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Toast Box @ MBS Shoppes Mall (25 March, Saturday)

I am alone today, yes alone can also be fun and enjoyable, enjoy your solitaire time! Had Instant Noodles with Luncheon Meat and egg @ S$10.60 (it comes with a drink), as I had curry chicken here that day so thought of trying something different. Curry chicken with potato and tau pok (What I had the other day) But I find curry chicken with rice more worth it as @ S$11.50 (about S$1 more) I get three curry chicken wings, potato and tau pok. And because it comes with rice, it is more fulfilling. Oh yes, it also comes with a drink. How about you? Would you order curry chicken with rice @ S$11.50 or Noodles with Luncheon Meat and egg @ S$10.60? Instand Noodles with luncheon meat and egg Interior

Dharma Talk and Vegetarian Meal (23 March, Thursday)

Today (Thursday) I went to attend a Dharma Seminar with buddy Jose at Geylang Lorong 29. We meet at 5pm in the afternoon and had our dinner at Kuan Yin Zai Vegetarian @ Geylang. It was a windy and cooling afternoon, I arrived first and shortly after Jose arrived. She brought back many Buddhist books from the Books Donation Corner near the bus stop. I also brought back some. I had vegetarian chicken rice with brinjal and it costed S$3.50. The brinjal was very tasty and not too soft, just nice. It was a satisfying dinner for me. Jose also had vegetarian chicken rice but for her side dish, she chose vegetarian sweet and sour pork. After dinner, as there is still some time so we went to the Public Library nearby to chill. I browse through some books and soon it was time to head to the venue where the talk will be held. The Dharma Talk lasted two hours from 730 to 930pm. It was a nice evening gathering with my buddy and attending the talk with her. My Vegetarian Chicken Rice wit

Dinner at Thai Kitchen (14 March, Tuesday)

Prawn Cakes (5 pieces) Kang Kong with chilli and garlic Green curry chicken Exterior of the restaurant Menu Menu Menu Bill Dinner with buddy Jose, dinner with her is always so enjoyable. The prawn cakes were just nice and not too dry. However the Kang Kong came with too many stalks and little leaves. The green curry was thick and tasty. Both of us had extra rice as we are big eaters. This is the first time I had dinner at Thai Kitchen (Toa Payoh). After dinner, we went to Popular Bookshop nearby to shop but we didn't buy any book this time because we still have books not finished reading yet. I reached home at 8.30pm. It was a short but nice outing with my buddy.

Christian Names

After reading what Yannie posted about Christian names in her blog here , here and here , I was inspired to write a post about my past Christian names. When I was in Primary School, I named myself Maria. After that, it daunted to me that Maria sounded like the name of a maid, so I dropped this name. As I entered Secondary School, I loved the name Audrey but I found it too common and I wished to have something more unique, so I changed the "U" to "N" and adopted the Christian name Andrey, not knowing that Andrey is a boy's name (anyway, Charlie is also a boy's name but was used by girls before, same case for the name Chris which can mean Christopher or Christina). My male classmates liked to tease about my name because at that time there was a famous wrestler named Andrey, they called him Andrey the Giant, muahaha! After I graduated I never use the name Andrey anymore. As I joined the working force, I wanted a Christian name other than my real name so

It was a success!

Saw Tasty's Junior Video in Facebook and I tried to bake Chicken Breast Meat following the recipe. Ingredients needed: Chicken breast meat 1/2 cup of bread crumbs 1/2 cup of parmesan 1 teaspoon of salt 1/2 teaspoon of pepper 2 eggs 1/2 cup of mozzarella Method of preparation: 1. Cut the chicken breast meat into smaller pieces. 2. Mix the bread crumbs with parmesan, salt and pepper. 3. Dip the chicken breast meat into the beaten eggs. 4. Coat it with the bread crumbs. 5. Dip it into the beaten eggs again. 6. Then coat it second time with bread crumbs. 7. Bake at 190 degree celsius for 20 minutes. 8. After baked, sprinkle the chicken breast meat with the mozzarella. 9. Then bake again at 190 degree celsius for 5 minutes. 10. Serve. The Chicken Breast Meat was a simple and tasty meal. Bon Appetite everyone!

Chinese Remedies for curing headaches (Part Two)

After searching online for Chinese Remedies to cure headaches, I found out these few types of headaches that one may have. The following information is from here and here . Here are the different types of headaches traditional Chinese medicine cures naturally: Tension headaches: These are the most common type of headache and are marked by pain at the temples or back of the head or neck. Cluster headaches: Tend to affect men slightly more than women and occur in groups or cycles. They are characterized by a sharp or debilitating pain in one side of the head, usually causing a watery eye or nose on the same side of the face. Cluster headaches can be treated with acupuncture or Chinese herbs. Sinus headaches: Common in people who suffer from sinus infections. Acupuncture around the nose and sinus area is an effective treatment. Rebound headaches: A type of recurring headache that can actually be caused by using over-the-counter painkillers. If you’re using drugs regu

Chinese Remedies for curing headaches (Part One)

I am turning to more Chinese and Natural Remedies for better health. Sometimes I have headaches, instead of taking panadol or painkiller, I am thinking of looking for Chinese Remedies for curing headaches as Western Medicine cures the symptoms but not the roots. I gather some information from the Internet here . The following information is from the Internet, hope the information helps: Chinese remedies for headaches include acupuncture as well as Chinese herbs. The best treatment depends on the type of headache you’re experiencing in addition to the symptoms. Traditional Chinese remedies can be used for migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, post-traumatic headaches and those resulting from existing diseases you may have acquired. The effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine lies largely in the way it views headaches, their roots and symptoms. Because nearly anything can cause a headache and it can effect individuals in vastly different ways, traditional

Brief update on my nephew

My nephew at 1y9m. He is able to say simple words such as duck, ball, dog and bye bye. And after observing, we find that he is likely to be left handed as he always uses his left hand. That's all for the update for now. Have a good week ahead everyone!

Nan Hwa Chong (Ah Chew) Fish Head Steamboat Corner (6 March, Monday)

Dinner outing with Mom. I had blogged about my previous trip here . Here we are again for dinner but instead of ordering the usual salted egg prawns, we wanted to order something else. So we ordered Braised Pig Intestines, Fried Shrimp Roll and Sambal Kang Kung. I know some of you might not like Pig Intestines but I don't mind as long as they are cleaned properly. I had an extra bowl of rice as I am a big eater.


On this day, I have craving for Kway Teow instead of the usual yellow Wanton noodles. Delicious Wanton Kway Teow I had at the hawker centre, yummy, cost only S$3. There are 3 Wantons (Dumplings) that come with the Kway Teow. Do you prefer your Wanton noodles to be Kway Teow, Mee Pok or thin yellow noodles?


Finally I received Anay's China postcard on 27 Feb 2017, the date stamp on the postcard was 2 Dec 2016 so it took approximately two months to reach me. This proves that Japan's postal services are fast and efficient like a bullet train whereas China's postal services are slow like snail. But I am glad that at least I got to receive the postcard so Anay's effort won't go wasted. Anay wrote the postcard during the 24 hours train ride from Dunhuang to Xi-an. Thank you Anay TM for the postcard once again. Cheers and have a happy mid-week everyone!