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杨乃文 - 我给的爱

Cool songs by a cool artiste 杨乃文 I like, she is cool and different from the usual sweet girl next door type. Just sharing some songs during mid week to cool down your week, weather is still warm.

Gym (28 June 2016)

Today is the second time we went gym. To answer Phong Hong's question, yes, we intend to go to the gym regularly. Today ran treadmill at speed 4.5 for 40 minutes in total. An improvement than the first visit. My buddy Jose sweat a lot but not me. No good, cos I prefer to sweat more to detox. After gym, it is dinner time. This is what we had. Price is S$8.90, very filling. We ordered a set which comes with salad and drink at additional S$3.90. So total is S$12.80. The drinks are refillable. Value for money. The restaurant is: Saizeriya Blk 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #02-514 Singapore 310190 Tel: 6253 8001

Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai

Signboard "Red" packets Bangles for sale Kebab Donut key chains - aren't they lovely? Men clothes Ladies clothes As me and my friend went there in the evening 6pm on Sunday, it was very packed with people. We just went there to look see look see so did not buy anything. Even when we went to One Km Mall want to get a drink, it was also very crowded with people so we took a while to be able to find seats.

Tribute to 3 Bloggers with A Great Sense of Humour

(1) Phong Hong You have a hilarious sense of humor. You entertain people with a dramatic way of expressing yourself and telling jokes. Dramatic because you always like to describe the sights and add in sounds such as eating sounds (NOM NOM NOM). (2) Realgunners He already mentioned himself in his blog that he has an annoying sense of humour. You love playing pranks on your friends, don't you? Your humor is a mix between dark humor and sarcasm.   You are naughty too! You love talking about the opposite sex and bodily functions. But sometimes your humor is deep and I may not understand them. (3) Twilight Man I also like TM's humor, his humor is more straightforward as I can understand them right in my face. His humor is also dramatic as he can describe all the actions vividly. Example of his humor: When I am scared of ghosts, I must look for my wife! She knows that, after seeing how I hid behind her when we entered the Haunted House in Disneyland, Hong Ko

Song with oriental feel (黎明 [+] 陈慧娴 - 生死相许)

Heard this song over the radio, so thought of sharing, I like this song. Have a good weekend.


On 十五 this is what we eat. Vegetarian salad prawns and sambal kang kong. Can't keep track of the pricing because my friend kept the receipt. But I remember the price to be over S$20 in total. Not cheap. But it is tasty. Who says vegetarian food are not tasty? I had it at: 兴化素食 190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre, #01-11

Kids' Talk

(1) A father and his (I think) 5 years old daughter looking at a toy in the toy department of a store. Daughter: Bring home ok? Father: Pay money ok? Daughter: No money. Father: No money how? Daughter: Just take. Father: !!!??? (2) Grandmother and her grandson inside a bus. Grandson: Bus 63M, without M is 63. 63 go where? Grandmother: Go Chinatwon. Grandson: China is a country, so bus 63 goes to China. Grandmother: !!!??? So cute to happen to overheard these two conversations with the kid. So sweet and so cute.


After ten years never go to the gym, I hit the gym with my buddy Jose today. I ran on the treadmill for about 30 mins, my speed 4.0, starting slow first. I peep over to the guys (not peeping at their muscles but I do spotted some handsome guys), they are usually 8.0 or 9.0, I am half their speed. I do sweat a little, good for detox, I hope to sweat even more. After gym, of course, it comes naturally to food. This is what we had after gym, Yong Tau Foo at S$5.

Foodpanda (18 June 2016)

First time trying Foodpanda. This is what I ordered: (1) 2 x Chawanmushi = S$2.50 x 2 = S$5.00 (2) 1 x Nigiri Sushi - Salmon (2 pcs) = S$2.80 (3) 1 x Pork Katsu Bento = S$8.90 Subtotal = S$16.70 Delivery fee = S$3.00 GST = S$0.21 Grand Total = S$19.91 Their service was good and they even notify me through SMS that my food has been picked up from the restaurant by the rider and is on the way to my apartment. The food was not bad if you don't mind that it is not as warm as serve on the spot. At least I don't have to travel far to get a taste of my favourite Chawanmushi. Quite fun trying it.

This is good

Today (Sat) was a stay at home day because my nephew was here. After he went home, I went to the library in my neighbourhood and spend some time there. It was a wonderful time when I see so many self improvement books which I can read. Now back to food. This is sweet and sour fish rice with my runny egg (S$5). This is good, the fish is rather crispy on the outside (not too hard) and tender inside. And not forgetting my sambal belacan sauce. My youngest sis always like to make fun of me when I order this dish. She always repeat after me: "酸甜鱼饭加一个荷包蛋." And I want to say, life is good to me, good food, good books and good music. What more can I ask for?

Online shopping and online food delivery

The trend now is online shopping but I am not so much into it because I feel I cannot see, touch, feel and try the size, material and quality. I ever tried online shopping a few times and I am not very happy with the product. But I don't mind trying online food delivery. Nowadays not only fast food and pizza can be home delivered, all kinds of restaurant food and hawker food can be home delivered. I went into two websites to have a look, one of them is Foodpanda and the other one is Gourmet to go. We can pre-book our food orders for a later delivery the next day or a few days later. I like food delivery when I am too lazy to dress up to go out to eat or when I have no time and have to stay home bound. I had ordered Japanese food just tonight and will be waiting for my food to be delivered tomorrow, so stay tune!

Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken

Went to this Food Court at Bugis Junction to have my dinner. Ordered Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken with rice (S$6), didn't see anything that is "emperor" feel :P Find the chicken pieces a bit hard, maybe next time I shouldn't have cereal chicken or this chicken because I prefer the chicken to be more tender.


I had a "not so good" dream today, I dreamt that somebody told me that this coming Saturday will be my death anniversary, which means I will pass away on this day. I told my friend about this and she told me to chant more being a devoted Buddhist. She said that I had this dream to remind me that life is impermanent and anybody can die anytime, regardless of age. This coming Saturday I am not going overseas and taking any plane or taking any ferry and I should be at home so no mode of transport for me on this day so I hope I will be safe and sound. This dream has kind of disturb me, but come to think of it, maybe this dream come as a warning to me so I will be prepared and may even be able to avoid any mishap or accident. If you do not see me update my blog after this coming Saturday, you know that I am gone but if I happen to say hello again, it shows I am still alive and surviving. So gals and guys, wish me good luck.

Flea market

Me and my buddy are thinking of renting a booth to sell our preloved items such as second hand clothes, bags, used books, CD, DVD and so on. These are the two locations we are looking at: (1) Teck Ghee Zone H Residents Committee Event: Let’s Flea @ Teck Ghee Horizon Date: 10 Jan 2016 – 11 Dec 2016 Time: 7.00am to 7.00pm Venue: Void Deck of Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560475 Booth Rental: $15.00 (2 Tables & 2 Chairs will be Provided) (2) Fleawhere Event: MAKERS’ MARKET AT CAPITOL PIAZZA – JULY Date: 9 Jul 2016 – 10 Jul 2016 Time: 1.00pm to 9.00pm Venue: Capitol Piazza (Outdoor Plaza) 11 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178884 Booth Rental: $60 (1 day) and $100 (weekends) We are interested in the first one at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 because the rental rate is very cheap at S$15. As for the second one at City Hall, Capitol Piazza, we are attracted by its central and easily accessible location. However for this location, we are only allowed to sell brand new products. We are

My dinner

This seafood spaghetti is their signature dish, highly recommended. We can choose three types of sauce - tomato, aglio olio or cream sauce, I chose cream sauce. The seafood are prawns, fish and mussel. Price S$5.90. Yums. If it were you, which sauce would you choose?


Had a craving for cakes after reading what Phong Hong posted here . So I went to my neighbourhood cake shop and bought this chocolate cake at S$2.20. The cake was rich and sweet. I like it and I enjoy every bite of it, yums. Maybe I will grow fatter if I read too much blog cos blog has many food posts.

Books I bought from the bookfair

Chinese Romance Novels I also bought books for my nephew, even though it is still a bit too early for him. I am always tempted to buy books for him when I see the books. Books I bought for my nephew (bottom from left to right): (1) Learn to be optimistic (2) Learn to be patient (2) Learn to be confident I hope other than academics, he can learn to build up his character, such as determination and confidence which is important to a person.

Teaching my autistic student

Whenever my autistic student is able to answer a question correctly, I feel very happy for him. But his attention span is short, after an hour of lesson, he will start to lose his patience and starts to stamp his feet and vent his anger. But luckily I am able to handle it and won't feel frustrated. But I try not to be too lenient with him, as I am soft tempered so sometimes it is not good for him. I will try to be strict with him when there is such a need. It is good for him.

Boneless Chicken Glutinous Rice

The rice Whenever I do not know what to eat, I will pack Lor Mai Gai (Boneless Chicken Glutinous Rice) from NTUC supermarket, one for S$1.10 and I usually pack two (S$2.20). It is an easy and quick meal, just steam it and it is ready to eat.

Random Post

I had finished with watching Korean Drama Oh My Venus twice so now left with nothing to watch :( I was sick for over a week and during that one week plus I did not go out, so it was indeed very boring and I feel that it is very unproductive as I did nothing, just some simple houseworks. I hate to be sick because there is nothing much I could do except to rest. But after a while, I think to myself, instead of lamenting, I should count my blessings and thank God for giving me a short break (being sick). Nobody loves to be sick because once you are sick, you will feel lethargic and don't feel like doing anything. But I am glad I am recovering, I had gone to see the doctor twice. Very soon I will be back on the track again, so stay tune!