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Short or Long?

This is how I look with both short and long hair. So which hairstyle is more suitable for me, short or long? My favourite hairstyle would be this, long, straight and silky. But there are certain times when I grow tired of my long hair and thought of chopping it short for a new look. However I am not very adventurous when it comes to hairstyles so it is either short or long for me, I recall there was once, yes only once, when I permed my hair and I don't like it, I look old and mature with wavy permed hair so that will be the only time. Actually there are many styles which one can try, such as Korean, wavy, bob, and so on, but it definitely won't be me. Wavy hairstyle Soft textured curls Smart inverted bob Highlighted straight hair with long layers Bob Long layered bob with fringes and razored ends

Shopping again

I went Bugis Plus TEMT shop again and this time round I bought a blue off shoulder blouse at S$19.95. I won't shop and buy if I didn't see them, but if I happened to see stuff I like especially clothings I will buy it if it is not too expensive. How to cut down on spending like that, unless I stay at home and don't go out, but that is simply not possible for me. But at least I get to try the blouse and see that it looks nice on me, which is not possible with online shopping.

My Supper

I have the habit of eating supper, this is my supper the other day, Roti Prata with curry sauce, S$2 for two pieces of prata. It reminds me of this: How about having this PRATA (PRADA?) as your bag? LOL

Another update of my nephew

My nephew and his mother (my sis) I wonder do boys normally have bad temper, my nephew is naughty and also not very good temper, he seeks attention a lot and cries whenever adults are not within his vision. He likes people to play with him all the time and that is quite draining on the adults. Sometimes he can be a while crying and a while smiling, really don't know to be angry with him or not. Sometimes when he cry, his mother will ignore him until he stops crying on his own because cannot everytime give in to him Sometimes he will stare into blank space and don't know what his little brain is thinking. But I do observe that he learns things very fast, he learned his walking quite easily.

Pasar Malam in my neighbourhood

Portable fans for the warm weather Some more portable fans and handphone casings Any craving for durians? Any craving for finger food? Kebab - The kebab stall is one of the better selling stalls, business is good Selling bedsheets, blankets, pillow cases and towels

Sharing an article

Why Vegetarian? COMPASSION Like we humans, our fellow animals have the same capacity to feel LOVE, FEAR and PAIN. Today's animal farming is cruel. To enable the farm animals to survive the harsh conditions and to promote unnatural growth, they are often injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Often, chicks are de-beaked; pigs are castrated, their teeth cut and their tails docked, without anaesthesia. Commonly, these fellow animals are imprisoned in cramped conditions where their natural instincts are suppressed. From the moment of birth and throughout their lives, distress is a norm. Their last day is their worst. As long as there are factory farms where animals are cramped in unnatural conditions, the threat of epidemics will always be there, because factory farm conditions are ideal staging grounds for epidemics. The stressful conditions weaken the immune system of the animals. Viruses can mutate and remain dormant. This poses great danger of pandemics for humans.

Running errands

This is a backdated post (I am supposed to post this in April) I love running errands and paying my bills, it gives me a sense of satisfaction, funny right? Most people will feel heart pain parting with their money paying bills, but I feel self satisfied paying bills, it is like having done my duty and responsibility. Other than that, it is the time of the year to file our Income Tax and I just filed my Income Tax recently. Another duty fulfilled. Good citizen hor me? Where to find? :) How about you? Do you like running errands?

Cantonese songs

In the 90s, me and my friends used to sing Cantonese songs in the KTV. We simply love Cantonese songs! Here, let me share two of our favourite Cantonese hits by 劉小慧


Cute elephant design piggy banks at Daiso. Bought this cloth from Daiso because I love the prints but have no idea what it can be used for. Any suggestions?

My shopping loot

Bought this dress at a Sale from TEMT shop at Bugis Plus. Reasonably priced at S$9.95. Shopping is indeed therapeutic. Yeah!

Update of my nephew

At 13th month, he knows how to walk already. His mother brought him for a swim the other day. At first, he was quite scare and did not want to let go of his mother's hands. But after a while, he is playing happily with water. Kids love playing with water. Same like other kids, my nephew doesn't want other people carry, must mother carry and when mother around, he more naughty. As long as he grows up to be happy and healthy, I am contented. Mouth open so big, good night everyone!

Random Pictures

Socks I bought for my nephew. I like the middle one the most, the blue one also nice. I bought them from JB Pasar Malam. T-shirt I bought for my nephew (S$19.90). He can wear it when he is bigger at around two years old. Vegetarian Pineapple Fried Rice. The "meat" is nice and savory. Forgot the price because I ate this quite some time ago. Cat I saw on the way to teaching, I believe it belongs to a Malay family. It is obvious that the Malays love cats.

Salted Egg Yolk...

At first they have salted egg yolk prawns Then they have salted egg yolk buns And salted egg yolk croissants And Now.....they are having salted egg yolk chicken burger Promotion now on at Macdonald. S$5.75 for burger only. Taste? Not bad lah but not fantastic to the point of Shiok.


Rice with mutton and egg (S$3.50), this is bought from a Malay Stall from my neighbourhood hawker centre. Yums

Do you agree?

Do you agree with the following two statements? Why yes or why not? (1) Neither be happy when things to our way nor unhappy when they do not. Everything changes, nothing is real. (2) Everything is impermanent, nothing stays the same. For example, we are not the same people we were in yesterday's photograph. If everything is changeable and nothing stays the same, why should we attach to it? My personal opinion, the first statement, I do agree with the second sentence that everything changes, nothing is predictable and we never know what tomorrow will bring however if we don't feel happy or unhappy, we will become humans without feelings. We are humans and humans have emotions, unless we are saints. As for second statement, I do agree that everything is impermanent, everything is changeable and nothing stays the same, such as our looks, but I feel we should look after our looks too because it is important that one looks presentable, is this considered attach to it? Looks

SPEED (My favourite girl band from Japan)

Speed is my favourite girl band from Japan from young. Do you know them? This is the extract from Wikipedia: Speed is a Japanese female vocal/dance group comprising Hiroko Shimabukuro , Eriko Imai , Takako Uehara and Hitoe Arakaki . All four members are former students of Okinawa Actors School which also trained popular artists Namie Amuro and MAX . SPEED was formed in 1995 and their youngest member was only 12 at that time (they really don't look like 12 to me), bringing mostly songs of Pop genre. Speed made their major label debut on August 5, 1996 and became an immediate success. They became the most successful girl group anywhere in Asia with sales of over 20 million singles and albums in just three years and eight months. They disbanded on March 31, 2000 to pursue solo careers and to study. Following their disbandment, the group reunited several times for charity, but on August 20, 2008 they officially announced plans to reunite permanently. They mad

About Me (An Update)

I am a Taurus girl. I am a homebody at heart. I love doing houseworks and seeing my house spick and span. I also love blogging in the comfort of my home. However, I love going out too. Such as dining out with my friends and family (eating buffet and getting fat) and attending events. Recently I have decided to go to the gym regularly with my buddy Jose. I also love shopping and looking for bargains. Occasionally I love going across the Causeway to shop and eat. I am the bookish sort and currently I have a list of 14 books to read. In fact, I would be bored if I wasn't constantly reading, learning and doing something. Yet on the contrary, sometimes I love to daydream.

Book Exchange

My friend Jose told me there is a bookstore which has book exchange. So I went there to exchange books, but they have a condition, one can only exchange 4 books each visit and small book exchange for small book, big book exchange for big book. So happily I went with my old books to exchange. These are the books I managed to get after exchanging with my old books: I like the book in the 3rd photo especially, a Chinese book (Title - Consider yourself lucky if you are not married), the book was written with good humor by the author, I enjoy reading it. The book in the 4th photo is a English book, I have started reading it. The rest are all Chinese Romance Stories. I am going to spend my free time reading these books.

Ten Don

I love Ten Don. Comes with Tempura shrimps and vegetables. Price is S$10.80, comes with one wet towel S$0.30, 10% service charge and 7% GST, total S$13.05. This is where I had my Ten Don dinner: Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #02-03/03A Jubilee Square Singapore 569814 Tel: 6451 3201 This is my second visit.