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Vienna International Buffet (28 Feb, Tuesday)

Went with Buddy Jose to have buffet dinner at Vienna International Buffet Restaurant at United Square. We were there from 5.30pm to 8.30pm, taking our time to slowly enjoy the food. Address 101 Thomson Road #B1-01 United Square Singapore 307591   Telephone (65) 6254 6686 / 6253 1696 We paid S$47.80++ (Adult price) per pax. Their menu includes Salmon, Dory, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, etc. They have chawanmushi, sushi, oysters, lobsters, crabs, prawns and so on. As for soup, they have herbal soup, shark fin soup and Buddha Jump Over the Wall. For their desserts, I would recommend their cheese cake and they were all gone very quickly so must act fast. I also had their grilled salmon, grilled chicken, pizza, crispy soup and prawn salad. It seems like this place is especially popular among the Chinese nationals. There was a table near us filled with Chinese nationals and they were so loud and noisy. The last buffet trip we had wa

Eat a bowl of yummy rice

Just had bowl value meal at yoshinoya Bugis junction. They have Beef, Beef with vegetables, Ebi Fry, Teriyaki Chicken, Karaage and Salmon for the meat choice. I usually and always choose salmon and after changing the drink to ice lemon tea, it would be S$8.70. And I would always ask for extra Mayonnaise. Yummilicious.

Part Two

About the divorce guy I get to know at Mac, now we still keep in contact but I just treat him as normal friend because I realize his character is not one I can depend on. Firstly, he is money crazy, when I asked him to pray more and chant Buddha Name more, he asked does this bring more fortune, he is also crazy about 4D. I wanted to tell him life is not all about money, there are many things that are more important than money. Talking about money crazy, some of my relatives are also like that, they do not believe in doing good deeds, they do not have a religion and they are only concerned if something they do will bring in more fortune or not. Secondly, he seems to have no sympathy, there was once he asked if I keep pets, I said I do not keep pets for fear that if they die, I will be sad, he then replied that if they die, just bury lor. How unsympathetic and loveless. These are two observations I have for him. Sometimes when I talk to him, I try to impart some knowledge of good

Just Sharing

Just sharing some quotes from Facebook which I like. I like the first quote the most as I agree with it 100% and that is what I always do. I always have respect for those who work hard to earn a living regardless of what is their job. How about you? Of the above quotes, which quote do you agree the most and which quote do you like and why? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you. Cheers and have a great weak ahead.

Heartwarming postcard from cold Hokkaido

If you have been following his blog, you would have known that he went to Hokkaido recently to attend the Sapporo Snow Festival. Yes! It is nonetheless Anay TM. Received his post card from Hokkaido, this is the 4th time I got a postcard from him, I was thinking to myself, maybe I should have an album to keep all the postcards from him, that would be nice. Thanks Anay for the effort and for remembering us even when you are away for holiday. Appreciate it very much.

Happy Chap Goh Mei

Today is CNY Day 15, the last day of CNY. I went Chinatown on Friday Night and I would like to share two photos I took to mark the 15th Day of CNY. Happy Chap Goh Mei to everyone! Chinatown CNY decoration Chinatown Point NTUC

River Ang Bao 2017

I prefer to go in the night with all the lights on and the weather not so warm. On the second last day of the event, I went but it was raining heavily so did not manage to take photos. Luckily I am free on the last day of the event, so I went and these are the photos I took. Entrance God of Fortune in a ship Huge Rooster Blue Chicken Yellow Chicken Robots also dance (Technology) The Chinese words mean every year got fish to eat Huge Rooster Smart Nation Racial Harmony Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit (The rabbit looks like got a shock) Dragon Snake Horse Goat Monkey Rooster Dog Pig  I like the 12 animals, all look so cute.

New Year, New Phone

After using my Samsung S3 for two full years, I think it is high time for me to get a new phone. It is showing some problems for quite a while, one thing the battery always go flat just after a few hours of usage, I asked the sales assistant is it okay if I change the battery to a new one, he said it does not help much because the phone system itself is already not very good. Another thing is the phone will sometimes black out on its own and I have to take out the whole battery to reboot it. And using my old phone, I was unable to view my blog comments and post online. So here I am with my new phone, Oppo phone. I am getting Oppo because of the sales assistant's recommendation and because the price is reasonable with the specifications I wanted. The retail price is S$229 and I choose gold colour (they have gold and pink).

CNY Day 9 初九拜天公

Are you all also praying to Tian Gong? Ours is rather small scale because we do not live in a big house and one thing to note, we do not have Roast Pork or chicken in our offerings so it is considered vegetarian. I like this kind of tradition and festival where everyone will ask for blessings and have peace of heart after praying. I consider myself quite a traditional person as I will observe the rituals and follow tradition. Happy Bai Tian Gong especially to the Hokkiens. Heng ah Ong ah Huat ah!!!

My Ang Bao Collection

The Chinese characters mean what you wish, it will come true The Chinese character is Fu, in hokkien is Hock meaning blessing This Chinese character is my surname The Chinese character is Ong After seeing what Mun posted here , I had the inspiration to post about my Ang Bao collection. These Ang Bao designs are so nice and irresistible, I can't help but to own them. I love to collect Ang Bao and of course receive Ang Bao, hee hee.