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Korean Strawberries (Air flown)

S$3.35 I had mentioned before that I don't eat fruits or rather seldom eat fruits, I don't like apples, oranges, I only like watermelon, mango (with mango named the most widely consumed fruit in the world) and...strawberries! Bought these Korean Strawberries from NTUC supermarket, taste sour as it is not easy to find strawberries that taste really sweet. Have to choose really bright red ones. Click here for the heath benefits of strawberries.

Short update from me (11)

(1) Client wants to look for a H2 Physics tutor for her JC2 daughter, I managed to source one for her, it is once a week, 1.5 hours per lesson, S$70 per hour, commission was S$210 (50% of S$420). This is the second business deal for me for year 2016. Talking about the subject Physics, during my Secondary School days, I hated Physics and Chemistry like hell, no matter how hard I tried, I can never comprehend these two subjects. But I did well in my Humanities Subject Geography.  That is all for the update for now, cheers!

Kway Chap

Had this at neighbourhood food centre, costed S$4.50, rather sinful with innards. But once in a while, I love to have Kway Chap, how about you?

DVD - Ip man 3

I missed Ip man 3 when it was showing in the cinema, so when I went JB, I bought the DVD. I had watched Ip man and Ip man 2 in the cinema. Finally got the chance to watch the DVD just now. Halfway through the movie, I was getting kind of impatient, I was wondering to myself: "Why on earth am I wasting my time watching these men fight with each other, it is so pointless and meaningless." But coming to the last part of the movie, I realized there is a message in the movie. I like the last part when Ip man spends more time with his dying wife. Ip man's wife, despite being happy of Ip man's decision to accompany her, makes another appointment with Cheung for another match on behalf of Ip man, as she knew Ip man would have attended if not for her condition. Ip man finally won in the match against Cheung, at the end of the match, Ip man remarks that "what is most important are the ones closest to us." Indeed, love conquers everything. Death is the saddest th

JB Day Trip - 26 March 2016 (Saturday)

My friend bought this Costed her around S$10 Nyonya Leaf - Where we had our lunch Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken at Nyonya Leaf Kapitan Local Products where we bought local products such as white coffee Sour Plum Ice Blended Ice Cream with Waffle Tai Wan Xiao Chi Entrance of Tai Wan Xiao Chi Arranged to meet Jose at 8.30am to go JB. We meet at Bugis MRT and walk to Queen Street Bus Station. It costed us S$3.30 for the bus fare and we used our Ezlink Card to pay. It was a breeze from Singapore to Woodlands Checkpoint but there was a slight jam on the way to Malaysia Customs. After we reached Malaysia Customs, we went to City Square and had our lunch at Nyonya Leaf. It was brunch for Jose as she did not have her breakfast. I had Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken. Then I bought a home decoration (pot of flowers) at a pushcart near Nyonya Leaf. It costed RM32.90. I also bought two shirts for my sis, a bag (from The Bag Shop) and some local products

Buying Contact Lenses Online

Have you tried buying contact lenses online? I thought of doing so because it is so much cheaper but I wonder is it safe and reliable? This is the first time I am doing so. You have to key in the details such as Power, BC, Diameter, Colour and Add Power on your own. If I buy from my Optician, it would be S$290 for 6 pairs of Multi-Focal Contact Lenses. However, if I buy online it would be S$232. A saving of S$58! The website I am looking at is Have anyone of you here bought Contact Lenses online before, any experience to share? I would love to hear from you.

JB here I come

Going to JB again this weekend, the exchange rate is S$1 = RM2.94. I think I want to eat the Saltish Chicken Rice again at City Square. My friend would like to have the Laksa again. It is as if I am going overseas though it is only across the Causeway. JB here I come!

Just Sharing - Oh My Venus OST (Love Moves On)

Song Title: Love Moves On Artist: Kei of Lovelyz I simply love the chorus of this song, na sarang hanabwayo... so heart breaking and sentimental... Thanks to U Tub, I can easily find the songs I like.

Korean Drama Oh My Venus

I just finished watching the 16 episodes of this Korean Drama Oh My Venus. It is a light romantic comedy starring So Ji Sub and Shin Min-a. This show is subtle, crisp and intriguing and it moved me to tears when Kim Young Ho (in the show) was hospitalized. I love the storyline, casts and the OST of this drama. This is the plot from Wikipedia: Kim Young-ho, a.k.a John Kim, is a personal trainer to Hollywood stars. Despite his family's wealth, Young-ho suffered a devastating illness in his childhood. But he believes living a healthy lifestyle and exercise is the only way to survive. He uses this to run from his family issues. His fear of his father and pity for his grandmother. A Hollywood scandal with an actress has him on the run back to Korea. Kang Joo-eun was once an ulzzang in her teens, semi-famous for her pretty face and enviable figure. Now a 33-year-old lawyer, she has gained a lot of weight since. She passes out on a flight from the U.S. back to Korea and

Sharing a few things I learned from a book

"How smart girls can become richer" is a book I finished reading recently. The following are some of pointers I learned from the book, since the book is in Chinese, the following are my translation into English: (1) When you have spare time, try to shop lesser, especially those impulse shoppers. Try to stay at home, read books and newspapers and learn a skill, in this way you achieve the aim and target of earning more (with a skill) and spending less. (2) Only action is power, knowledge is only a potential energy and power, if you do not put your knowledge into action, your knowledge is redundant and useless. Girls in their twenties, if you keep on thinking of earning more and do not put into actions, your wish will always be like a reflection in the water which is not real. (3) On marriage If your husband is as career minded as you, who can sacrifice time, energy and other things for his career, then both of you can work together or jointly for a common

Certain weird habits of mine

(1) I don't like people looking at me or staring at me when I am doing something. So that is why I can never be a cashier or front line staff. (2) Whenever I see crumpled pages in a book, I will try to straighten them if not I will feel very uncomfortable. (3) When I see typo errors, I must correct them if not I will feel uneasy. This is slightly different from what our friend SK posted here . He is talking about subconscious whereas I am talking about obvious habits that we have. (Hope SK doesn't think that I am copying him :P) By the way, until today, I still miss SK's blog, all the chatting over there. No good lah you Thambee, made us miss you so much. Muahaha. How about you? Any funny or weird habits you have?

Several types of vegetarianism

I had two questions about vegetarian food and they are: (1) Do vegetarians eat egg? (2) Can vegetarians eat butter? I search on the internet for the answers and this is what I found on the internet. Now I learned that there are actually several types of vegetarianism, thought of sharing them here. The following information is from the internet. There are several definitions for vegetarianism. Veganism: A life-style wherein any dependence on animals is prohibited. It's not just eating meat, but buying leather shoes, wallets, woolen jackets is also prohibited. Eggs, milk, honey etc. are all prohibited because obtaining them involves troubling animals. Vegetarianism: In the strictest sense, it is to eat only food that is derived out of plants. In different locations, different non-vegetarian foods are considered vegetarian. Note that vegetarianism is primarily a dietary consideration. Most vegetarians (at least in my country, India) do not have anything against purcha

Just an update of my nephew

My nephew looking so happy in supermart My sis and my nephew My nephew is turning 10 months soon, his teeth is coming out soon and he is able to stand with some support, very soon he will learn how to walk. He was down with a fever recently and I donated some money and transfer the merit to him in the hope that he will recover soon. He is well now, just occasional coughing with a lot of phlegm.

Penang Durian White Coffee

I bought this in JB as I would like to try out a new taste of coffee, the price I can't remember as it was quite long ago. After trying, I would say I do not really like it as I am still more into the traditional taste. How about you? Are you adventurous when it comes to trying out new tastes of coffee? Have you tried Durian White Coffee before?


A churro is a fried-dough pastry based snack. Churros are popular in Spain, France, the Philippines, Portugal, Ibero-America and the Southwestern United States. In Spain, churros can either be thin or long and thick. They are normally eaten for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate. I saw a stall selling Churros at Bugis Village and I went to try it. S$3.50 for small churros and S$4.50 for large churros. You can choose to dip in caramel, nutella, condensed milk, hot chocolate and so on. I chose condense milk, oh mine, it is so heavenly sweet with the condensed milk. It is a nice dessert or snack after your main meal. I would like to have it again if I go to Bugis Village again. Yums. Weekend is here, have a good and sweet weekend everyone! Cheers!

Something to ponder - Is that considered as flirting?

I remembered when I used to work in the office, whenever I talked to male counterpart over the phone, my female colleague liked to tease me and shouted at me:"Stop flirting on the phone!" This reminded me of what I read here when RG flirted with the cashier girl (where he claimed the cashier girl started it). Another incident, I used to patronize this Roast Duck, Char Siew stall at a coffeeshop. The guy who prepared and served the food over the counter always like to make fun of me. One day, I teased him back asking him: "Got goose meat? I want goose meat rice today." He was a little stunned and don't know what to reply. Haha. Is that considered flirting? I think it was quite harmless trying to joke and add spice to your day as long as you do not overdo it and make sure you choose the right person to tease and not somebody's husband or boyfriend.

Vegetarian Fish Cutlet Rice

Today is the First of the Chinese Lunar Month, so I decided to have some vegetarian food. The vegetarian fish cutlet is very crispy and fragrant, I love it. This costs S$4.50 and the Barley drink costs S$1.20, grand total S$5.70. The fish is slightly different from what I had here .

This brings a smile to my face

Third consecutive time I received a postcard from him, second time from Japan. When I see this in my mail box, I know for sure it is from him, yes, it is nonetheless Anay TM. On an ordinary day where nothing surprises me out of my boring and normal routine, this brings a smile to my face. Thanks for the effort Anay, really appreciate it.

My student Kirthika

My Primary One student Kirthika is Indian and she is sensible and obedient, but she likes to cry. According to her helper, when the shampoo soap went into her eyes she would cry, even after she completed her shower, she still cries. I enjoy teaching her because she is such a cute girl and my heart went soft whenever I see her. I am teaching her Mathematics and English. She is quite good already, except sometimes she gets confused if she encounters tricky Mathematics questions and she sometimes doesn't read the sentence carefully, so I have to remind her again to read carefully before attempting the questions.

Han's Hor Fun

Wanted to try Han's Hainanese Pork Chop with rice (their signature set at S$13) but it was sold out, so I went to try their Hor Fun with prawns, pork and fish (S$8.50). Price is quite expensive for a normal Hor Fun but it tastes good and I thought of trying. The Hor Fun is more like Kway Teow as it is narrower, not so big piece. I also ordered Lemon Tea at S$2.40. Total comes up to $10.90. Yes, it is not really worth it as by just paying S$3 more, you can get a Western Set with soup of the day and drink. So I don't think I will have Hor Fun again after trying.

Again, this time is different

Yes, this is vegetarian fish curry with rice which looks the same as the one here . But wait, the ingredients are different, here other than ladyfinger, it has Brinjal, Tau Pok and Cabbage. This is from another vegetarian stall. The curry was very spicy instead of sourish, with chilli padi inside. Too spicy for me. I should cut down on this as I will get sore throat if I eat too spicy. The price S$7 and rice costs S$0.50.

K Stars Craze - The men we love

Two of my friends are crazy about this Korean guy recently, his name So Ji Sub. He acted in Master's Sun. My friend commented he has so many looks and styles, very versatile and sexy too. Yet I am still loyal to my guy, Song Seung Heon. He acted in My Princess and Autumn in My Heart. Still a heartrob. Who has more taste?

This time is different

It is still the same chicken chop with mushroom sauce as the one here . But wait, can you spot the difference. Yes, the vegetables are different, this time is broccoli and carrot rather than beans, I prefer this than beans. Han's also serve local favorites such as Hor Fun and Bee Hoon and they look good too. They have Hainanese Pork Chop (in tomato sauce) with rice which is their signature set at S$13.00. Going to try their Hor Fun and Hainanese Pork Chop in my next visit. Stay tune.

Don't worry, be happy

Thought of sharing some encouraging thought in my first post in March. Here it is - Sometimes we humans tend to worry, but I feel if you are worried about something, you must do something about it, actions speak louder than words, after you did your part and tried your best, leave the rest to God and don't worry anymore, cos you already did what you need to do, so don't worry be happy.