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Vegetarian Spaghetti

Tried the vegetarian spaghetti the other day, of course it would not taste as nice as the real spaghetti but yet it is still not bad. They also have vegetarian Nasi Briyani but only on Saturdays and Sundays so I am going to try it one of these days. Nowadays there are many varieties of vegetarian food, you can even get vegetarian laksa, chicken chop and even vegetarian salmon. Of course, it would not taste as nice as the real thing.

Some more CNY Images

CNY decoration at Chinatown Point NTUC CNY decoration at International Plaza

Archive Photos - Visit to Beijing in 2004

Seeing Chris share about his China trip, I suddenly thought of sharing my trip to Beijing in 2004, so I search for the old archive photos, the details of the trip I can't really remember, but it was quite a lot of photo taking at Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven though. Here are the photos (Click on the photo for larger image) Fried scorpions, you dare to try? Tian An Men Forbidden City Forbidden City Beijing street Sunset Beijing street Tour guide leading a tour group Shopping district Hotel in Beijing, can't remember if this is our hotel Temple of Heaven Beautiful Lake But frankly speaking, I don't really like China firstly because I am not used to their food, their food are usually very spicy and oily and secondly I don't like their culture, their locals spit everywhere they go when I visited Beijing. It was also because I had bad experience there, I was not really feeling very well when I was in Beij

CNY Shopping (Just the beginning)

Went supermarket shopping with mom and bonding with her. These are what we bought for CNY. 1. Love letters (Egg rolls) 2. Kueh Bangkit 3. Peanut cookies 4. Prawn rolls 5. Can drinks These snacks that we bought, I think I most like the prawn rolls. Can't stop eating once I started. Of all the CNY snacks, which are your favourites?

My CNY decorations

Went to Chinatown and spotted these golden colour cushion covers and bought them immediately. I like the shiny golden colour which has a CNY feel. This year would be the year of the Monkey which is why I chose this design. How about you? Have you started decorating your house or spring cleaning for CNY?

Another favourite singer of mine - 張清芳

She is holding a concert in Singapore soon. Listening to her songs brings back many fond memories. 張清芳 - one of my fav singers. I am 70后 (meaning those born in the 70s), so these are the songs I love to listen. Are you 70后 or 80后or even 90后? Here are some of her songs which I like.

CNY decorations at Chinatown and Citylink

Chinatown Citylink Citylink I went Citylink to buy CNY card for my friend from Prints and passed by the CNY decorations. They cleverly changed the Christmas houses to CNY houses.


Chicken chop with mushroom sauce S$12.80 with a glass of ice lemon tea and soup of the day, yums!

How I spend My New Year Day (Day one of 2016)

I woke up early during the first day of 2016 because the day before (New Year Eve), I slept very early as I was dead tired after back from Batam. I had Wanton Mee for breakfast, as promised I took a photo of the Wanton Mee. Here it is. After taking a shower, I went to have a hair cut. During the hair cut, as usual the hair salon staff would "psycho" me to go for hair rebonding, they always do this because they want customers to spend more in their hair salon. After hair cut, I went for my lunch at my neighbourhood. After that I went out to the famous Guan Yin Temple at Bugis, prayed for a good year in 2016 and made some donations. After praying, I went nearby to Jalan Jalan. Bought a new jumpsuit for CNY. CNY shopping was early this year. I slept early that day and had a good deep sleep. That was my first day of 2016. How about yours?

As The Years Go By

2000 2000 2001 2006 2010 2013 Any difference you see over the years?

Batam Trip (29 Dec - 31 Dec 2015)

Batam 3 Days 2 Nights Trip (Click on the images to get a larger view) We visited the famous Laughing Buddha Temple Buddha Go Kart I did not try the Go Kart as I am afraid if I bang into the roadside car tyres, it will be very malu for me so I just watched. Go Kart Good morning - view from our hotel room Nutmeg Cafe Day 1 dinner Day 2 dinner - Curry Chicken Rice (Rp 380,000) Bangi Kopi Live Band in a container Our floor lift lobby Hotel room Hotel room Hotel swimming pool We can't find such price in SG. For a cafe with big TV screen and a live band, we are only paying Rp380,000 (approx. S$3.80) for curry chicken rice. One thing, their currency, with so many zero, I find the zero very confusing, I always end up giving the wrong amount of money, LOL. As for the hotel room, it is very clean and comfortable. I would give a rating of 9/10 for it as I am very happy and satisfied with the room.