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Christmas Decorations Along Orchard Road

I prefer to go and see the Christmas Decorations at night, cos night time is more cooling and with the lights on, it should be nicer. So are you naughty or nice? I am both. (Yes? No?)


My favourite, Fish Hor Fun (S$4). The Hor Fun is very flavourful, with bean sprouts.

Study Area

Last time, when I was a Secondary School student, I will go to the Community Centre (CC) to study in their Study Corner, they have a Room with tables and chairs provided with partitions for students to study in. And because it is free of charge, there is always long queue starting in the morning. Some students will choose to go to Fast Food Restaurants to study, but the disadvantages are the place can be noisy and if it is very crowded during peak hours, the Restaurant Manager may chase you away. Another option is to go to the Public Library to study where it is quiet and conducive but you have to be early otherwise you can't find a place as it maybe fully occupied very fast. I choose to study in the Study Corner because there are too many temptations at home such as the One Eye Monster (TV) and the bed and for students nowadays the Computer. People with business sense have come up with this business idea of renting study spaces to students or the public to study or to do t

Christmas Decorations @ Citylink Mall

This year's Christmas decorations not as nice as last year maybe this year they have no budget due to economy not doing very well. To view Citylink Mall last year Christmas decorations, go here .

Sarawak Kolo Mee

SG version of Sarawak Kolo Mee with minced meat, char siew, meat balls, two slices of Fried Wantons and vegetables. Costed S$5.80 at QQ Noodle House. Some reviews of the noodles feel that the noodles were not very authentic (some even commented that it is a far cry from home), but I find the overall taste alright for me, maybe because I am not a very picky eater. However, one point to note, the Fried Wantons had almost no fillings and were mere dumpling skin. But their service was quite good, fast and polite. This is how the noodles look. QQ Noodle House 231 Victoria Street, Bugis Village, 188025

Christmas Decorations @ Bugis Junction

Let the pictures do the talking. Last year's decorations was gold colour, this year is red colour.

Countries like Singapore stealing US jobs: Trump

I don't know much about politics (I am more interested in economics though) but I did follow the US election results and the aftermath as politics and economics are very closely linked. During the election, one issue that catches my attention is this: Trump claims that countries such as Singapore, China, India and Mexico are stealing jobs from Americans, and vowed to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). "America has lost 70,000 factories since China entered the World Trade Organisation, another Bill and Hillary-backed disaster," he told supporters in Florida, reported the Press Trust of India. "We are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world." Mr Trump said Goodrich Lighting Systems laid off 255 workers and moved jobs to India, while Baxter Health Care Corporation laid off 199 workers and moved its jobs to Singapore. "It's getting worse and worse and worse," he said. A Trump administration, he said, wo

Sufood (Taiwan's No. 1 Vegetarian Chain)

Founded in 2010, Sufood is the first vegetarian concept restaurant under WOWPRIME GROUP, the largest F&B operator in Taiwan. Sufood is presently the #1 Vegetarian Chain in Taiwan that is renowned for its stylish and innovative cuisine. Through a joint venture, Sufood launches in Singapore for the very first time at Raffles City in May 2014. As this is the first time for me at Sufood, I followed what my Bestie Nor ordered as she had eaten here numerous time because she is a full time vegetarian. We ordered Cabbage and Sweet Potato Stew for the soup, as for the main course, we ordered Zesty Oyster Mushroom Stone Pot Rice. Drink wise, we had hot Yuzu Chamomile Tea. The fried mushroom inside the rice was very crispy and yummy. The bill came up to around S$60.00 and it was a treat from my Bestie Nor. I had known my Bestie Nor for 27 years and she was my Junior College schoolmate. 27 years of friendship is hard to come by and I really treasure this friendship with her.

My favourite

This is one of my favourite breakfast, Chwee Kueh, I can eat 6 of them in one go, I would consider this healthy because it is not heaty and it is without meat. 4 of them costed S$1.20, I bought 5 of them so it is S$1.50. How about you? What are your favourite breakfast? CCF? Chwee Kueh? Nasi Lemak?

Turning to TCM

Since my cough has been haunting me for more than a month, this time I turned to TCM instead of going to see Western Doctor. I went to Public Free Clinic Society. Public Free Clinic Society (PFCS) was founded in 1974, which then affiliated with Association for Promoting Chinese Medicines. From early 2009, to achieve better governance, the Commissioner of Charities has laid down regulations for all charitable organizations, including PFCS, to comply. On 6 June 2010, PFCS adopted a new constitution and became a Public Character (IPC) directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health (MOH).   To-date, PFCS has 4 branches that are located at Clementi, Tampines , Geylang and Jurong, with a huge turn-up of 10 thousands patients monthly.   The PFCS yearly operating cost solely rely on the kind donations from the public.  My medical fee was highly subsidized at S$9.50. The female Chinese doctor was very patient and asked me many questions. She then prescrib

My Student's Final Year Exam Result

Good to see that she has shown improvement. The breakdown of her results as follows: English Paper A (11/15) English Paper B (27.5/30) Listening Comprehension (19/20) Writing (10/20) Mathematics (32/40) In terms of percentage, it would be: English 79% Mathematics 80% Overall, she has shown improvement in her Final Exam.

Canton-i's branches

For the benefit of my blogger friends, I will like to list down the branches of Canton-i so that they could go to the nearest one to try their food, here it is: (1) Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang Tel: +604 2189688 (2) 1 Utama Shopping Centre Tel: +603 7729 7888 (3) Sunway Pyramid Tel: +603 5636 2888 (4) The Gardens Tel: +603 2284 6888 (5) Queensbay Mall, Penang Tel: +604 645 6688 (6) AEON Station 18, Ipoh Tel: +605 322 5588 (7) City Square, Johor Bahru Tel: +607 222 6888 Hope they are useful to you. Cheers!

Update on my telemarketing job

Update on my telemarketing job so far, I managed to find one client who intends to rent out her whole 5 Room flat, rental fee would be S$2500 for the whole flat, if successful, my agent would get S$1250 commission, so my agent was quite happy but he needs to find the tenants first. There is also another client who intends to sell her condominium at Tanjong Katong, I passed the lead to my agent, this one has more difficulty as it may not be easy to find buyer for the condo as times are bad. No job is easy, that is what I would say, nothing is easy especially when times are bad and we are facing recession and economy downturn.

Canton-i at City Square

Finally got the chance to try Canton-i at City Square, the Eggplant with minced pork was flavorful with the sauce, the softness of the Eggplant was just right, as for the roast pork, the crispy part was not too hard and the fats just melt in your mouth. These dishes go with white rice were just nice. The drink was warm drink with Winter Melon, Longan and Sea Coconut, very refreshing and the sweetness was just nice. Canton-i was very crowded on a Sat evening. Dragon-i which was opposite also no lack of customers. Just for the records, the Eggplant with minced pork costed RM22, the Roast Pork RM26 and the drink RM6.50. Total bill amount with service charge and GST was RM66. After dinner, I spotted Souper Tang at Level 4, I didn't know Souper Tang is also in City Square, next time I am going to try it here because I also like Souper Tang. Thanks to Mun for her recommendation, I would say Canton-i did not disappoint me. Egg plant with minced meat Roast Pork

My Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus at S$2.50, it tastes just like Mee Jawa, no meat, just an egg. I love its savory sauce. Yums. As you can see, there is lime on top of the Mee Rebus, will you squeeze the lime to get the lime juice, I didn't though.


After reading what Claire posted about CCF here and here , I had a craving for CCF. This is what I had today. As I don't really like the sweet sauce, I requested for just oil and soya sauce, it costed S$1.60. Yums. But Claire's CCF here looks more appetizing.

Mantra for Blessing Meat

Recite then blow on the meat before consumption. It will purify the meat and it will bring the benefit of liberation to the being. The mantra will transform the meat to nectar and create extensive generosity and merits so it becomes a cause for enlightenment. One will not commit heavy negative karma of eating the meat rather one will bring great benefit to the being the meat belongs to. Om Ah Bira Khe Tsara Hum (7x) Some people may argue that with this mantra, it encourages people to eat meat because now even if you eat meat, you will still be blessed. I think this is more for occasions when you have no choice but to eat meat, so it is up to individual whether they believe in this mantra or not. Just sharing.


Hooked on the following drama recently: (1) Lady and Liar Synopsis (From DramaWiki) Set in Shanghai's 1930, Jiang Xin (Tiffany Tang) is a young lady who was originally an heir to a rich family, in search of her family. Due to an accident, Xin loses her memory, and therefore, Du Xiao Han (Yang Rong) takes the identity of Xin. While the real Jiang Xin falls into the hands of Bai Zheng Qing, a powerful business man, who conceals her past in order to keep her by his side, in the meantime, her previous lover, Sheng Jie Wen (Tony Yang) had been searching for Xin. Cast Tiffany Tang as Jiang Xin Hawick Lau as Bai Zheng Qing Yang Rong as Du Xiao Han Tony Yang as Sheng Jie Wen (2) A Good Wife (亲爱的,我爱上别人了) Synopsis (From DramaWiki) For seven years, Shen Yi Zhen tries to be a dutiful wife and an obedient daughter-in-law. But the loneliness of being married to a workaholic husband and the stress of not having a grandchild for her perfectionist parents-in-law is push