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两个人的路 - 林忆莲 & Aaron Kwok - Wei Yi Se Cai

Two of my favourite songs, enjoy! The second MTV gives me the chance to feast on Aaron's handsome looks while listening to his song, muahaha!

Introducing is a place where you can get many templates for your website be it blog or if you want to set up an online store. It is useful for those who will like start a business and create a website for their business. They have categories such as Business & Services, Music, Entertainment, Online Store, Blog, Hotel & Travel, Restaurant & Hospitality, Photography, Creative Arts, Design, Retail & Fashion and Personal. I created my tuition agent business website using one of the templates in Here is an example of the website I like, I like the look, the design and colours of this website. I love looking at the different fascinating websites with colourful graphics. Create a free website with . Customize your website with Wix's free website builder. Have fun exploring

Souper Tang at JB KSL

Back from JB, this is what I had at KSL JB, smoke duck with jelly fish, bean curb skin, rice and herbal soup. Cost us RM43 per person. The smoke duck was tender and with a herbal taste, nice!

Random Post

Today my nephew came to his grandma house to stay overnight with her mother. My nephew always like to stare at lights because it seems he is amazed by those dazzling lights. He can stare at them for a long time. This is the first time nephew is staying overnight at our house. Introducing the latest member of ALBB 7 hours later I will be going JB again, this time the rate of changing Sing Dollars to Ringgit is 2.79. Good night!

Dinner at Spicy Thai Thai Cafe

Baby Kai Lan in oyster sauce (S$8), one of my favourite greens, but the oyster sauce was too diluted, prefer it to be more dense. Green curry chicken with vegetables (S$8), the curry gravy was thick and sweet, thumbs up! The above is part of their menu. Spicy Thai Thai Cafe serves authentic Thai food at affordable prices. Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Address : Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35, Singapore 380115 Tel : +65 6747 8558 Website : This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Sharing some useful and nice products from Daiso

Pen Stand with Photo Frame Extreme Right - Touch Up for Grey Hair  Shampoo Brush - Use it to massage your scalp following the flow of your hair  Saw these products in the Facebook Group (Friends of Daiso) where members of the group share about products they bought so thought of sharing them here. Have not bought the products yet, but will go and buy them in future. The Touch Up for Grey Hair is for those in a hurry and want instant results. Hope the Shampoo Brush is useful as I often find my hands aching from scrubbing my scalp when I shampoo my hair. 

Prawn Noodles

Prawn noodles, dry, with light soy sauce oil instead of chilli (S$3), yummy. The prawns and meat are very fresh. Do you like your prawn noodles dry or soup?


Calamansi juice with plum after swim, blissful Geylang East Swimming Complex Today is the second time I went swimming. Actually I don't really know how to swim, as a matter of fact, I am not good at it. I love "swimming" because I feel so relaxed in the pool and I try to relax my mind and not think of too many things inside the pool. It was only a short while in the pool tonight cos I went after my tuition, hope to spend more time here in future.

An update from me (6)

Managed to clinch a deal recently for my tuition agent business: (1) A client wants to get a Chinese tutor for her kids, I managed to find one female tutor for her at S$240 for 4 lessons so the commission was S$120 (50%). I am always thinking of ways and means to promote my business. That's all for the update as of now, cheers!

My Thai Dinner

My dinner, Tom Yum Clear Soup (S$7), Prawn Cakes (S$2 x 2), Calamansi Juice with plum, yummy!

How I spend my Hari Raya holiday - Shopping

Went Singapore Expo Convention Centre for the Robinsons Sale at Hall 5 with buddy Jose, just want to share some items I bought, not trying to show off. 1. Bio-essence 24K Bio Gold (Gold Water) - S$33.50 Selling at S$45 at all major pharmacies, but I got it at a promotion price of S$33.50. Formulated with 98 per cent genuine 24 karat gold, the product goes smoothly on your face to form a strong protective shield that fights free radicals and slows down signs of aging. Category: Beauty 2. Adidas Floral Dream EDT - S$9.90 Category: Beauty 3. Lily flower - S$4.00 You can use these Lily flower petals to make flower tea, it is good for city dwellers who often feel lethargic and complain of fatigue. If you have insomnia and frequent dreams, this helps too. Don't know how true it is, but don't mind trying since it is not expensive. Category: Health 4. Educational Puzzle - S$7.90 These educational puzzles aim to help the young children to develop their visual dis

My past hobbies and interests

I used to roller skate and ice skate during my school days and younger days now old liao, the bones getting stiff and unable to balance anymore so I never skate anymore. I was a badminton fanatic during my school days too and I love playing badminton. I was quite good at it too (shyless me). I also played some pool games too during my younger days, it was quite fun. Looking at my past hobbies and interests, I must say I am not the girly type because the above games are quite rough. I don't cook, bake nor sew too. So I must say I am like a boy when it comes to my interests and hobbies. But wait, I do play the er-hu during my college days, is that considered a "girl" hobby? I also learned Basic Japanese language and Korean language. How about you? Any past hobby or interest which you have lost contact now?

Contact Lens Vs Spectacles

Do you prefer to wear contact lens or spectacles? Of course, girls normally like to wear contact lens because they want to look pretty but contact lens cost more than spectacles especially those daily disposable type, so it is the issue of needs and wants here. Spectacles are needs whereas contact lens are wants. When I wear spectacles, I often have the habit of taking out my spectacles when I need to read print near my eyes because I have "old flower eyes". So do you wear lens or spectacles?

Addicted to JB

I might be going JB end of the month again, I call this addiction of JB. Will update about my trip again, stay tune! July is here and tomorrow is my nephew's full month, here are some photos to share.