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My birthday

This is my second visit to Vienna international buffet with my buddy. My first visit was here . I am officially 45 after today, received a lovely gift from my friend, and some facebook and whatsapp birthday greetings from friends.

Vegetarian wanton noodles

Today is 初一 so I had vegetarian wanton noodles at S$3.00, the char siew was flavorful with a sweet taste, the fried wantons were nice too.

Just two old photos

I miss my younger days. How about you? Do you miss your younger days or you prefer your current life? That was during my mid 20s. Mid 20s to mid 30s, enjoyed my work tremendously, financially stable and well off, always have good food to eat attending all the media lunch and media events, never a lonely moment with many friends surrounding me, now most friends are married, so lesser friends now but still blessed to have a few very good friends, not so financially well off but is contented with life as long as got healthy body, a roof over my head and food on the table. However if I have a chance, I would like to turn back the clock, because those times my dad still around (sob sob).

JB One Day Trip - 17 April, Monday (Canton-i)

Egg plant with minced pork (RM22) Beancurd with fish paste in soup (RM22) Wanton Noodles (RM16) We went for a day trip to JB on 17 April (Monday). Exchange rate is S$1 to RM3.145. We had lunch at Canton-i City Square around 11am. My friend had Wanton Noodles while I had rice. We shared the two dishes which are Egg Plant with minced pork and Beancurd with fish paste in soup. For drinks, my friend had Yin Yong (RM6) while I had warm drink with Longan, winter melon and sea coconut (RM6.50). Total bill amount is RM92.40 including the 10% service charge. Business was very good at Canton-i as it was almost full house after a while.


Just a short post. Today I heard my nephew said "ball" in front of me. Finally I heard him talking in front of me. He saw images of football on the TV screen and he burst out "Ball". He saw a toy orange, also said "ball", LOL. Then we corrected him, says it is orange. Have a happy weekend, everyone!

Eating Healthy

This is another vegetable dish I had on 十五, steam broccoli. I bought two packets of Japanese Sesame Dressing from Macdonald's. I ate the steam broccoli with the dressing. Yums and healthy.

Vegetarian Kway Chap

As today is the 十五, so I had vegetarian food. I had Vegetarian Kway Chap with Tau Pok, Tau Fu and Vegetarian Pig Intestines at S$3.00. The Vegetarian Pig Intestine does look like the real Pig Intestine but taste wise, I would say it is tasteless. However, it is okay for me to eat this at times as I am only semi-vegetarian. Doesn't the Vegetarian Pig Intestine look like the real one?

We survived

We survived during those days when there was no handphone. Now if without handphone, I wonder will we get used to it? Actually I missed those days when we do not have handphone as I find that during those days human relationships are not so distant and do not depend solely on SMS and Whatsapp, we tend to chat over the phone more. I had my first handphone during Year 1999/2000 and over the years, I had used about 9 handphones. So far I had used three handphone numbers. On the average, I change handphone every 2 years. My first handphone was a Ericsson (before they merged with Sony to become Sony Ericsson), after that I changed to Nokia, I only started using Samsung during year 2012. I was very loyal to Nokia until Samsung took over. These are roughly the phones I have used over the years. Year 2004 and Year 2006 are missing as I can't find the handphone images. Year 1999/2000 - Ericsson GA628 Year 2002 - Nokia 8250 Year 2008 - Nokia 6300 Year 2011 - Noki

林憶蓮 - 誘惑的街

One of my favourite songs. My idol Sandy Lam. Do you have any idol? Who are your idols?