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Mid Autumn @ Gardens By the Bay (28 Sep, 2017)

Last year I went to have a look at the Mid Autumn decorations at Gardens By the Bay with my mom. Last year's decorations include Chang Er, Hou Yi and Yue Lao etc. This year, the gardens celebrate autumn abundance with lantern sets symbolic of bountiful harvest, nightly cultural performances, a food street featuring Asian delights and craft booths offering activities such as lantern decorating, umbrella painting and Chinese knotting. I went to have a look at the decorations which is from 22 Sep to 8 Oct. Admission is free and it is open to public from 6pm to 11pm. I did not go with my mom this year as my mom has other programmes. If you ask me whether I prefer this year's decorations or last year's ones, I can say both are nice as last year's decorations are more traditional with Chang Er but this year's decorations are cute with the hardworking ants and bees etc. These are the photos I took (you can click on the photos to see a larger image). Ant Ant c

I love paintings

I saw these paintings at Big Box when me and Jose shopped there so I took photos of the paintings. I love paintings and I love abstract art. Painting tells a story and if I run into the artist, I will like to ask him what story he is trying to convey. I am learning to appreciate art but they are so expensive so I can only admire and take photos. Which painting do you like best? I like #1 and #4 the most because I like rainbow colours and those with strong colours will appeal to me. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Loot from big box

This is what I bought, a rainbow colour light bulb for home decoration at S$15. My buddy Jose prefers the plain colour bottle version. Big Box is the largest furniture mall in West Singapore. More sofas, recliners, dining rooms sets, mattresses, decorations, outdoor furniture, beds and wardrobes under one roof than anywhere else. And that's not all, the latest kitchen appliances, televisions, air conditioners, fans and much more at their consumer electronics department. Outdoor sports, fashion, books, tropical fish, a huge Indoor Fresh Market, you'll find it at Big Box! Level 3 is their Food Court. They also have restaurants like Ensihi, In & Out and Twenty 15.

Thai Food at Big Box Food Court

Went to Big Box near Jurong East MRT Station for a walk and shopping. Before shopping, we went to their Food Court at Level 3 to have our dinner. I wanted to try the Thai Food so I went to Siam Wok stall. For the platters, they have four choices. They are Thai Chef Platter, Siam Platter, Ayutthaya Platter and Chiang Mai Platter. Two pax portion costs S$23.90 whereas four pax portion costs S$42.90. I had wanted to try the Thai Chef Platter because I like chicken wings and some platters have beef in them but Jose doesn't want to eat Thai Food, so in the end I ordered Green Curry Chicken which comes with soup, dessert and rice at S$7.90. The green curry is kind of diluted, not the rich and creamy type which I like and the chicken meat is not very fresh, so I will not eat from this stall if I come to Big Box again. Big Box is a mega mall near Jurong East MRT and I bought something here which I will share in my next post. Have a good week ahead, everyone! Thai Chef Platter

Holland Village Nasi Lemak

Before my chanting at bedok reservoir road, I went to bedok central to have my dinner after my teaching. This is what I had, my favorite Nasi lemak at S$3.20. I like the chicken wing as it is very crispy, juicy, aromatic and fragrant. I also ordered luncheon meat and an egg. I will visit this stall again if I want to have nasi lemak.

Bamboo Salt Face Moisturizer

I bought this Korean Brand Bamboo Salt Face Moisturizer during one of my trips to JB. The main ingredient is natural bamboo salts. It can penetrate deep into skin bottom to prevent signs of dryness, dullness and wrinkles. It also prevents aging for a radiant, renewed and luminous complexion. These are a few benefits of salt for skin: 1. Face Exfoliator Massaging your skin and face with a mixture of 1 teaspoon fine grained salt and 1 teaspoon olive oil for exfoliating your skin. 2. Acts As A Skin Toner Salt can be used to reduce facial oiliness. For this purpose, fill a small spray bottle with lukewarm water mixed with 1 teaspoon salt and mist on your face. Be careful to avoid your eyes. This acts as a skin toner. 3. Treatment Of Puffed Eyes For treatment of puffiness of eyes, lie on your back and apply pads soaked in a solution of one teaspoon salt and hot water. I bought this bottom of Bamboo Salt Moisturizer at RM43.90 from City Square JB. I will start using this

Vegetarian Claypot Rice

As today is the last day of the Chinese seventh month so I had vegetarian food. I ordered their claypot rice with carrots, cabbages, french beans, mushrooms, mini corns, celery and yam (S$6). The claypot rice is flavourful except that the rice is a little moist but I managed to finish all the rice. For drinks I ordered avocado juice which is so delicious (S$3.50). The restaurant does not charge service charge and GST so bill total is S$9.50. This is where I had my dinner : Xing hua vegetarian restaurant #01-02 the bencoolen 180 bencoolen street Daily 10:00 - 21:00

Random Post

My student Anderson is so sweet, that day during lesson he thought I got sore throat, he passed me a sweet to eat, aiyo, so sweet of him, melt my heart. And the same boy, Anderson, asked me a question one day during lesson. A: Did you find yourself a husband? Me: No. A: Why? You so old already! Me? Old? Oh yes, I am old, haha, 45 is old. That's just kids. Kids can just say anything without any qualm and I don't blame them because they are so innocent and have no ill intentions. Maybe I should say to him: Me: Why? When you grow up, you will know why. Haha.

My student's Review 2 Result

My student got 36/40 for her Mathematics Review 2 Test (which is 90 in percentage) and 15/20 for her Review 2 Composition (which is 75 in percentage). The topics for her Mathematics Review 2 Test are (1) Fractions (2) Time (3) Problem solving and (4) Heuristics. This is the remark from her school teacher: Kirthika, you are able to show understanding for Q19 and the next step is to be careful in your work. As Nurul has more money, you will have to add and not subtract. You have done well. My student is still weak in two steps problem solving so I will focus more on that area for her, if not she would have got full marks for her Mathematics. I am glad she did pretty well. By the way, I also got a Teacher's Day gift from her. There are two red pens, one scented green pen and a face towel with wordings embroidered on it. Teacher's Day gift for me

Horse Oil Hand Cream

I ever read TM blogged about Japanese Horse Oil Cream here . Finally I saw it at Daiso Singapore (Chinatown Point Branch). I am a curious person by nature and so I bought it to try. S$2 only so why not? It has a light pleasant scent to it. I was worried about it having a funny smell at first. The product says Made In Japan instead of Made in Hokkaido as mentioned by TM. And this is different, as this is hand cream and cannot apply on face like the one bought by TM but it doesn't matter as I do apply hand cream at times (No wonder my hands are so smooth *shyless me* LOL) I researched on the Internet and found out the horses are not deliberately slaughtered to obtain the oil or lard for this product. The oil is obtained from horses that are slaughtered for meat, so I feel it is still alright. After applying I feel that it has a whitening effect on my hands and my hands feel smooth and delicate after that. I am happy with the result. Try it yourself one day. P/S But it has the a

Han Ka Ram Korean Restaurant (8 Sep, Friday)

Went to Han Ka Ram Korean Restaurant to have dinner after my teaching. My last visit was ten years ago here ( They have shifted from The Heeren to AXA Tower. I was a little disappointed as the restaurant's scale was much smaller now. Food wise I will give a rating of 3.5 out of 5, reason being they have removed my favourite spicy kimchi pork from the menu. Accessibility I give a rating of 4 out of 5 as it is conveniently and centrally located near Tanjong Pagar MRT. Ambience wise I give 3 out of 5 as the restaurant was much smaller now and feels a little cramped. Service will be 3 out of 5 as the service staff did not have a smile on their face. The rating for price would be 3 out of 5 as the prices cater more to a group of diners rather than individual because the dishes do not come in smaller portions. This is what I ordered. Pork in sweet sauce and paste with rice and egg. Costs S$11.00. I did not tak

New item

I went Sushi Express to have my dinner after my teaching on Wednesday, 6 Sep. I only took one photo of their new item, caramelized salmon as the rest of the sushi are the same as what I ate here . They put some sugar on top of the salmon, so it has a slight sweet taste to it, yummy and tasty. I had 15 plates of sushi and total was S$22.50 before service charge and GST. I will like to have the caramelized salmon again if I visit Sushi Express again.

Thought of the day

Thought of the day - Is multi-tasking more productive or single-tasking more productive? Personally, multi-tasking is in my blood as I am someone who loves variety, I find it boring to be doing one thing at a time. And in reality, it is almost impossible to single task, as you can't avoid taking phone calls as they come in when you are typing your email or when you are working on something. However, I read in a book in the library that supports the view that single-tasking is more productive. So I went to search on the Internet for information on multi-tasking vs single-tasking. The following information are from the Internet: You juggle a lot of balls every day, and it's easy to feel like everything gets 20% of your attention but nothing ever gets 100%. It's time to start giving your work your full focus. We can't effectively check our email, listen to someone asking us for feedback on a project, and take notes simultaneously. We can do it, sure, but ever

Hongkong Egglet

I saw this stall selling egglet while walking around the shopping centre at jurong point after my dinner. I did not buy any as I was quite full at that time and if I bring home it will be cold already. So I just took a photo. There are many flavors to choose from. There are savoury types such as pizza and chicken floss and sweet types such as chocolate, Pandan and strawberry. I would like to try pandan flavour if I happen to buy the next time. Which flavour do you like?

Hot Tomato Cafe and Grill (1 Sep, 2017)

After my chanting session at Jurong West, I went to Jurong Point Shopping Centre to have my dinner. I passed by Hot Tomato Cafe and Grill and I saw they serve Western Food, since I don't mind having Western Food so I decided to have my dinner here. This is what I ordered. Pork chop with calamari at S$12.50, you can upgrade your set meal with soup of the day and a drink at S$3.50. I ordered Ice Lemon Tea which is my favourite drink. The pork chop came in a big piece so it was a little hard to chew. I have to cut it into small pieces. The calamari was crispy and tasty and I also like the Ice Lemon Tea. I still prefer Han's as the mushroom sauce chicken chop with soup of the day and drink costs only S$12.80.

Centrepoint Pratunam Hotel (Bangkok)

Will be going to Bangkok in October. This will be my second visit, my first visit to Bangkok was 20 years ago! This is the hotel that we are considering, Centrepoint Pratunam Hotel. Just sharing some of the photos of the hotel. Grand Deluxe Room Grand Deluxe Room Lobby Lobby Restaurant (6am to 10pm) Restaurant (6am to 10pm) Swimming Pool (6am to 8pm) Jacuzzi (6am to 8pm)