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An Update from Me (14)

Client wants to hire a Secondary Three Chinese Tutor for her son so I managed to source one for her at the rate of S$35 per hour, once a week, 1.5 hours, so total fee would be S$210 for 4 lessons, commission would be $105 (50%). That's all for the update for now. Have a happy 2017!

Short trip to Batam

We reached Harbourfront Centre around 8.45am. The ferry departed at 9.50am. This is the first photo we took. On the way to Batam No, we are not taking Star Cruise Gemini, this is just opposite our ferry. Even though our trip is free and easy, we were still transported to the Pineapple Tarts Shop and Superheroes Merchandise Shop for us to shop. I bought a Batman Mug for my youngest sis at the Superheroes Shop. After that, we were transported to our hotel, Grand I-hotel Nagoya. We rested a while before going to Nagoya Shopping Mall to have our lunch around 2.00pm. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall This is our lunch. First Day Lunch We had Ayam Goreng Telur Asin which is salted egg fried chicken (on the right inside the photo) which costed Rp 47,600. We also had Udang Mayonis which is Fried prawns with Mayonis sauce (Rp53,800) (not inside the photo), Baby Kailan (Rp25,800) (on the left inside the photo), Hi Pio Soup which is Fish Maw Soup (Rp38,800) (Middle inside the photo) an

Second Trip to Nana's Green Tea

I mentioned here that I will go to Nana's Green Tea again to try other items. So here I am today (Friday). I ordered their Matcha Nama Chocolate Parfait (S$13.80) and Karagge Curry (S$13.80). The Parfait is an artisan dessert starting with a layer of Kanten jelly and Matcha syrup then topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream, generous layer of corn flakes and garnished with a Matcha ice cream, Matcha chocolate Ganache, red bean paste, whipped cream and a dizzle of Matcha syrup. The Karagge Curry is a generous serving of Japanese curry served over warm millet rice with chicken karagge. This time round my experience wasn't that pleasant. After finishing my curry rice, I asked the waitress to serve my Parfait. I waited very long and after asking four waitresses, I was then served the Parfait after more than half an hour. I prefer what I had the first time - the Pork Katsu Don and the White Bean Soup with Matcha (drink). Karagge Curry (S$13.80)

Tour booked

Went down to People's Park Centre today (Tuesday) at 5pm to book our Batam tour. The price for 3 Days 2 Nights is S$87 (2D1N) + S$62 (Extension 1N with breakfast) and there is a surcharge of S$10 for peak season so it is S$159, after adding the tax of S$21 and Batam Terminal Fee of S$8, it will be S$188, we also bought insurance at S$8 so the grand total would be S$196. The insurance covers baggage loss, baggage delay and travel delay. This time we will be going free and easy as we had been to their City Tour before and the itinerary will be the same. We intend to make full use of the hotel's facilities. The hotel got two lounges, spa and massage services, coffee house (open 24 hours), night club and swimming pool. The hotel also got jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. As today is Fifthteen in the Chinese Calendar, we went to have vegetarian chicken rice after booking the tour. After that we shopped around at People's Park Centre and we bought a CHANCE brand EDT at S$

Nana's Green Tea

After Mun's introduction and recommendation of Nana's Green Tea here and here , I went to have a try today. It was very crowded on a Friday evening and I have to wait a while for my seat, luckily I do not have to wait too long. But one thing different is for December Special Food, instead of having Chicken Katsu Don, we had the Pork Katsu Don. These are what I had, White Bean Soup with Matcha (S$8.00) and Pork Katsu Don (S$15.80). The White Bean Soup with Matcha was very tasty, I like the taste and flavour of the drink (Matcha), the sweetness was just nice for me. As for the Pork Katsu Don, the rice was very flavourful and I like it very much. This is the first time I tasted Millet Rice, the Millet Rice was slightly sticky but the stickiness was just right for me. I will give a rating of 4.5/5 for my experience here. Thanks to Mun for her recommendation. And plus I had a very handsome Japanese waiter who served me, that makes my day! I shall come back again t

Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken (怡保老友芽菜鸡) @ Chinatown Point

After my teaching, I was wondering where I should go for my dinner. Then Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts chicken @ Chinatown Point comes into my mind. This is what I had. The chicken is Kampong Chicken and there is a yellow skinned tone to it. The chicken meat was quite tough and not tender. Other than that there is nothing special about the chicken. I also ordered a Sour Plum Juice @ S$3. The drink is disappointing too as I could not detect any Sour Plum taste to it. The Grand Total comes up to slightly more than S$12 with the drink, GST and Service Charge. Overall I am quite disappointed with Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken. I find their serving kind of stingy. I still prefer Boon Tong Kee chicken rice . Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken (怡保老友芽菜鸡) Chinatown Point 133 New Bridge Road #B1-52 Singapore 059413 Tel: +65 67020192 Facebook: Website: Nearest MRT: Chinatown

Year End Holiday

Might be going to Batam again year end, still waiting for Buddy Jose to confirm. This is the hotel that we are considering, Grand-i hotel Batam. Just sharing some photos of the hotel. Front View of Hotel Corridor Bathroom Superior Room Deluxe Room

Another item sold online (3)

I managed to sell this Korean Fashion Dress at S$8 through Carousell App. Carousell is a community marketplace that lets you Buy and Sell everything from fashion, clothes, accessories, beauty products, furniture, art, books, branded goods, cars, bikes, antiques to houses. Just snap and sell or chat to buy, as simple as that. Initially I quoted S$10 for the item, after bargain, it was deal at S$8, I am not fussy about the price as I just want to clear this item. I bought this dress as a gift for my sis but she doesn't really like it after trying and I don't like it too, so that is why I am selling it. Next time I will know not to buy clothes for my sis in case she doesn't like it. I actually bought it at RM99.90 from JB City Square. Declutter your closet, room, or home of old stuff by putting them up for sale on Carousell, the best place to find a new home for your pre-loved items.

Start of December

December is always a joyous month because of the festive seasons and everyone going overseas for holidays. Start of December, just sharing my selfie inside the dressing room. I tried this top and I like it so I bought it at S$29. Black has a way of making one look slimmer. This is indeed retail therapy.