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My loots from Robinsons

(1) Surfers Paradise Ladies Shorts - 2 for S$10 (I bought 4, total S$20, one of the shorts is not in the photo) (2) Sour Plum and Calamansi Sour Plum Juice Drink - S$3.90 (3) Bio-essence Skin Awakening Day Cleanser - S$7.90 We shopped at Expo from 7pm to around 9.30pm and the above are what I bought. I keep coughing while shopping but nonetheless shopping was therapeutic.

No JB, just SG

No, I will not be going to JB on Monday because I have not fully recover and I wish to rest more rather than travel far. So it will just be shopping in SG at Expo Robinson Sale. Will post about my loots in a later post, so stay tune!

JB again

If nothing goes wrong, I should be going JB again this coming Monday. But we are not staying overnight yet as this is a last minute decision so it is a bit rush to book hotel. My friend says next time then we will stay overnight. Since I was sick since Sunday, I didn't go out for almost one week, just resting at home. So it is good to go out with my friend to "breathe some fresh air".


I was down with high fever, flu (running nose), cough and sore throat since Sunday, all come in one package. It is indeed suffering when one is sick, so health is the most important. Without health, one cannot do many things. My fever is slightly better now but I still sweat a lot. My mom says it is good if you are sweating, your fever will recover faster. Body feel very weak and no energy and I have no appetite for food.

Singapore Book Fair in June at Suntec

Am going to the Singapore Book Fair in June at Suntec with my buddy Jose. The annual event, organised by Singapore Press Holdings' (SPH's) Chinese Media Group, is in its 31st edition. It is themed "In Books, We Live" this year, which integrates topics on literature, creativity, family, food and travel. Books in Chinese and English will be featured at the fair. I like the book swop activity which they have, where we can exchange our old books for their books. I have ten books that I want to exchange. I love reading so I think I will enjoy this event. The book fair will be held from June 3 to 9 at the Suntec Singapore, Hall 401 and 402. Admission is free.

Good Karma

Whenever I read about news like these, I always think must be their good karma, they are able to become actors and actresses and be admired by many and able to find such good looking partner. This is the article: Song Seung Hun is gushing about his lady love. During yesterday's press conference for his new movie The Third Love , Song's co-star in the film and real-life girlfriend, Liu Yifei, became a hot topic of discussion. He raved about her acting talent, how she first caught his eye, and her supportive nature. "I became interested in Liu Yifei after I saw her in the movie A Chinese Ghost Story. It made me think that her acting prowess was amazing. I found that Liu Yifei acted from her heart," he said about his initial opinion of Liu. She was there for him when he took on the role of Lin Qi Zheng in the film and began promoting the project. "I don't open up to people easily. I'm more introverted than it seems, and I don't smile much.

Update on my nephew

Short hiatus from my blog and the blogsphere because there is some problems with my wireless mouse and keyboard, managed to fix it by changing them to wired mouse and keyboard. Turning One this June, my nephew does not like to play with toys, instead he likes to play with real things such as remote control, alarm clock, key chain, bottle, paper and boxes.

Doing houseworks (housekeeping)

I sweep the floors everyday and change bedsheet once a month. I did these basic houseworks myself and now after watching a TV program which features housekeeping companies, I am thinking of hiring a part time cleaner to clean my house once off or during CNY. This is the website I went to: The rate is S$22 per hour and minimum they have to work for three hours. You can search and book your cleaner online and pay online too. Everything is just a click away, so convenient. If I hire a part time cleaner, I would want them to change the bedsheet, sweep floors, mop floors, clean the windows, wash all the basins and wash toilets. I wanted to hire a part time cleaner because I don't want my mother and myself to work so hard and I thought of trying it out to see if they are professional and efficient. If they did the job well, I might consider hiring them the second time. How about you? Would you hire a regular cleaner (who comes once a week or once eve

My Kind of Fashion

I like Bohemian style, how about you, what styles do you like?

Egg Mustard Sandwich?

Short on time but still want a delicious meal? Make it easy on yourself with this simple and tasty food. Egg mayo sandwich but instead of using mayo and tartar sauce, I use honey mustard dressing so shall we call it egg mustard sandwich?

29 April 2016 (Fri) - A visit to my ex-colleague's house

Had wanted to pay my ex-colleague Nana a visit but it was only after 14 years we have not met, that we gathered together. Went to her house on 29 April (Fri), her house is very far away from the central area, so it was a long bus journey. As a few days earlier it was her birthday, I bought her flowers as a birthday gift. I always love to give friends flowers because I believe flowers can cheer anyone up! I chose Daisy because they are so lovely and Daisy is one of my favourite flowers too. Her house is a Four Room Flat, meaning having three bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Only she and her sister are staying in the flat. She occupies one bedroom and her younger sister occupies the Master Bedroom. Gosh, it is always my dream to have my own bedroom all by myself but I never have such luck. Her house is very neat, clean and tidy, I like it very much. It was a heartwarming bonding time with her after we have not met for so long. We chatted about our mutual colleagues and past office

My type of chap fan

This is my type of chap fan, rice with steam egg, fried chicken/pork (can't remember if it is chicken or pork) and vegetables (S$3). The Xi Yang Cai soup with pork costs only S$2. Very reasonable price and a very satisfying dinner for me.

My Way

My way of eating the greens - boiled Japanese Greens with honey mustard dressing. Not bad. The honey mustard dressing costs S$4.95 and the Japanese Greens S$1 per packet. The Japanese Greens can be eaten over two times. Will you call this Chinese Salad?


Had a craving for chilli crabs that day, so I walked all the way to No Signboard restaurant near my house that night. When I reached there, the staff there told me they do not have stock of Sri Lanka crabs which was what we usually had, only Canadian crabs. Canadian crabs are more expensive at one small crab around S$80 compared to Sri Lanka which costs S$50. My mother says don't want cos we had not eaten Canadian crabs before. She said don't know Canadian Crabs are from which sea and maybe they eat human meat we also don't know. So we ended up here, JB Ah Meng Kitchen. We ordered Sambal Kang Kong (S$10) and Salted Fish Steam Pork (S$12). The Sambal Kang Kong was nice but not the Salted Fish Steam Pork. The pork was too salty for our liking and I don't like the gravy. I don't think we will order the steam pork again the next time.