with BBQ sauce, shredded purple cabbage and carrot between toasted sesame seed buns. A la carte  will cost you  S$6.45. The verdict after trying? The chicken meat was so shredded that I could not detect the taste of the meat.  The BBQ sauce was too overpowering for my liking. Ok, next round, I will try the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken burger.

Craving for sushi

After reading what Mun posted about sushi here , I have craving for sushi again. However, instead of going to a sushi restaurant, I just dabao sushi when I passby this Sushi Shop at Bedok Mall. 6 sushi for a price of S$4.00, how worth. This is the sushi shop I patronize: Junshin Express Bedok Mall #B2-20 On a side note, I am trying to cut down on raw salmon consumption as I read about cases of bacteria in raw food and health issues due to eating raw food.

A mask a day

Sometimes i love to pamper myself with a mask, i went to bugis to buy some masks for myself today (tuesday), these are the masks i chose. First time i saw coconut mask and there is broccoli mask too (something new to me). The 5 masks i bought today 1) rose mask 2) pomegranate mask 3) coconut mask 4) ginseng mask 5) manuka honey mask (not in photo cos i had used up this one). Will try the broccoli mask the next round.

My lucky day

Today is my lucky day as usually the chawanmushi for this japanese food stall will be sold out but today it is available. Yeah! Finally can eat my favourite chawanmushi. I ordered the salmon and pork katsu rice set for my main @ S$7.50, with any set meal the chawanmushi costs only S$1.00 instead of S$1.50. The pork katsu was juicy and tasty which i like. The grilled fish did not disappoint me too. Overall it was a satisfying meal. Vintage item @ changi airport T3 kopitiam Just sharing. Have a great weekend everyone!

My simple dinner (2)

My simple dinner with minced meat, green beans and tau kwa as the dishes. Costs S$4.00. This time same i took white porridge.

New collection

It is the first day of 2018, wish everyone a blissful, peaceful and smooth year ahead. The last day of 2016 i went countdown with my buddy to welcome the year 2017. But last year 2017 i did not go countdown, just watched fireworks near my house, very beautiful i like. Today i am going to talk about two new additions to my fridge magnets collection. One is bangkok fridge magnet which i bought during my dec bkk trip last year. Another fridge magnet which is the one above my bkk fridge magnet is a tokyo japan fridge magnet, a gift from my brother in law when he went tokyo for a racing car competition sponsored by his company. I love to collect fridge magnets, it reminds me of the trips i made or others made overseas.