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Home cooked food

My mom seldom cooks at home as she is a very active person and she has her own group of friends to go Karaoke and dancing with. Even though she seldom cooks, but during Chinese New Year without fail, she will whip up many delicious dishes for us. Sometimes I will dabao food for her such as fried carrot cake, ckt or dessert or sometimes chili crabs which is her favourite, but usually once in a while, as my mom is usually out and she will eat out before she comes home. Even though my mom seldom cooks, she cooks once in a while when I am sick. I was down with cough recently and she cooked porridge and minced meat balls for me. Mom's cooking is always the best. Minced meat balls

Not the normal

I went to bugis wanting to change money to thai baht then after that i went to queen street hawker centre to have my early dinner. Oink oink is one of my favourites so i had pork rice, i don't know how to say it in English, using direct translation it is call mountain pig, in chinese is call 山猪肉. Very tasty and flavourful, costs S$5.50 with rice.

Sharing two light music songs

Sharing two nice English songs during this mid week. The first one - Laughter in the rain Second one - Close to you (Carpenters) Listening to these two songs makes me happy, especially the first one, a happy and light-hearted song. Happy mid week everyone.

First time try

First time try this red wine chicken mee sua 红槽鸡面线 at changi airport T3 food court, costs S$5.50. The soup tastes a bit sour and sweet, I like. After that went to T2 to walk walk, took photo of the decorations there and had a chit chat with buddy until 10.30pm. Thereafter buddy went to dabao ckt for her mom and then it was home sweet home for us.

Handmade card

Handmade Christmas card for my buddy. I went to popular bookshop to buy the paper materials and embellishments. I even went to the library to borrow books on how to make cards to get some ideas. Total costed me only about S$3. Once in a while I like to make cards for my friends.

Art Exhibition @ Library

I love taking pictures of art pieces, there is an art exhibition at my neighbourhood library, just sharing. #1 #2 #3 Guess which drawing I like?

Christmas Decorations @ Bugis Junction

This year, Bugis Junction's Christmas Decorations' theme is Ballerina, the skirt of the Ballerina is the Christmas Tree, creative.

When I feel moody...

I felt moody and sad recently because of something that had happened. Supposed to go Bangkok with my buddy, this year we did not book with travel agency as I thought I could ask someone's help to book for me online, in the end the tour package (air ticket and hotel) turned out to be S$150 more expensive than if we book with travel agency due to some miscommunication. I thought book online should be cheaper than book through travel agency physically. I felt kind of sad, moody and heart pain, so it kind of affected my mood for the tour. In the end, I tell myself everytime I feel moody, I should try to use my EQ to cheer myself up, I cannot depend on other people to cheer me up because sometimes they are not readily available for me and they cannot understand my feelings. Hope I will feel better in the days to come.

Christmas decorations @ suntec

I like Suntec's decorations with the golden balloons and teddy bears, so nice!

Lovely Sunday Night with mom

Went to the KTV with mom on a Sunday night. We reached there around 8 plus in the evening, I sang three songs in the main hall, they are 爱我一生一世好不好,你是我胸口永远的痛,当爱已成往事,mom sang four songs, they are 双人枕头,苦情花,当作没有爱过我, and one more song I can't remember the name. I ordered Earl Grey whereas mom ordered coke. Cold drinks are at S$2.50 and hot drinks S$4.50. Total we spent S$7.00, very reasonable price we feel. We left around 9 plus.

Changi airport

Since T4 is open I went with my buddy Jose to jalan jalan. But before that we had our dinner at terminal 3 food court. I had 卤肉饭 braised meat rice at S$5.80. After that we took a shuttle bus to T4 from T2. We took some pictures at T4 and after that we went back to T3 where Jose dabao dinner for her mom. We had a long chat over Thai ice milk tea at S$2.80 each. We left around 10.30pm. P/S All the cartoons (hello kitty, etc) and the teddy bear look so cute, see already also happy! T3 playground T3 playground T3 Outside T4 food court T4 T4 T4 - self check-in Entrance at T2 Entrance at T3 Braised meat rice (S$5.80)

Christmas Decorations @ Orchard

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 After going to Suntec Tower 3 to repair my phone, I went to Orchard immediately to take photos of the Christmas decorations, I like this year's decorations more than last year.