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Christmas at Gardens By The Bay

Take in the sight of our majestic Supertrees in all their splendour as they come to life in a special Christmas edition of the “Garden Rhapsody” light and sound show. Enjoy familiar Christmas tunes as you soak in the festive ambience of the Supertree Grove. This Garden Rhapsody Christmas Edition is from 20 Nov 2015 to 3 Jan 2016, daily at 745pm and 845pm, admission is free. Singapore’s biggest yuletide fair, Christmas Wonderland, as it returns to Gardens by the Bay with more dazzling Italian Luminarie light sculptures, a European-style Festive Market, and a brand-new Christmas Toyland floral display in the Flower Dome. Access to the Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay is complimentary to the public, while admission charges into the Flower Dome apply. Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay is from 27 Nov 2015 to 3 Jan 2016, from 4pm to 12 midnight daily. I hope to be able to attend the above with my buddy Jose, I also hope to get something for my family and friend

Versatile Blogger Award

I got nominated by Bluedreamer for the Versatile Blogger Award. Actually I have tag myself before for this award in the past here , so here I will repeat 7 facts about myself (with some modification): 1) I miss my past life very much. 2) I don't eat fruits 3) I love wearing jeans. 4) I used to join many activities during school time such as Choir, Athletics and Chinese Orchestra. 5) I love daydreaming 6) I have not been to the movies/cinema for months. 7) I am not a shopaholic and I shop rather cautiously these days. I will not tag anyone this time because this award has been around for quite some time. I will like to thank Bluedreamer for nominating me.

Pleasant Surprise from Anay (Twilight Man)

I opened my mailbox just now and guess what I received? A postcard all the way from Tokyo Japan! and the sender is nonetheless Anay TM. It is indeed a pleasant surprise! So sweet of Anay, still think of us, his blogger friends, when he was away for holiday in Tokyo Japan. Anay, you can read my mind is it? I was thinking to myself just a while ago, that I have not received anything from blogger friends recently, not that I am greedy, but I am always glad to receive something from my blogger friends, it does not have to be something expensive, even if it is just a card, it can warm my heart and make me happy for the whole day. While I was thinking about this, I immediately received the postcard in my mailbox from Anay today. Thanks Anay TM, it is so sweet of you and the postcard has pictures of Buddha which I like very much. And to show my appreciation, I have frame up the postcard in a photo frame and display it in my house. P/S I am correct hor, Anay is TM and Thambee is

My supper - Fried Glutinous Rice (糯米饭)

This was my supper that night. No ingredients but just peanuts. Have not had Nuo Mi Fan for a long time, usually I don't eat Nuo Mi Fan because I find the rice hard to chew. Some people have them as breakfast. It is also know as “sweet rice”, mochi rice, or sticky rice.

Batam City Tour Itinerary

My itinerary for my day tour (city tour and shopping) on the first day of my 3D2N in Batam. 7.30am ST - Assemble at Harbourfront Centre, collect your boarding pass. 8.45am ST - Embark on the high speed air conditioned ferry. 8.45am BT - Upon arrival at Batam Ferry Terminal, after immigration and custom clearance, you will be greeted by our experienced and friendly local guide. 10.00am BT - Visit Chocolate House. The place where the customers could buy many brands of chocolate. 10.15am BT - Will be proceeding to Kue Lapis Home Made Shop. Kue Lapis or Layer Cake is one of the famous Nyonya Cake in Batam. The Kue Lapis that we order is the home made Kue Lapis which is based on "Fresh Order Fresh Baking" quality. Maybe I will get something here. 10.30am BT - Next proceed to Ling Star Birdnest Shop where the customers could buy Pure Birdnest with reasonable prices. When my sis was pregnant, my mom bought a lot of birdnest for her. 11.00am BT - Visit Go Kart &

My student's result

I once blogged about my student's Science Test result here. Her Final Exam results is out. I teach her English and Science, overall she got Band 1 for her Science and Band 3 for her English (Band 1 being the best score). Her English results has improved overall from 50 plus marks in SA1 to 75/100 in SA2. Her overall results were pulled down by her SA1 results, that is why she got Band 3, I have not started to teach her when she was in her SA1, but still she has improved.

Tribute to my dad

My dad was a silent and quiet man and he usually don't talk much. Over the years, he did not teach me many things and lessons verbally, but through his example, behaviour and character, I had learned a few things and values on how to be a better person. These are the few things: (1) Patience is a virtue. My dad was a patient man, he never lose his temper or shout at anyone. He was one of the good men on earth that is almost extinct. I feel that I am fortunate and lucky to inherit this trait from him which is why I am into teaching now. Teaching needs a lot of patience. (2) Silence is golden. Whenever someone quarrel or has an argument with him, he will always be the one who remained silent. Some people feel that we should voice up and talk back to make our stand but some people during quarrel and argument won't listen to anything that you say, so I learned that silence is golden. As long as you don't talk back, a quarrel won't start and the person will eventuall

Healthy Dish

Japan Green Last time when I was a kid, I don't like to eat vegetables because I thought it would taste like eating the leaves on the tree and that would be very bitter, now I simply love to eat vegetables because it is good for health. This is my supper tonight, Japan green with white porridge. This vegetable is pretty new to me, as I normally only know vegetables like Xiao Bai Cai, Kailan, Broccoli and so on. Have you heard of Japan green before? By the way, weekend is around the corner, have a good weekend everyone!

My Supper - Fried Carrot Cake

Yums! I can have two pieces of them. Image source - Internet Yahoo

My Day

Went down to People's Park Centre on Sunday 6pm to enquire about the Batam Tour, the price for 3 Days 2 Nights is S$79 (2D) + S$45 (Extension 1D with breakfast) so it is S$124, after adding the tax of S$28 and tipping of S$2, it will be S$154, we also bought insurance at S$8. The grand total would be S$162. The package tour includes Indonesia Buffet Lunch, City Tour and a 60 minutes massage. As the agency is closing early, so we have to go back on Monday to pay for our tour. After enquiring, we went to the food court nearby to have our dinner and after that we went Daiso for shopping. I bought one lipstick, one lip gloss, one foldable mirror, a notebook, a container to put condensed milk and a packet of two kitchen sponges. Total damage S$12. The foldable mirror looks like this.

I Hotel Baloi Batam

Had been enquiring about the Batam tour and I Hotel Baloi Batam is one of the hotels under our consideration. Here are some photos and a video of the hotel to share. There is a karaoke lounge inside the hotel which I like. Lobby (Image source: Internet Yahoo) Image source: Internet Yahoo Swimming pool looks romantic at night (Image source: Internet Yahoo) Swimming pool looks romantic at night (Image source: Internet Yahoo)

Year End Trip

My buddy Jose is taking block leave end of the year so we are planning for a short trip in December. We intend to go Batam, most probably for the seafood and just relaxing. The joy in travelling I find is in the anticipation and planning. It seems year end is the time to travel, more expensive though, TM has gone to Tokyo and where is Chris planning to go? However, I read in the news there were some bombings in Bali and Batam during Christmas Eve years ago so I am a bit skeptical about it, must give some thoughts to it. Any of you planning a trip end of the year, do share with me, I would love to hear from you. Here are some photos of the resorts in Batam to share with you.

Do you like to eat bitter gourd?

One of my friends ever commented, "Life is already so bitter, why eat bitter gourd?" Haha. Bitter gourd is a known remedy for curing various skin diseases and skin infections, such as eczema. Due to its hypoglycemic action, bitter gourd makes an excellent remedy for diabetes. The insulin-like peptides, alkaloids, and charantin combine to lower blood and urine sugar levels without increasing blood insulin levels. There are many other health benefits of bitter gourd which can be found here . I personally don't mind bitter gourd. I just had bitter gourd bee hoon soup today but didn't take a picture. How about you? Life is bitter, think twice, haha.

Random Post

Was down with fever, headache, cough and throat infection for the past few days which explained my "short hiatus" from my blog. Now I am recovering and back to my momentum again so just drop by to say Hi to everyone and have a good week ahead! Cheers!

My favourite vegetable

Home cooked broccoli, value (priceless). One main benefit of broccoli - fight cancer. By the way, was trying to teach my Primary 2 girl English grammar, her foundation is really very weak, I taught her it is "their" bags not "they" bags, she asked me why leh why leh, I attempt to explain to her in Chinese because "their" is 他 们 的  whereas "they" is 他 们  so "they" bags is wrong. Of course, I cannot tell her don't ask why. Don't you agree, sometimes the children will ask us questions that we don't know how to answer, muahaha! Have a good week ahead, everyone!

Just sharing

Saw this on Facebook and thought of sharing it here, it is so true, whenever I run into my schoolmates and their families, I feel very happy, to see them happily married and living a blissful life (but of course, sometimes they may have their problems just that we don't know but overall they overcome their obstacles and are still surviving). I am not jealous of their success and I never think of competing with them. Don't you think it is so nice to see your friends doing well? Just sharing some of my thoughts. Sunday is around the corner, have a happy Sunday!